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  • Employees' Net Pay: What Are the Calculations?

    The "net pay" line appears on every paystub, but many employees, and even many companies, aren't always sure what it means. Click through for an introduction to the detailed tax and finance calculations involved in "net pay."

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  • IRS Provides Additional Guidance on Food Deduction

    Earlier in 2021, legislation gave a boost to businesses by raising the 50% deduction to 100%. But what is included, or excluded, under the new rules? Click through to make sure you understand the details before claiming the deduction.

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  • How To Get Through a Personal Tax Audit

    Selected for an audit? It doesn't always mean there's a problem. But you should have a plan to address it to get through the audit as painlessly as possible. Click through for tips on what to do if the IRS selects you.

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  • An Overview of Federal and State Overtime Exemption Laws

    Depending on where you do business, some of your employees may be subject to federal and state overtime exemption laws. Click through for a primer on the complex rules that govern overtime requirements.

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  • The Spousal Lifetime Access Trust: A Near-Perfect Tool?

    The SLAT is not one of the better-known trusts, but it's hard to see why: some advisors have called it one of the smartest trust options available. Click through to see how this adaptable tool can help your family.

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  • The 6 Essential Payroll Tax Forms

    Whether you have 10 employees or 1,000, payroll tax forms are a part of your life, so make sure you understand the basics. Click through for an introduction to the most important tax forms, and a summary of how they're used.

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  • What Is a Family Office?

    You may have heard about family offices but aren't sure what they are. They are essentially firms that provide complete asset management and planning services. Are they right for you? Click through to learn what constitutes a family office.

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  • Employment Records Retention: What Are the Federal Laws?

    Keeping employment records is not only good business practice but also legally required. The rules are specific and can get complicated. Click through for federal laws mandating employment records retention.

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  • Investing Success: Keeping an Eye on Taxes

    Investors generally focus on long-term returns, but taxation should be part of a comprehensive investing plan as well. Click through for an overview of how to incorporate tax efficiency into your investing decisions.

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  • What To Know About S-Corp Returns

    S-Corps are a special kind of business entity, and they have their own special tax rules, which can get complicated. Are you making sure you're following all the filing rules? Click through for an intro to the complex world of S-Corp taxation.

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  • Aid Package Signed Into Law

    The much discussed and debated relief package has been signed into law. As it's over 5,000 pages, it's full of provisions whose details are still being reviewed. Click through for a basic outline of what taxpayers can expect.

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  • Head of Household Filing: Who Is Eligible?

    When filing each year, taxpayers have to figure out what their filing status is. The head of household status is typically the most advantageous—is it right for you? Click through to find out the qualifications.

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  • The Future of Notarization

    When it comes to signing financial and legal papers, you often have to go through the tedious process of finding a notary — and the pandemic has made that even more difficult. Click through to learn how notarization is changing.

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  • Paid Sick and Family Leave: The Tax Rules

    More and more jurisdictions are mandating paid sick and family leave, and many companies offer it even if it's not required. But the tax rules can be complex. Click through to make sure you're in compliance when offering this popular benefit.

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  • What Is D&O Insurance and Who Needs It?

    The pandemic has seen a sharp rise in D&O claims. Don't get caught unaware, and learn about your options. Click through to learn more about D&O insurance, who needs it and how it can protect you.

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  • 6 Tips for Handling Virtual Layoffs

    It's never pleasant when layoffs become a necessity, and now the pandemic has turned the process virtual. Conducting layoffs through online meetings is the new norm. Click through for six ways to navigate layoffs in the virtual sphere.

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  • What Do You Need To Save for Tax Time?

    Tax season is winding down for this year, but it's not too early to start planning for next year! Click through to find out how to reduce difficulties by saving information and keeping it at your fingertips.

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  • How To Raise and Maintain a Credit Score

    More than ever, in today's tumultuous world, it is important to maintain a good credit score, even while economic difficulties make it tough. Click through to learn how to build and maintain healthy credit habits in good times and bad.

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  • The SEP-IRA: Just Right for Small Businesses

    Traditional pensions plans and 401(k)'s may not be appropriate for small businesses and the self-employed. However, that doesn't mean there are no other options. Click through to learn about the powerful and adaptable SEP-IRA.

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  • Filing Taxes for the Deceased

    Tax responsibilities don't end with death. Indeed, it's an important part of the executor's job to file the deceased person's state and federal final income tax returns for the year of death. Click through to address specific tax filing responsibilities.

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  • What You Don't Know About Estate Planning

    Do you know what estate planning really is? Some people think it's only for the very wealthy, or that they don't have to worry about it until they're old—but those are misconceptions! Click through for the real facts on estate planning.

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  • Retirement Plan Startup Costs Tax Credit

    You may be able to claim a tax credit of up to $5,000 when you set up a SEP IRA, a SIMPLE IRA or a 401(k) plan. Click through to see how the tax credit reduces the amount of taxes you owe.

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  • Historic Homes and the IRS

    If you're rehabilitating a historic home, you may be able to claim a rehabilitation tax credit. But the devil is in the details, and it's about more than just the house being old. Click through to learn about the conditions you need to meet.

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  • The Ins and Outs of Small-Business Insurance

    Can small-business insurance help you with your pandemic losses? Click through to find out.

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  • Should You Introduce Profit-Sharing — and How?

    Profit-sharing is a group incentive plan for employees to share in profits. Click through to change your culture from "Let’s get it done" to "We’re all in this together."

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  • Leave-Sharing Programs: What You Need To Know

    These are difficult times, and to work effectively, companies must consider new programs, such as altruistic leave-sharing arrangements. Click through for insight into these programs and how to avoid legal pitfalls.

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  • How To Handle Cash Payments

    There's nothing wrong with dealing in cash, but you do need to know that cash transactions of more than $10,000 need to be reported to the IRS. Click through to get facts about reporting such payments.

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  • How To Deposit and Report Employment Taxes

    It may seem simple: You owe the government the taxes you withhold from your workers, and you write a check to the IRS. But it's a lot more complicated. Click through for the basics on remitting employment taxes.

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  • What Makes a Successful Bonus Program?

    Bonuses are one of the best ways to motivate employees. But to actually work, a bonus program must be thoughtfully designed. Click through to learn about characteristics of an effective program.

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  • Do You Have a Hobby or a Business?

    Have a hobby that's also a source of income? The line between business and hobby can be a thin one, and the rules are complex. Click through for some insights that will help you make sure that you're in compliance and that you're not missing any allowable deductions.

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  • What a Will Should NOT Do

    We are often urged, with good reason, to make a will to help put our lives in order. It’s a responsible and worthwhile thing to do — but not the only thing. Click through to learn when a will is not the best route.  

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  • Business Deductions: A Quick Review

    Business expenses are the cost of carrying on a trade or business. Sometimes, the IRS gives you a tax break for your expenses. Click through for an introduction to the complex world of business tax deductions.

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  • The Advantages of an ABLE Account and Saver's Credit

    The tax code contains provisions to help people with disabilities and their families save and pay for disability-related expenses, but the rules are complex. Click through for an introduction to make sure you're getting what you're entitled to.

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  • Financial Planning and Stepchildren

    About 35% of all married couples and 40% of couples that are married with children include a partner who has a child from a previous relationship. Click through for tips on division of assets with stepchildren.

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  • Action in the Senate Could Remove $10,000 Cap on State and Local Tax Deductions

    One of the changes made in 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) that hit some taxpayers the hardest was the $10,000 cap placed on the deduction of state and local taxes. The $3.5 trillion budget bill currently being worked on in the U.S. Senate could change that.

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  • What Are Filial Responsibility Laws?

    Filial responsibility laws are legal rules that hold adult children financially responsible for their parents' medical care when parents are unable to pay. Click through to learn how they can impact parents' long-term health care concerns.

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  • How to Choose a Guardian for Your Child

    Although no one likes to think about it, an important responsibility of parenthood is making sure your children are provided for if you're not around. Click through for a quick guide to making those crucial plans.

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  • Employers Get Tax Breaks for Vaccination Leave

    Washington wants everyone to get a COVID-19 shot, so it is giving a refundable tax credit to employers who grant paid time-off to staff to receive—or recover from—a vaccination. Click through for eligibility rules.

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  • What Consumers Need to Know About HIPAA

    Keeping patient information private is the basic idea behind the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the pandemic has once again highlighted this important rule. Click through to learn its privacy and security requirements.

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  • Nonresident Aliens and Tax Returns

    Are you a nonresident alien engaged in a trade or business in the United States? There are some special tax rules for you. Click through to learn about what your responsibilities are and the basics of Form 1040-NR.

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  • Bankruptcy: A Post-Pandemic Overview

    The pandemic took a toll on small businesses, some of which find themselves in precarious financial positions. Sadly, bankruptcy may be the best option for some. Click here to read more about what that means.

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  • Do You Need Flood Insurance?

    It's a common — but mistaken — assumption that a standard homeowners insurance policy covers damage from flooding. You typically have to buy it separately. Click through to learn whether you might need it and how best to get it.

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  • Tips and Taxes

    If you work for tips, the income is still taxable, but the tax rules can be complex. Fortunately, the IRS has some guidance. Click here to learn how to correctly report tip income.

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  • Digital Records and Privacy

    Your estate plan should address the management and distribution of digital assets, a situation that can quickly become complicated. Click through for an overview on how to make sure this oft-forgotten part of your legacy is protected.

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  • How To Follow IRS Rules To Create a Nonprofit

    Are you thinking of forming a nonprofit? There are a lot of rules — both state and federal — that affect the structure and tax status. Click through for an introduction to nonprofit regulation to make sure you start on the right foot.

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  • Tax Rules for Handling Large Cash Payments

    Did you know that there’s a special procedure for reporting large cash payments to the IRS? If you or your business received more than $10,000 in cash last year, you have some forms to fill out. Click through to learn why and how you need to report the payment.

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  • Business Coaching for a New World

    Business owners are trying to thrive in a world that is very different from the way it was a year ago. Coaches may be able to observe and guide you to success. Click through to learn how to use this time-honored, and newly relevant, technique to up your game.

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  • Foreign Earned Income: The Tax Situation

    If you are a U.S. citizen or a resident alien living in a foreign country, you're still subject to the same U.S. income tax laws that you would be if you lived in the United States. Click through for an introduction to the tax situation.

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  • The Whys and Hows of Medicaid Trusts

    A Medicaid asset protection trust is designed to protect assets from being counted for Medicaid eligibility. There are a lot of provisions, however. Click through to understand how it works and whether it might be right for you.

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  • Small Businesses and the ADA

    A pioneering civil rights law, the Americans with Disabilities Act affects businesses of all sizes. But small businesses may not realize all the requirements. Click through for a quick review of the act's key provisions.

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  • Cash Balance Plans: Defined-Benefit with a Twist

    A cash balance plan is a twist on a traditional pension with some special provisions that can make it an attractive option for both companies and employees. Click through to learn how it works and how it can be a win-win choice.

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  • Selling Your Home: The Tax Angle

    There's a lot to think about when you're selling your home — and one thing should be taxes. Indeed, the IRS has a whole booklet on it. Click through for a summary of the rules you face when you're putting your house on the market.

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  • ERISA: Your Retirement Rights

    The term "ERISA" gets thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean? How does it affect your retirement situation? Click through for an introduction to this important law, and a description of what it means for you.

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  • Adopt a Green Business Plan

    Is going green central to your coronavirus recovery strategy? Click through to see how shifting supply chains and changes in consumer behaviors effect positive outcomes.

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  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit Reauthorized Through 2025

    To incentivize employers to hire individuals from underrepresented groups, Congress has extended the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program until the end of 2025. Click through for insight into this important and complex program.

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  • The IRS Is Watching Out for Padding

    The IRS warns tax filers to avoid falsely inflating deductions or expenses on tax returns. This isn't a minor infraction that gets winked at. Click through to learn which areas the agency is zeroing in on.

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  • Business Insurance Primer

    The most common insurance policy for small business is the Business Owner's Policy (BOP). What exactly does it include? Click through to learn how to combine coverage for property and liability insurance risks into one package.

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  • Steps to Business Profitability

    Profitability determines whether your business stays in business. That seems obvious, but it's more complicated than it seems. Click through to learn about the different ways to analyze profitability.

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  • Stay Healthy on Office Return

    What will returning to the physical office mean for businesses and their employees? It's going to be a group effort, with both management and rank-and-file employees working together. Click through to learn how everyone can create a safe environment.

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  • What's the Story With an IRS Offer in Compromise?

    An offer in compromise allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount you owe. And in this complicated tax year, you may want to know more about it. Click through to understand how to take advantage of this program.

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  • When Trading, Don't Forget Taxes

    Many investors take responsibility for their own investment decisions, but it's essential to get the full picture. What are the implications? Click through to learn about investing and taxes so you don't get any nasty surprises.

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  • Learn About Property Tax Calculations

    So many homeowners pay property taxes, yet few give a lot of thought to how the local taxing authority figured out the amount. Click through to understand how the system works, so you can see if your assessment is accurate.

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  • What Retirement Plans Must Report

    Once you offer retirement plans, you'll have reporting and disclosure requirements — reports and forms that the IRS and the Department of Labor want to receive. Click through to see how your obligations depend on the type of plan.

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  • What Is GAAP?

    GAAP refers to a common set of accounting principles, standards and procedures issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board. Click through to see how it can improve the way companies can communicate their financial position.

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  • How Not To Look Bad On Zoom

    The word is out — the right lighting can make a big difference in how you look on your video calls. The good news is that you don't need to be a pro to look great! Click through for advice on lighting to make you feel better about those online meetings.

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  • Managing Your Business and Staff After the Pandemic

    Can you lay a strong foundation for a flourishing, long-lasting small business in the post-pandemic world? Click through to learn how to seek out and seize opportunities and integrate resilience into your business plan.

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  • Tax Treatment for Family Members Working in the Family Business

    When you include family members in your business operations, there are tax treatments and employment tax rules that need to be applied. Click through to learn the right way to hire a family member.

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  • How To Be a Manager

    Few people train to be the boss. More often, they're promoted to a management position because they did well in a lower-level job. Soon they find that management requires a completely new set of skills. Click through to read some hard-earned advice on how to be a manager.

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  • What To Know About Pricing Strategies

    It can be one of the hardest aspects of starting and running a business: deciding how much to charge. You want to be competitive, but you also need to show a profit. Click through to learn how to think strategically about pricing.

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  • Exploding 6 Estate-Planning Myths

    Many people don't understand exactly what estate planning is and have misconceptions about what is involved. Click through to read about the confusion so common today so you can take the next steps on firm ground.

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  • FLSA Mistakes To Avoid

    Most employers must adhere to the Fair Labor Standards Act. But the FLSA can be complex — and mistakes are common and costly. Click through for a quick list of common FLSA errors you should avoid.

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  • Reverse Mortgage: Right for You?

    A reverse mortgage can be the perfect solution for seniors who want to stay in their homes, but there are some long-term drawbacks. Click through for a review of the pros and cons of this popular financial technique.

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  • It's Time To Check Your Withholding

    You may have been advised to check your tax withholdings at least once a year. But in 2021, considering all the pandemic-related changes, it’s a good idea to check more frequently. Click through for some IRS withholding advice to forestall any surprises at tax season.

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  • Seasonal Employment: Laws and Best Practices

    Do you rely on seasonal employees to fill staffing shortages during holidays or busy periods? Click through for insights into navigating seasonal employment.

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  • Post Pandemic Dress Guidance

    Workplace style during the pandemic took a dramatic shift to casual attire. Was this a one-time change or was it permanent? Click through to see whether office dress codes will return to pre-pandemic button-downs and slacks.

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  • 529 Plans: Know the Full Story

    529 savings plans can do more than just help you pay for college, and now is a good time to consider just how flexible they can be. Click through to take advantage of the myriad benefits of a 529 plan in a pandemic-affected economy.

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  • How To Create a Year-Round Tax Plan for Businesses

    Tax planning should take place year-round to allow you to take advantage of money-saving strategies. Click through to learn how to keep an eye on the future and ensure regulatory compliance.

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  • Market Research: The Key to Business Decisions

    In business, it is crucial to obtain good data before making major decisions. Click through for some tips on how to employ market research to better identify marketing strategies.

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  • What Are the Basics of Home Insurance?

    Home insurance protects your home and possessions against damage or theft. Click through to learn how to decide which level of coverage is right for you.

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  • Myths of the Estate Tax

    You may be worried about your heirs getting hit by the federal estate tax when you die. But are these worries justified? Click through for a look at how the often-misunderstood estate tax really works.

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  • When To Use a QTIP Trust

    Do you want to provide for a surviving spouse yet maintain control of how your trust's assets are distributed once that spouse dies? The qualified terminable interest property trust may be the tool you need. Click through to learn what a QTIP trust lets you do.

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  • What to Know About Incorporation and Taxation

    Are you considering incorporating or forming an LLC? What are the practical and financial implications? Click through to learn the advantages of moving beyond a sole proprietorship.

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  • How To Snag Your Part of the Attention Economy

    Looking to win the battle for consumer attention? Click through to find out how to captivate customers.

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  • What Is a Life Settlement and How Does It Work?

    A life insurance policy is considered property, and that means it can be sold. This can prove advantageous in difficult circumstances. Click through to discover what life settlements can do and what they can't do.

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  • Recordkeeping: The Key to Smooth Tax Transactions

    Generally, you should keep tax records for three years after you file a return, but there are times when you’ll need older files. Click through to learn how to be prepared.

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  • Should You Go with a Medicare Broker?

    A Medicare insurance broker is an independent agent who represents multiple carriers. Click through to see why brokers can be a great source for an unbiased opinion on your Medicare plan options.

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  • Do You Have Operational Efficiency?

    When operational efficiency is healthy, your business can cut down on unnecessary costs while increasing revenue. Click through for some thoughts on how you can make your business more efficient.

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