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  • Gifts to Charity: Six Facts About Written Acknowledgments

    You contribute money or gifts to qualified organizations that are eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. Click through if you plan to claim a charitable deduction on your tax return.

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  • If You Want to Be Successful, You Must Have Benchmarks

    As a business owner, you may think you're doing well, but do you have the numbers to back up your opinion? There are ways of getting actual data. Click through to learn how to get data to see how you compare against industry standards.

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  • Joint Tenancy: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

    Couples and business partners take title to each other's bank and brokerage accounts, as well as real estate and other personal property. They are joint tenants with rights of survivorship. Click through to see what you should consider before entering such arrangements.

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  • How to Improve and Maintain Your Credit Score

    A good credit score is the key to financial health. A low score can make it difficult to get credit cards or a mortgage -- or even, in some situations, to get a job. Click through for some credit score tips.

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  • How to Manage the Home Office Deduction

    Many people work at home in the age of the telecommuter. Do you fall into that category? Have the rules changed? What are the limitations? Click through for an introduction to this valuable but complicated tax break.

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  • How to Work With the IRS Office of Appeals

    Tax audits are rough, but you have recourse even if they don't end up in your favor. If an auditor rules against you, but you believe the ruling to be in error, you can appeal the decision. Click through for details on how to make an appeal.

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  • What's New? Feds Offer Proposals to Rein-In Debt Collectors

    Federal regulators are proposing new consumer-friendly rules to prevent debt collection abuses, barring some of the industry's most controversial practices. Click through to learn how these changes may affect consumers.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Do You Need Help Grasping Commercial Real Estate Taxes?

    If you're involved in commercial real estate, it's essential you understand a wide variety of tax issues. Click through for an introduction to commercial real estate tax provisions, and how they may affect you.

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  • When Do You Need an HR Staff?

    When a business has only a few employees, it's easy to manage staff. But at a certain point, you need an HR manager in-house. Click through for some insights into when you'll reach that place.

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  • Last-Minute Tax Planning Under the New Tax Law

    Many individuals and families take advantage of end-of-year tax strategies. This year, those strategies take on new meaning as the tax reform law comes into play. Click through for some tips on working around new rules.

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  • Local Entertainment And Events Calendar: Including Virtual Events

    You'll always know where the fun's going on with our interactive local events calendar featuring social sharing, images, videos and ticket links. Click through to see what's happening or to add your own local events.

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  • Taking Care of the Family Business for the Next Generation

    In family-owned businesses, the family's wealthy and the company itself are bound together, financially and psychologically. Creating an estate plan is especially important in this situation, and complex. Click through to get a handle on your family business.

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  • How to Deploy a SEP IRA at Your Company

    Even a small company can offer a retirement plan, and the SEP IRA may be just the ticket. Click through for a description of how this kind of plan can help you and your employees.

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  • How to Improve Company Culture

    What makes the "culture" of a company can be hard to define, but it can make a big difference in the success of the company. Click through to learn how to improve the culture of your company.

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  • Don't Try to Be Funny with the IRS

    It's OK to disagree with the IRS. In fact, there's even a formal appeals process. But don't try to pull a fast one. Click through to find out what the IRS considers a frivolous argument, which can lead to severe penalties.

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  • Supreme Court Ruling on Online Sales Tax Sows More Confusion

    The Supreme Court has ruled that a company does not need to have a physical presence in a state to be subject to its sales tax. Click through to find out what this really means, and who is affected.

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  • Check Your Withholding Now

    With so many recent changes, two-income families and people who work multiple jobs should check their withholding amount. Click through to see if you're withholding the right amount of tax from your paycheck.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Needing to Start Year-Round Tax Planning

    You never should wait until April to think about your taxes. Click through to learn all the ways year-round tax planning can save your business a lot of money.

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  • Are Annuities Right for You?

    Annuities are well-known financial products designed to fund a retirement. How do they work? And are they right for you? Click through to get the basics to help you decide if they fit into your financial plan.

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  • Umbrella Insurance: An Estate Planning Necessity

    Umbrella insurance is extra liability coverage if you're at risk of being sued for damages. Click through to learn how to protect yourself -- and your estate -- against libel, vandalism, slander and invasion of privacy.

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  • Dress for Success: Is There Such a Thing?

    In today's casual world, can you really dress for success and encourage your staff to do so as well? Or is this a vestige of the past? Click through for some insights into office clothing in the modern world.

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  • Life Insurance Trusts: Powerful Tax-Savings Vehicles

    If an estate is large enough, it can get hit by federal and state estate taxes. Fortunately, a life insurance trust can let you plan around these taxes. Click through for an introduction to this useful estate planning tool.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Using Financial Reports to Manage Your Business

    Pulling together monthly or annual financial reports can be tedious. And it can be difficult to find time to deal with all the numbers. Click through to learn how key financial reports can give you greater control of your business.

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  • Should You Consider Owning a Franchise?

    Maybe you're tired of working for someone else. But starting your own business can be risky. A middle ground for many is the franchise -- be your own boss, but with the backing of a big company. Click through to see if this is the right move for you.

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  • A Shrewd Way to Give: The Donor-Advised Fund

    Think of DAFs as halfway between a private foundation and a simple bank account. They can be very useful systems for the philanthropically minded. Click through to learn what DAFs are, and how they work.

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