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  • How to Blend Technology with Your Home Decor

    How can you blend technology with your home decor for seamless form and function? Click the full article right below here for some exciting ways to merge design with high-tech.

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  • Should You Fund Home Improvements with a Refinance?

    Thinking of making some home improvements? One of the first things you should be thinking about is how to pay for the alternations. Click Full Article below for the inside scoop on funding your renovations.

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  • All New Deep Data For Your Neighborhood

    Get the real story on your neighborhood--or any neighborhood--and see data about everything from schools to household income. Click through to start your exploration.

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  • 4 Widely Popular Bathroom Updates and What They Cost

    Bathroom remodels can add to both your lifestyle and the value of your home. The hot trends right now include everything from self-cleaning toilets to heated floors. Click Full Article below for some details to help you budget.

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  • 6 Design Cues to Make Your Home Cozier This Season

    Whether you live in California or Maine, nothing beats a cozy home. It's not just a matter of temperature, but a matter of mood. Click the full article right below here for some tips on a warmer tone for your house.

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  • Preserve Value With These 4 Classic Remodeling Projects

    These timeless remodeling projects will give you a great return on investment. Enjoy the results now -- and reap the rewards when you sell. Click the full article right below here to learn about the four essential changes.

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  • The Things We Hate About Our Kitchens (and How to Fix Them)

    Kitchens are traditionally the heart of the home. But like all things near and dear, sometimes they can push our buttons. Click the full article right below here for some tips on the kitchen of your dreams.

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  • 5 Storage Tips We Can Take Away From the Tiny House Movement

    There never seems to be enough storage in our homes. Unlike stuff, which seems to multiply overnight, storage is always diminishing. Click through for 5 clever storage hacks.

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  • Welcome to Pantry Organization 101

    Reclaim the pantry and bring joy back into the kitchen with these organization tips. Mess is not inevitable. Click the full article right below here to learn how to take control of your kitchen storage space.

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  • How to Create the Perfect Home Office

    Many offices are embracing the benefits of a remote or hybrid workplace. That means that knowing how to upgrade your home office is likely to be an important job skill for a long time. Click through to learn how to create a comfortable place to work in your home.

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  • 3 Secrets to Lowering Your Property Taxes

    Two things that are certain; death and taxes. The good news is you may be due for a break with these 3 ways to lower your property taxes. Click the full article right below here to learn these simple and effective methods.

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  • Just In: Where Did Home Values End Up Last Year -- And What About This Year?

    Housing values are nearly at their all-time highs, and the data that just came out for the last year supports an even stronger 2016. Click Full Article below to see what's forecasted for 2016.

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  • 5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Roof

    Too many people don't think about their roof until the rain starts leaking in and they need immediate and expensive repairs. Click Full Article below to learn how to take care of your roof now so there are no nasty surprises later.

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  • Learn Why Industrial Design Is Hot

    Trends come and go in the real estate game, but some stick around for a while. Right now industrial design is hot, and it may be here to stay. Click Full Article below for more on this important design development.

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  • Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Larger

    Want to make your living room look bigger? These space-enhancing tips will increase room size without raising the rent or roof. Click the full article right below here for some clever techniques to upgrade your living space.

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  • 3 Ways to Find the Best School for Your Children

    Are you thinking about where your children may go to school? You may have choices, so it's good to do your 'homework' early. Click the full article right below here to learn how to find the best schools for your children.

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  • 4 Money-Saving Remodeling Projects to Tackle in 2016

    Not all home improvement projects are created equal. Ready to tackle a bit of remodeling in 2016? Click the full article right below here for some ideas on how to fix up your home in the new year.

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  • Should You Consolidate All Your Insurance with One Provider?

    Having multiple insurance policies can be a pain to keep track of. Consolidation may be the best option to save money and simplify your life. Click through for some tips on smoothly managing your insurance.

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  • Follow These 7 Tips for a Successful Indoor Garden

    Growing an indoor garden is possible even in winter, no matter where you live. Click through for easy steps to creating your own indoor garden that will last you through all four seasons.

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  • 5 Things You Should Think Twice About Before Buying

    Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for ways to fix up your current one, there are plenty of ways to overspend. Click through for some tips on being thrifty.

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  • 5 Upgrades to Add Style and Value to Your Home

    Want to add some style to your home without making major renovations? Take a look at these simple, cost-effective upgrades. Click through for tips to make your home more appealing to you and potential buyers. 

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  • Is There a Downside to Prepaying Your Mortgage?

    Say you're in a position to be able to pay off your mortgage ahead of time. Great idea, right? Maybe. Click through to learn about possible downsides to prepaying your mortgage.

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  • 4 Cleaning Solutions You Never Heard Of

    Making your own non-toxic household cleaning products is fast and easy. They clean as well as store-bought products and are less expensive and better for your health. Click Full Article below here for some simple recipes.

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  • 5 Tips for Winning Negotiations with Your Contractor

    Few things about owning a home can be as tough as figuring out how much you should be paying a contractor. How do you know if you're overpaying? Click through for some key negotiating tips.

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  • The 5 Things Every Homeowner Needs

    Whether you're a brand-new home homeowner or halfway through your mortgage, sooner or later you're going to need everything on this list. Click Full Article below to learn what those things are so you can be prepared in advance.

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  • The Open Concept Living Space

    Is the open concept living space here to stay? Some love it, some hate it, but everyone is talking about it. Here's our take. Click Full Article below for insights into this hot, new home trend.

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  • When Is a Garage Not a Garage?

    Your garage can be used for more than just parking your cars: take a look at these four tips to make your garage more than a garage. Click Full Article below for some novel ways to repurpose this large, open space.

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  • Run If You See These 6 Contractor Red Flags

    Hiring a contractor? Know what you're getting into. Click Full Article below to learn how to work properly with contractors and to make sure they're not taking advantage of you.

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  • 6 Ways to Make Your Home Gym More Inspiring

    Like anything else, fitness routines can become just that: routines. Click through to find new ways to add inspiration to your home gym and your workout so that you stay in shape year-round.

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  • Calculating Your Debt-to-Income Ratio in 2 Easy Steps

    Your DTI (debt-to-income ratio) is an important number to know to keep your credit healthy. Yet most homebuyers don't even know what their DTI is. Click Full Article below to go in knowing your options by calculating your DTI in two steps.

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  • Reinvigorate Your Home With These 4 Light Window-Treatment Ideas

    We all love a good blackout curtain when we're sleeping in, but those aren't always the best option for daylight hours. Click Full Article below for four light window-treatment options to revitalize any space.

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  • 5 Survival Tips for Your Family Vacation Road Trip

    Planning a vacation road trip with the kids? For smooth travels, you must plan ahead. Click through for five ways to survive road trips any time of year.

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  • 7 Ways to Keep Your Patio Furniture in Tiptop Shape

    The summer is fast approaching, meaning we will all be spending more time outdoors. Click Full Article below to get your patio furniture ready with these seven tips.

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  • Mudroom Organization Tricks to Keep You Sane

    The joy and pain of a mudroom: It can be very useful, but it can become messy and dirty itself. Click through for tips on keeping this fab space at a minimum level of clutter.

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  • 5 Container Garden Designs

    Container gardens are becoming a new trend in home design, and they can work almost anywhere. Click Full Article below to learn how to bring more green inside.

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  • Walmart or Target: It Makes a Difference in Home Value

    Many things affect the worth of your home, although you probably didn't think your proximity to one store or another makes a difference, it does! Click through for some fascinating insights into megastore locales.

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  • How to Go Green at Home

    Just because you're making a commitment to becoming more eco-friendly doesn't mean you're saving money. Click through for more on transforming your home without falling for gimmicks.

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  • How to Save Big at Home in 2016

    These nine money-saving tips practically guarantee that you will have a fatter wallet this year. And many of them are easier than you think. Click Full Article below for details on these money-saving tips.

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  • Creative Lighting Options That Will Brighten Any Room

    Creative lighting not only adds to the overall aesthetic of your home, it also has a positive impact on your health. Click through to learn how to make lighting work for your home.

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  • Great Closet Secrets to Use Today

    Take a lesson from the pros when it comes to organizing your closet. It's the one place in the house where a bit of organization can go a really, really long way. Click through for the closet of your dreams.

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  • What Your Homeowner's Insurance Likely Won't Cover

    Your homeowner's insurance does have limitations, and it pays to know what they are before you run into a problem. Click through to learn about four things your homeowner's insurance likely won't cover.

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  • Backyard Renovations Can Offer Big Payoffs

    Whether or not you are preparing your home for sale, some backyard renovations give you a better return on your investment than do others. Click Full Article below to learn about five renovations that can lead to major ROI.

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  • The Ultimate List of Homeowner Tax Deductions

    Tax season is almost over, but there's still time to take advantage of these deductions. If you've already filed, it's never too early to plan for next year! Click through to make sure you don't pay the IRS more than you have to.

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  • Local Entertainment And Events Calendar: Including Virtual Events

    You'll always know where the fun's going on with our interactive local events calendar featuring social sharing, images, videos and ticket links. Click through to see what's happening or to add your own local events.

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  • Go Bold with Your Basement!

    Don't forget about the basement when it comes to improving your home, making it more livable and valuable. Click Full Article below for five basement fix-up ideas that typically result in a boost in home value.

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  • 4 Home Delivery Subscriptions That Make Life Easier

    Delivery subscriptions are all the rage, but which ones really make your life easier? Click through to learn how to take advantage of some helpful services.

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  • What You Need to Know About Selling Your Home Right Now!

    It's a seller's market in much of the country. Make sure you are on top of understanding pricing, mortgage rates and incentives if you plan on selling your home this year. Click Full Article below for the inside scoop on selling your home.

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  • Installing a Programmable Thermostat in 5 Simple Steps

    Installing a programmable thermostat is easy as pie. It can be done in as little as 10 minutes, depending on how nimble your fingers are. Click Full Article below to learn how to take charge of your home's temperature.

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  • 6 Landscaping Ideas to Avoid Like the Plague

    Don't ruin your yard with bad landscaping. Make sure to avoid these landscaping blunders. Click through for some valuable tips on making sure your grounds are up to Downton Abbey standards.

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  • Implement Celebrity Interior Design Trends at Home

    Take a look at these luxury design trends that you can take from celebrity homes and implement in your own home. Click Full Article below to learn how to turn your home into a showplace.

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  • 5 Fun (and Functional) Trends for Kids' Rooms

    Tired of seeing your kid's room in disarray? It doesn't have to be this way. Click through for some entertaining and practical solutions to organizing a child's room.

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  • Create Curb Appeal: Budget-Friendly Ideas for the Outdoors

    Make yard work fun and amp up your curb appeal with these landscaping ideas. Click Full Article below for tricks on how to design an aesthetically pleasing yard without breaking the bank.

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  • Closet Design Trends We Never Thought We'd See

    Modern-day closets have transformed from a cluttered afterthought to one of the most important rooms in the house. Click through for a few off-the-wall design ideas — some practical and some purely to delight the eye.

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  • Is a Mother-in-Law Suite Right for You?

    If the possibility of having to care for your elderly parents is in your future, one option is a mother-in-law suite. It can make sense for a lot of reasons. Click through for some insights into this popular solution.

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  • Storage Solutions for Your Messiest Spaces

    Some places in your home just can't seem to stay clutter-free. We know some storage solutions that can help. Click through for some imaginative and low-cost solutions for tackling messes.

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  • 7 Kitchen Upgrade Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

    Let's call this approach to revamping your kitchen the "mini model," a fresh and low-key way to revitalize what might be the most-used room in the house. Click through for tips on getting started. 

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  • 'Form Follows Function' Is the Design Theme for 2016

    Want to keep up with design trends? Here are the modernism themes you'll want to follow as you upgrade your home. Click the full article right below here to learn what the new year will bring.

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  • A Complete Kitchen Checklist

    Your kitchen is not complete if you're always scrambling to find the right tool or making do with what you have. If you're looking to restock your kitchen essentials, where do you start? Click through to read our complete kitchen setup checklist.

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  • Outside Decorating: Inviting Landscape Ideas

    Add a bit of sparkle to your landscaping with these 4 inviting outdoor decorating ideas. You'll be the envy of the neighborhood in no time! Click the full article right below here for these seasonal tips.

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  • 5 DIY Projects for Christmas

    The holidays are a time when a lot of us take a break from outside commitments and focus on home and family. Click through to learn how to turn your home into a cozy holiday retreat even if you're short on time.

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  • 6 Front Door Trends We Love

    Spice up your front door area for great curb appeal and a welcoming entrance. Click the full article right below here to learn about trends toward bright, bold colors, reclaimed and vintage items and coordinated but fun hardware.

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  • 5 Signs That It's Time to Refinance Your Mortgage

    You think you're sitting pretty with your mortgage, but all around you are banks saying you really should be refinancing. Click through for 5 signs that you may want to think seriously about refinancing.

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  • Get Property Valuation Ranges -- and More -- with Our AVM Program!

    Do you want to know about how much your property is worth? Or the value range of a property you're thinking of buying? Click through for an AVM online program that will give you the results for any address instantly -- and a lot more!

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  • Is the Home Office Tax Deduction for You?

    Wondering whether you can claim a home office tax deduction? It's a great tax break, but as with so many provisions, there are a lot of regulations. Click through to find out how it works and whether you're entitled.

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  • 5 Bathroom Upgrades Under $1,000

    Don't break the bank to make your bathroom beautiful. A little imagination and some clever shopping can go a long way. Click through for five bathroom upgrades under $1,000.

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  • Our Super Online N360 Program: Learn About Any Address, Any Neighborhood

    Get all the details with Neighborhood360, an essential online program that provides a wide range of demographics, housing data, school info and neighborhood amenities. Take a deep data dive into 155 million street addresses. Click through and become a neighborhood expert!

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  • Unique Housewarming Gifts They'll Love

    If you have a housewarming to go to and want to stand out, here's a list of modern and unique gift ideas to set you apart from those bringing flowers or picture frames! Click through for some clever choices.

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  • Property Estimates and More with Our AVM Program

    Have you stopped and wondered about how much you could get for your property? Or maybe you want a range for a vacation home you're thinking of buying? Click through for an AVM program that gives you value ranges for any property, plus a whole lot more.

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  • Gardening Tips for Someone Without a Green Thumb

    For a lot of people, gardening is easier said than done. How can you improve your landscaping when plant care isn’t your strong suit? Click through for gardening tips when you don’t have a green thumb.

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  • Home Decorating Tips for Spring

    Spring is in the air. Mornings are still crisp and cool, but the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. There is nothing like the promise of springtime. So how do you reflect spring in your decor? Click through to see how to add a little spring flair to your home.

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  • Best Interior Colors for Springtime

    The season of growth is the perfect time to rethink your interior wall or accessory colors. After a spring-cleaning process, you may want to freshen up your space. So what colors are perfect for spring? Click through to get started thinking about a palette. 

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