Hello Gretchen - Here Are Your Articles for Friday, February 13, 2015
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  • Creative Lighting Options That Will Brighten Any Room

    Creative lighting not only adds to the overall aesthetic of your home, it also has a positive impact on your health. Click through to learn how to make lighting work for your home.

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  • Local Entertainment And Events Calendar: Including Virtual Events

    You'll always know where the fun's going on with our interactive local events calendar featuring social sharing, images, videos and ticket links. Click through to see what's happening or to add your own local events.

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  • All New Deep Data For Your Neighborhood

    Get the real story on your neighborhood--or any neighborhood--and see data about everything from schools to household income. Click through to start your exploration.

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  • Specialty Consumer Reports Track Your Employment, Insurance, Prescriptions and More

    You know that credit agencies are tracking your payments, but did you know companies are also tracking and sharing information about your insurance claims, prescription use, employment history and more? Click Full Article to reveal how specialty reports affect you.

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  • Is Now The Right Time To Refinance Your Mortgage?

    How do you know when to pull the trigger on a refinance of your mortgage? Click Full Article below for a glimpse at four questions that will steer you in the right direction.

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  • How To Tell If It's Time To Refinance Your Home Loan

    Housing costs are one of the largest components of most household budgets and mortgage interest rates are near record lows. Click Full Article below to find out if refinancing now makes sense for you.

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  • Home Design: What’s In And What’s Out For 2015

    Four of the hottest designers share their tips for where home décor is headed in 2015. Click Full Article below to see if your home has what’s most in style.

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  • Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams

    It's the hub of your home and you spend time in it every day -- your kitchen has to be up to date. When it's not so perfect, the food preparation and mealtimes can slow down and be annoying. Click through for fun ideas for renovating your kitchen.

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  • Smart Home Devices Can Put Your Privacy At Risk

    All those smart devices you’re using can make you a target for hackers. Click Full Article below to see what the Federal Trade Commission wants to do to protect you.


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  • These Tricks And Tools Get Rid Of Annoying Backyard Pests

    Nothing spoils your outdoor fun faster than wasps, mosquitoes, ticks or flies. Click through to discover smart tricks and cool tools for getting rid of them.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Looking for Ways to Secure a Good Mortgage

    Buying a home can be one of the largest investments you make throughout your life, so it's important to choose a mortgage carefully. Click through for the basics in picking a mortgage.

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  • Our Super Online Program: The Full Story on Any Address, Any Neighborhood

    Get all the details with Neighborhood360, a smart new program that provides the key demographics for any neighborhood. Click through if you want to know all about your own neighborhood, or one you're thinking of moving into.

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  • Which Is More Embarrassing: Your Health Info Or Financial Info?

    If you’d rather tell someone your real weight than how much you owe on your credit cards, you’re not alone. A surprising poll finds Americans are more embarrassed about how much they owe than how much they weigh or how old they are. 

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  • How To Fight For A Lower Property Tax Assessment

    Rising real estate prices eventually lead to higher home valuations and that means a bigger property tax bill. Click Full Article below for tips on fighting back when you get hit with a rising property tax assessment.

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  • Do You Have These Dangerous Products In Your Home?

    Did you buy the kitchen range, coffee maker or bean bag chair recalled by The Consumer Product Safety Commission? The Full Article link below gets you the details on these recalls plus others for products used in your home. The Share Article link is an easy way to get the word out to others who may unknowingly have these dangerous products in their homes.

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  • Consumer Advocates Say Auto Insurers Punishing Loyal Consumers

    Your auto insurance company may be rewarding your loyalty by raising your premiums to above-market rates then claiming you’re getting a “loyalty discount” of 5 or 10 percent on your bill. Click through to see what you can do about it.

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  • Home Architectural Style Moving Toward Clean Lines

    Home architectural and floor plan styles are shifting in a new direction, says designer Marianne Cusato, author of The Just Right Home. Click Full Article below to see where she thinks they're headed.

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  • Handy Tool Makes It Easier To Do Critical Home Inventory

    None of us are immune from disasters, yet 8 out of 10 disaster victims don't have a current inventory of their possessions. Click Full Article below to get the best smartphone download and website to speed you through this must-do task.

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  • 5 Smart Things To Do Before Your Houseguests Arrive

    Hosting holiday guests can put a strain on your home’s systems and appliances. Click through to uncover five ways to make sure your home is ready to handle the extra stress of houseguests.

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  • How to Easily Transform Your Outdoor Space Into an Entertainment Paradise

    Do you want to transform your yard into a place that's actually relaxing and perfect for entertaining? Click through to explore the ways you can revamp your outdoor living space to enjoy it all year long. 

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  • Condo Association Fines Some People, But Not Others

    When everyone breaks all kinds of community rules, can the condo board pick and choose which rules to enforce and who to punish?  Click Full Article below to find out how our community living expert, Richard Thompson, tackles the question.

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  • Want To See Your Credit Score For Free? Look Here

    When you want to see your credit score for free, you have a couple new options. Click Full Article below to see three of them.

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  • 4 Equity-Boosting, Money-Saving Fall Home Projects

    A few hours spent improving your home this fall can pay lasting dividends. Click Full Article below to reveal four projects that deliver year-round savings or improve your home’s value.

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  • Got a Situation: A Home Mortgage Podcast

    For most of us, shopping for a new home also means shopping for a home mortgage. And it can be just as confusing! Click through to listen to an eager new homeowner converse with a companion about mortgage options.

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  • These Deck Stains Last The Longest

    By choosing a super-durable deck stain, you extend the time between sanding and re-staining your deck. Click through to see which stains lasted the longest.

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  • Helping Your College-Age Child Manage Credit Card Debt

    Credit card companies spend millions marketing their products to college students. Click Full Article to get smart credit tips and help teaching kids to resist on-campus credit card marketing efforts.

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  • FHA Fees Are Too High, Realtors Say

    FHA mortgages help first-time homebuyers get into the market. They also help middle-class homeowners refinance. Click Full Article below to find out why Realtors say it's time to lower the cost to use this important program.

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  • 6 Simple Life Changes That Will Help You Save for a Home

    The hefty down payment is what typically impedes many people from buying a home. However, there are some quick changes you can implement that will allow you to reach your goals. Click through for six simple life changes that will help you save for a home.

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  • Year-End Moves May Trim Your 2014 Taxes

    Homeownership brings you some great tax benefits. Click Full Article below to see five year-end tips to reduce your tax bite even more.

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  • Careful With That Power Washer!

    A pressure washer is sometimes the first go-tool of the homeowner for cleaning the driveway, deck and siding of the house. But what if you can do more harm than good when using a power washer the wrong way? Click Full Article below to see how to use it right.

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  • 6 Questions To Help You Choose The Right Paint

    If you've ever been confused at the paint counter, you're not the only one. Click Full Article below to get six questions that will make it easy to pick just the right paint for your spring home improvement project.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Is It Time to Put Your Home on the Market?

    Wondering if it's time to sell your home? Click through for these seven telltale signs it's time to put your home on the market. 

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  • Your Best Homeowner Tax Return: How To Deduct Mortgage Points

    Did you pay points to lower the interest rate on your mortgage? Click Full Article below to find out how to deduct the cost of those points on your federal income taxes.

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  • 6 Fast Ways To Find Extra Cash For Holiday Expenses

    The typical American spends $800 during the holidays. Whether you’re spending more, or less, click Full Article for a list of six ways to pay holiday expenses without going into credit card debt.

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  • Window Replacement Firms Mislead On Energy Savings

    Many homeowners rush to replace their old windows in an effort to save money from rising energy costs. Before you buy, click Full Article below to reveal why replacement windows aren't the magic bullet that window companies report them to be.

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  • 4 Reasons You Want to Buy a Home This Year

    Are you dreaming of buying a new home but holding back because you are unsure whether it's the right time? Strike now! Click through to learn why, with rates decreasing and rental prices soaring, now is the time to take action.

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  • 3 Ways To Protect Your Credit After A Data Hack

    When your credit card or bank account information gets caught up in a data breach, like the one at Home Depot, you’re at risk of fraudulent charges and identity theft. Click through to see three things to do to protect yourself.

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  • Taking This Class Could Save You Thousands On Your Next Mortgage

    The Federal Housing Administration is convinced a bit of education could keep homeowners from defaulting on their mortgages down the line. Click Full Article to see how much you could save on your next mortgage if you agree to a little homeownership counseling.

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  • How To Clean The Gutter Without Going Up A Ladder

    Climbing up to your gutters, slipping and sliding, and being high up in general might not be very appealing. Click through to check out  a handful of products to get the clean gutters you want without the climb.

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  • Do You Have These Dangerous Products In Your Home?

    Did you buy the smoke detector, television mount or gas fireplace recalled by The Consumer Product Safety Commission? The Full Article link gets you the details on these recalls plus others for products used in your home. The Share Article link is an easy way to get the word out to others who may unknowingly have these dangerous products in their homes.

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  • Insider Tips Help You Avoid Home Insurance Claims

    Filing a claim can raise your homeowners insurance premiums. Use this To-Do list to make simple changes around your home that reduce your risk for common home hazards like fires, falls and water damage. Click through to get a To-Do List from the Insurance Information Institute that will get you started.

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  • What's Stopping Young People From Buying Homes?

    Young Americans want to buy homes, but they’re being held back by tough credit standards, a tight job market and trouble saving for a downpayment. Click through to see how that affects you as a homeowner.

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  • Put Cash In Your Pocket: Caulk Your Way To Lower Utility Bill

    Putting caulk into the right places around your home can help you spend as little as possible on your utility bill. Click through to get a recipe for doing it right.

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  • Thanksgiving Is #1 Day For This Home Disaster

    Hosting the whole family for Thanksgiving this year? Click Full Article below to find out which home disaster occurs on Thanksgiving more often than on any other day of the year.

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  • 5 Great Gifts For Homeowners

    Shopping for holiday gifts for your favorite homeowner or even yourself? Click through to see five gifts that can keep you safer, save you money on household bills, preserve precious natural resources or make your home more fun.

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  • Million-Dollar Homes Getting Easier To Sell

    The pace at which luxury homes are selling has quickened. Click through to find out why.

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  • Homeowner Tax Tips For Your Best Return: Deducting Mortgage Interest

    Taking advantage of the mortgage interest deduction may help you get your biggest possible tax return. Click through for tips on claiming one of the best tax advantages of homeownership.

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  • Can Your Association Pull The Plug On Your Holiday Decorations?

    Condo and coop living can really put the humbug on your holiday decorating plans. Click Full Article to reveal what you can do when your community association board bans holiday décor.

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  • Here's An Easy Way To Add Holiday Gifts To Home Inventory

    Did you remember to put your new jewelry, home electronics and other holiday gifts on your home insurance inventory? Click Full Article below for an easy way to get that task done, plus three more things to do to make sure you’re covered if your new goodies are lost or stolen.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Does My Home Have the ItemsToday’s Homeowners Really Want?

    You loved your home when you bought it, but tastes change. Click through to see if your home has the seven features today’s homebuyers most want.

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  • Waiting For Insurance To Pay Medical Bills Can Make Your Credit Report Sick

    Waiting for your insurance company to pay your medical bills can cause big credit report headaches. Click through to get the prescription for protecting yourself.

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  • Homeowner Tax Tips For Your Best Return: Deducting Mortgage Insurance

    If you paid mortgage insurance in 2014, you may be able to deduct your premiums. It’s not a straight-forward deduction, so click Full Article below for the details you need.

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  • Tax Season Is Open Season For Scammers

    Tax-related scams flourish when the federal filing season opens. Click Full Article below for a glimpse at the swindles you’re likely to see this year. Great info to pass on to seniors.

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  • New Entry Door Is The Biggest Bang For Your Remodeling Buck

    Looking to remodel your home and boost your equity? There’s only one project the professionals say delivers a positive return on investment: A new steel entry door. Click Full Article below to see the Top 10 remodeling bangs for your buck.

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  • 7 Cool Home Products From The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

    Thousands of new gadgets and appliances that make your home life easier, safer or more entertaining premiered at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this month. Click Full Article below to see cool things you'll be able to buy for your home in the year ahead.

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  • Metallic Wallpapers Make Your Home Shine

    Precious metals have long been synonymous with luxury and good taste. Click Full Article below for a glimpse at ways metallic wallpaper can shine in your home.

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  • 3 Ways To Leave Your House To Your Kids (Or Anyone Else)

    Your home is likely one of the most valuable assets you own. Click Full Article below to see the pros and cons of three ways to pass yours along to your children (or any other heir) with minimum stress, hassle and cost.

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  • Strange But True! Weird Houses from Around the World

    Extreme, tiny, whimsical and fantastic are many of the adjectives that can describe some of the strangest homes across the country and around the world. Click the Full Article right below here to discover some amazing houses right here in our backyard. 

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  • How to Decorate Your Home With Grandma's Antiques

    The furniture and decorations you inherit from your grandparents are usually very sentimental but don’t always fit with the decor of your own home. Click the full article right below here to learn how you can incorporate your grandmother's antiques into your personal style.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Figuring Out Which Home Office Deduction Is Right for You

    If you operate even a small, part-time business from your home, there are two basic IRS conditions you must meet to get a tax break. Click through for an intro to the rules.

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  • Special Video Report: IRAs Can Fit Into Almost Anyone's Retirement Plan

    Individual retirement accounts, better known as IRAs, offer a unique way to put aside money for retirement while saving on taxes. Click on Full Article below to see the video about how these versatile retirement plans work.

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  • Experts Predict Where US Home Prices Are Headed

    Wondering how much home equity you’re likely to build in the next year? Click Full Article to reveal where four reliable sources predict national home prices are headed.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Battling Confusing Paperwork to Get a Mortgage?

    Why do lenders need to see so much documentation before they'll give you a mortgage? Click through to reveal the two reasons why it takes so long to get a home loan today.

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  • With New Online Program, Property Valuation Ranges Are Just the Beginning

    Maybe you want to know about that property you're thinking of buying. Or you just want to know the valuation range for your own property. Click through to access an AVM online program that will give you value ranges, and more, for any property you're interested in.

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  • Is This Your Situation: How Can I Prepare for a Smooth Home Closing?

    There's more to selling a home than picking the right listing price and marketing the property. Sellers have to take a proactive role in the process. Click through to learn how to avoid 4 common mistakes home sellers make.

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  • Tackling Pet Stains and Odors

    An inevitable part of being a pet owner is dealing with unpleasant stains. A multitude of products promise a glistening carpet and sparkling tile but don’t actually deliver. Click through to learn how to eliminate pet stains and odors once and for all.

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  • Get Property Valuation Ranges -- and More -- Instantly!

    Do you want to know about how much your property is worth? Or the value range of a property you're thinking of buying? Click through for an AVM online program that will give you the results for any address instantly -- and a lot more!

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  • Wow Your Guests! Fun Holiday Decorating Ideas

    Holiday decorations are manifestations of joy, celebration and good spirits—or maybe you just really want to impress the family coming to stay. No matter what, we have some ideas for you. Click through for some quick and easy holiday decorating tips.

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  • Property Estimates Plus a Lot of Extras with Online Program

    Have you stopped and wondered about how much you could get for your property? Or maybe you want a range for a vacation home you're thinking of buying? Click through for an AVM program that gives you value ranges for any property, plus a whole lot more.

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  • Tax Time: Mortgage Interest and Other Deductions

    At the end of 2017, many new tax laws were passed, changing a variety of deduction rules. Many of these changes are both significant and complicated. Click through for an introduction to some of the most important changes.

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  • Learn About Your Local Neighborhood -- Or One You're Considering

    Get all the details with Neighborhood360, an essential online program that provides a wide range of demographics for any address and any neighborhood that you want. Click through if you want to know all about your own neighborhood, or one you're thinking of moving into.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Choosing the Best Neighborhood for You

    Maybe your family situation has changed, and you want something different. Or perhaps your job has moved and you want a shorter commute. Click through for some thoughts on picking a new neighborhood.

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  • Simplify and Downsize in Your House

    You don't have to sell your home and move into a postage stamp-sized house to take advantage of the downsizing trend. There are easier ways to "go small." Click through to see how you can simplify your existing home.

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  • The Perfect Kid-Friendly Yard

    Do you want a safe place for your kids to play outside? You have to think about how you want to set up your backyard. Click through to see the best ways to make a kid-friendly outdoor play area at your home.

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  • Go Green: Know About These Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

    Most people don't enjoy cleaning the house, and harsh cleaning chemicals can affect your health and well-being. Have you considered using more organic cleaning products? Click through to learn about the top green cleaning products on the market.

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  • Fall Kitchen Makeover to Reflect the Season

    Looking for easy ways to make over your kitchen for fall? We've got inexpensive and easy tricks to do just that. Click through for six ideas to get you inspired.

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  • Redecorate on a Budget

    Redecorating your home for your own enjoyment or to entice a buyer doesn't have to break the bank. You just need imagination! If you want to add some new touches to your home, click through to learn several budget-friendly ideas.

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  • Space-saving Furniture Tips

    Small homes or awkwardly designed rooms can present a challenge when it comes to furniture design and storage. But it doesn't have to be that way. Click through for some space-saving furniture tips that will help you stay organized and help your home look great.

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  • Typosquatters Are Out To Get You

    A simple mistake when you’re typing an Internet address can put you at risk for identity theft. Click through to see the trick typosquatters use to steal your personal information.

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  • 7 Smart Ways To Trick Burglars When You're On Vacation

    Sometimes we get so caught up in the excitement of leaving for vacation that we forget about what we’re leaving behind: Our beautiful, valuable house! Click through for a peek at seven ways to keep everything safe when you're out of town.

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  • Get A Deduction For Giving Home Fixtures A Second Life

    Recycling isn't just for your empty soda bottles and newspapers. Click through to find out how the things you take out of your home during remodeling, like cabinets, countertops and windows, can have a second life with the help of a salvage store near you. 

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  • 5 Clever And Quick Wallpaper Projects

    More foolproof than ever, wallpaper can transform any space. Click through for a glimpse at five fun, creative ways to use wallpaper in your home.

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  • Millennials Finally Ready To Move Out, Buy Starter Homes

    Kids who returned to the nest after college are poised to enter the housing market, giving a boost to the starter home market in coming years.

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  • How To Build A Social Kitchen On Any Budget

    Today’s kitchens are hubs for entertaining, digital networks and cooking. Click Full Article below to see four ways to make your kitchen more social.

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  • 4 Ways To Transform Your Backyard Into An Entertainment Haven

    Your backyard can be a haven for relaxation and fun when you add the right playthings. Click through to see four ways to up your property’s fun quotient.

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  • Check Out How Much That Second Fridge Is Costing You

    Having a second fridge is handy, but it can be more costly than you realize. Click through to see the shocking amount an older model refrigerator can add to your utility bill.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Planning on Staying in Your Home as You Age?

    Want to stay in your home as you age? Click through to see three updates you can make now that can help you stay in your home as long as possible.

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  • House Democrat Wants Big Changes In Credit Reporting

    Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Ranking Democratic Member of the House Financial Services Committee, has proposed sweeping reforms to the U.S. consumer reporting system. Click Full Article to discover how you'd be affected.

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  • Homeowner Tax Breaks Unlikely To Pass Before Midterm Elections

    Two tax issues critical to homeowners probably won’t be settled before Congress heads home for midterm elections. Click Full Article and find out if you'll be affected.

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  • 5 Easy Fixes For Funky-Tasting Ice Cubes

    No need to suffer with ice cubes that taste bad or smell funny. Click through to see five possible causes and solutions. 

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  • Sneaky Costs Hidden In 0% Credit Card Offers

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau warns consumers to watch out for surprise credit card charges. Click Full Article to discover what to look for to protect yourself.

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  • Bill Would Stop Companies From Going After Customers Who Post Bad Reviews

    Congress considers a bill that would protect consumers who post negative reviews online. Click Full Article below to see why it’s needed.

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  • Unique Housewarming Gifts They'll Love

    If you have a housewarming to go to and want to stand out, here's a list of modern and unique gift ideas to set you apart from those bringing flowers or picture frames! Click through for some clever choices.

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  • Storage Solutions for Your Messiest Spaces

    Some places in your home just can't seem to stay clutter-free. We know some storage solutions that can help. Click through for some imaginative and low-cost solutions for tackling messes.

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  • Is the Home Office Tax Deduction for You?

    Wondering whether you can claim a home office tax deduction? It's a great tax break, but as with so many provisions, there are a lot of regulations. Click through to find out how it works and whether you're entitled.

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  • 5 Bathroom Upgrades Under $1,000

    Don't break the bank to make your bathroom beautiful. A little imagination and some clever shopping can go a long way. Click through for five bathroom upgrades under $1,000.

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  • Fun Father's Day Gifts For Homeowning Dads

    When your Dad (or the Dad you're married to) is a homeowner, the best gifts are the ones that make living at home more fun and fulfilling. Click through to see gifts Dad can use around the house. There's something here to fit every budget.

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  • Don't Ignore These Windows Warning Signs

    As a source of natural light or the opening to your favorite view, windows are wonderful additions to a home. Click through to learn how to spot troubling signs in your windows before they become serious.

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  • Best Mother's Day Gifts: One-Day Home Projects

    Show your mom (or the mom you’re married to) how much you love her with a quick and easy home-related project. Click through to see five super gifts you can knock out in a day or less.

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  • Bad Homeowner Habits You Should Break Right Now

    Is preventive maintenance something on your to-do list that never gets done? Do you do things like hide your spare key under the planter by the door? Click through for these "midyear" resolutions.

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  • 3 Ways To Get A Head Start On Holiday Hosting

    Planning to host overnight guests at Thanksgiving or during end-of-the-year holidays? Click through for a list of three tasks worth doing now so you can enjoy your guests later.

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  • Get the Inside Scoop on Any Home, Any Neighborhood

    With Neighborhood360, a full report for any neighborhood is at your fingertips -- a full demographic profile that helps you get a wide-range picture of any village or town. In all, 150 million records are available! Click through to get the complete story for your own address and neighborhood, or one you're interested in.

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  • Using Home Equity Lines To Pay Off Debts: Pros And Cons

    Using a home equity loan to pay off debt has several advantages. Click through for a glimpse of the potential 'gotchas' that are worth considering before you take the plunge.

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  • 5 Traffic Tickets That Really Raise Your Insurance Costs

    How much can just one little speeding ticket raise your auto insurance rate? Click through to find out.

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  • Setting Up Multipurpose Rooms May Appeal to Buyers

    Remodeling homeowners are asking architects to design more multipurpose rooms that house multiple generations. That makes setting up multipurpose rooms a smart staging strategy. Click Full Article below to discover other home features growing in popularity.

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  • How to Choose the Right Type of Barbecue Grill

    Want to have fun cooking outdoors? Click through to learn what your barbecue options are in terms of performance, cost, energy efficiency and overall convenience. You can find great deals on new grills as we get into backyard barbecue season.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Ready to Purchase Your Next Home?

    If you've decided it's time to move to a bigger home or a home in a more coveted area, your next challenge will be how to finance it. Click through for 4 smart strategies for purchasing your next home.

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  • Where to Splurge and Where to Save on Home Improvements

    It’s hard to know where your dollars are best spent when it comes to improving your home. There are even conflicting opinions out there about what upgrades offer the best ROI. Click through to learn which home improvements you should splurge on and where you should be more conservative.

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  • When Condo Pipes Burst, Who Pays?

    When a water pipe bursts in your condo, does the association pay to fix it or do you? Click Full Article below to find out how our community living expert, Richard Thompson, tackles the question.

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  • How Do Home Improvement Loans Work?

    Curious about some of the options out there to finance a home remodel? If you don't have a large reserve of cash to complete all your home improvement plans, there are loans that can help you out. Click through to learn how home improvement loans work.

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  • Make Your Own Green Spring-Cleaning Solutions

    You can save money, get your home spring cleaned and help the environment by making your own green cleaning solutions. Click Full Article below to get the recipes for homemade products that are simple to make using ingredients you may already have on hand.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Thinking About Moving to a Bigger House?

    Are you planning to grow your family? Maybe you got a huge promotion and pay raise at work? Click through for 3 questions you should ask yourself to determine if now is a good time to buy a bigger house.

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  • Brass Home Fixtures: Are They In or Out?

    Leading designers answer a pressing question for anyone who has to replace a home fixture: Is brass in or out? Click through to get the answer now.


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  • Make a Pet-Friendly Space

    Pets are the wonderful creatures we choose to share a bit of life with; they bring endless joy to our lives and love us unconditionally. Click through to learn how to give them the best home possible.

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  • Get the Trend: French Country

    Are you in awe of some of the homes that feature French country decor? Including elements of this design trend in your home is simple, and even affordable. Click through to learn how to get the French country look in your own home.

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  • New Thick Coatings Offer Hope For Downtrodden Decks

    Did summer sun do a number on your deck or porch? New thick coatings can rejuvenate decks and seal cracks up to a ¼-inch deep. Click through below for quick look at how they work.

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  • Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover All The Stuff In Your Storage Unit?

    A self-storage unit may be a useful way to de-clutter your home, but what if something happens to all the possessions you keep in it? Click Full Article below to find out if your homeowners insurance policy will cover your loss.

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  • Home Office Design Trends for a New World

    Welcome to the new world of working at home, which may outlast the pandemic. You have choices to make! Click through to learn how you can create a CEO-style room right in your own home.

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  • These Appliances Can Save You Two Hours A Day

    Are you willing to spend more to get an appliance that saves you time? Click Full Article below to see five appliances Consumer Reports says can save you up to two hours a day on your household chores.

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  • How to Buy Antique Furniture

    Lots of people have an interest in antique furniture, but not everyone knows the best practices when it comes to purchasing it. Click through for 5 tips for buying antique furniture.

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  • Home Builders Pick Top New Home Design Trends

    Looking for new remodeling ideas? Click Full Article below to see trends shared by winners of the National Association of Home Builders’ American Living Awards.

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  • Are You At Risk For Tax-Related Identity Theft?

    You might not be the only one filing a tax return with your Social Security number on it. Click through to find out how tax-related identity theft works.

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  • What Your Homeowner's Insurance Likely Won't Cover

    Your homeowner's insurance has limitations, and it pays to know what they are before you run into a problem. Click through to learn about four things your homeowner's insurance likely won't cover.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Will My Home Energy Improvements Pay off When I Sell?

    A study finds disclosing your utility bill might lead to a faster home sale. Does that mean today's home energy improvements will pay off when you sell tomorrow? Click through to find out. 

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  • 4 Critical Maintenance Tasks Get Your Home Ready For Summer

    Got a limited amount of time to devote to taking care of your home's exterior? Click through to get a list of the four home maintenance tasks you really shouldn't put off.  

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  • Do-It-Yourself Air Conditioner Tune Up Can Save You Money

    Boost your air conditioner’s efficiency and cut your summer utility bills with these five do-it-yourself tips for spring cleaning your air conditioning system.

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  • Home Safety Update: Do You Have Dangerous Products In Your Home?

    Did you buy a garage door opener, weed whacker, or ottoman recalled by The Consumer Product Safety Commission? Click through to get you the details on these recalls plus others for products used in your home and yard. The Share This link is an easy way to get the word out to others who may unknowingly have these dangerous products in their homes.

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  • Reverse Mortgages Woes Abound: Here's How To Protect Yourself

    The federal government's consumer watchdog agency warns of problems encountered by reverse mortgage borrowers. Click Full Article to find out what you must know before you get a reverse mortgage and how to plan ahead if you already have one.

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  • 5 Home Upgrades That Make You Feel Like A Movie Star

    Interior designer James Blakeley fashions glamorous homes for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Now, he shares his secrets for bringing Hollywood style to your home. Click Full Article below to see five ways to create star-worthy rooms in your home.

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  • Choosing Window Treatments

    Windows do a lot for your home, but can you do more for them? What window treatments do you want to use? Click through to learn about the different types of popular window treatments to help you decide.

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  • Houseplants to Create Serenity

    Plants in the home can provide a sense of calm and also add to your personal style — used correctly, they can become an integral part of your decorating scheme. Click through to learn about the best houseplants to maintain at home.

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