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  • Decorating with Fall Color Schemes

    The colors of autumn evoke a certain sense of comfort and calm. Rich browns, fiery reds, and subdued yellows make us feel cozy and warm. Click through to learn how to decorate with an autumn color palate.

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  • Make Your Bathroom Design Fun

    Is your bathroom a fun and exciting space or do you want to keep it relaxing and serene? In either case, some decorating tips can help you hit just the right notes. Click through to learn how to make your bathroom design fun.

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  • With N360, Get the Details on Any Home, Any Neighborhood

    With Neighborhood360, a full report for any neighborhood is at your fingertips -- a full demographic profile that helps you get a wide-range picture of any village or town. In all, 150 million records are available! Click through to get the complete story for your own address and neighborhood, or one you're interested in.

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  • Property Estimates and More with Our AVM Program

    Have you stopped and wondered about how much you could get for your property? Or maybe you want a range for a vacation home you're thinking of buying? Click through for an AVM program that gives you value ranges for any property, plus a whole lot more.

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  • Space-Saving Ideas for Your Laundry Room Remodel

    If you are planning a laundry room remodel, you have plenty of options to make it more efficient — without spending a lot of money. Click through to check out these great space-saving solutions that will maximize your laundry area.

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  • With New Online AVM Program, Uncover Property Valuation Ranges

    Maybe you want to know about that property you're thinking of buying. Or you just want to know the valuation range for your own property. Click through to access an AVM online program that will give you value ranges, and more, for any property you're interested in.

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  • Are Colorful Kitchen Cabinets the New Trend?

    Wood cabinets once reigned supreme in kitchens. Later, that trend was replaced with crisp white cabinets and neutral gray tones. Click through to learn about the latest color trends for your kitchen cabinets.

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  • How to Get a Mortgage Without a Down Payment

    You may be ready to finally move into your dream home, but not ready financially to take the leap. Buyers in this situation still have plenty of options. Click through for some little-known mortgage strategies.

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  • What Sold Down The Street, When.. And For How Much? What's Your Appreciation Rate?

    Our friends are always asking me about the market and what homes sold for! Well, now you can see what I tell them. When you click the Just Sold image you can access recent sold and extensive area and neighborhood insight. We have coverage for 29486, 29418, 29483, 29456, 29410, 29492, 29445, and 29461.

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  • Welcome To Our Home Actions

    Hello! Welcome to our new service: HomeActions. We thought you might enjoy our newsletter and find value in the information. It is a mix of homeowner tips and local real estate news. Please remember we are always here to help with any of your real estate needs, we would love to hear from you.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Searching for the Perfect Home to Retire In?

    Finding the perfect spot to retire isn't easy. Click through to see five questions that can help you home in on your perfect retirement home.

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  • Learn About Your Neighborhood -- Or One You're Moving To -- with N360

    Get all the details with Neighborhood360, an essential online program that provides a wide range of demographics for any address and any neighborhood that you want. Click through if you want to know all about your own neighborhood, or one you're thinking of moving into.

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  • Planting Bulbs: What's the Right Time?

    It depends on where you live and what flowers you're planning, but with fall on the horizon, you might want to think about next year's flowers. Click through to learn how to plant bulbs for the spring.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Debating Over Whether to Buy a New or Old Home?

    There are pros and cons to both new construction and existing homes. Click through to take a look at the price differences, maintenance and operation costs, location and style of the home when making your decision.

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  • Get Property Valuation Ranges -- and More -- with Our AVM Program!

    Do you want to know about how much your property is worth? Or the value range of a property you're thinking of buying? Click through for an AVM online program that will give you the results for any address instantly -- and a lot more!

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  • Quick Fixes You Can Do at Home This Weekend

    There are many household tasks that are a lot easier to handle than you may have expected, and the results can give you a lot of satisfaction. Click through for key repair jobs you can tackle now to improve your home right away.

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  • Is Carpet In or Out?

    When you’re considering your next home, you probably have an image of the flooring in mind. Do you prefer carpet or a hard floor material like wood or tile? Click through to learn whether carpet is in or out in home design right now.

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  • Happy Halloween 2020!

    Don't Be Spooked By The Real Estate Market. Payne Homes will Make You Feel Like Dancing. Click through to watch the video!

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  • Our Super Online N360 Program: Learn About Any Address, Any Neighborhood

    Get all the details with Neighborhood360, a smart new program that provides the key demographics for any neighborhood. Click through if you want to know all about your own neighborhood, or one you're thinking of moving into.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Buying Your First House?

    Owning your own home has been part of the American Dream for years. Click through for some advice on how to make that dream come true.

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  • 6 Easy Tips to Improve Your Bathroom

    For most people, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house. People often struggle to balance storage with aesthetics, but it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Click through to learn 6 easy bathroom tips that will improve your bathroom design.

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  • 7 Reasons You Need a Shed

    A shed can vastly improve your relationship with storage in your own home. There are countless reasons a shed will benefit you. Click through to learn about 7 reasons you need a shed.

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  • Gardening Tips for Someone Without a Green Thumb

    For a lot of people, gardening is easier said than done. How can you improve your landscaping when plant care isn’t your strong suit? Click through for gardening tips when you don’t have a green thumb.

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