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  • Capital Gains and Schedule D

    When you sell a capital asset, the sale results in either a capital gain or capital loss. The government wants a full accounting, and the rules are complicated. Click through to learn what you have to report on Schedule D of Form 1040.

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  • The Ultimate Work-at-Home Guide

    There's no single formula to learn how to work at home, and the practical and cultural issues in each company will make a difference. However, there are some generalities. Click through to learn how to become an efficient and happy online employee.

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  • 5 Business Tax Deductions to Consider

    It has been a challenging year, but one thing that hasn't changed is taxes. Fortunately, businesses remain eligible for certain deductions. Click through to read about deadlines for key provisions that pertain to your business.

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  • Wishing You an Abundantly Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday

    Have a memorable Thanksgiving! Wishing you the happiness of good friends, the joy of family and the abundance of the holiday season. Click through for a special Thanksgiving greeting.

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  • Are Your Accounts Receivables Piling Up?

    Accounts receivables are the bane of businesses even in good financial times. Now, in this difficult times, managing account receivables is more important than ever.  Click through to learn how to take control of cash flow.

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  • By the Numbers: The Key Adjustments for 2021

    As the year winds down, the government changes a variety of numbers affecting tax and other financials. How do these changes affect you or the companies you manage? Click through for a review of the 2021 changes.

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  • Major Changes Come to Kiddie Tax

    The SECURE Act repealed a Tax Cuts and Jobs Act change in the Kiddie Tax and is effective in 2020 and beyond. Click through for the complex details on the current and retroactive changes to this often-misunderstood tax.

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  • Know About the Unemployment Tax

    If you have employees, you must report and pay unemployment taxes to the IRS — and the devil is in the details. Click through for the rules of how to set aside amounts for the tax and report it on Form 940.

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  • Restructuring Debt as a Business Strategy

    The Covid-19 pandemic — like earlier business crises — has forced many businesses to make hard choices regarding their future. Click through to learn about restructuring debt and whether that's an option you should consider.

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  • IRS Releases Additional Guidance on PPP Loan Forgiveness

    The IRS has published a Revenue Procedure and a Revenue Ruling to try to clarify certain complex and controversial details in PPP loan forgiveness. Click through for a summary of the new IRS guidance.

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  • Are Your Employees Cross-Trained?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc with staffing at companies of all sizes. Can you prepare for any new disasters that lead to major layoffs? Click through for some thoughts on cross-training, which can ensure all tasks are covered.

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  • Estate Plan Building Blocks

    You hear a lot of talk about having an estate plan, but what is it all about? What are the pieces in a plan—is it more than just a will? Click through for an overview of an estate plan, to help you understand why everyone needs one.

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  • How To Raise and Maintain a Credit Score

    More than ever, in today's tumultuous world, it is important to maintain a good credit score, even while economic difficulties make it tough. Click through to learn how to build and maintain healthy credit habits in good times and bad.

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  • New Stimulus Has Plenty for Small Business

    The pandemic relief measure provides $325 billion in small-business funds and gives businesses another bite at the PPP apple. Click through for the details on what's available to make sure you get the cash you're entitled to.

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  • QuickBooks: Invoices and the Billing Process

    Managing invoices can be a tiresome task for small businesses. Fortunately, there are ways to simplify the process. Click through to see how QuickBooks can make the whole billing process easier.

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  • Estate Planning If You're Living Overseas

    Estate planning is complex enough, and when you're living overseas, that just makes it worse. Click through to learn about the myriad techniques that can mitigate the punitive effect of transfer taxes.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Protecting Against Employee Theft

    Business owners lose about $50 million a year to employee theft and fraud, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Click through for a glimpse at some of the many ways employees could be stealing from you.

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  • The SEP-IRA: Just Right for Small Businesses

    Traditional pensions plans and 401(k)'s may not be appropriate for small businesses and the self-employed. However, that doesn't mean there are no other options. Click through to learn about the powerful and adaptable SEP-IRA.

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  • Filing Taxes for the Deceased

    Tax responsibilities don't end with death. Indeed, it's an important part of the executor's job to file the deceased person's state and federal final income tax returns for the year of death. Click through to address specific tax filing responsibilities.

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  • 6 Tips for Handling Virtual Layoffs

    It's never pleasant when layoffs become a necessity, and now the pandemic has turned the process virtual. Conducting layoffs through online meetings is the new norm. Click through for six ways to navigate layoffs in the virtual sphere.

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  • What To Know About the Alternative Minimum Tax

    The dreaded AMT has been with us for a while, but that doesn't mean it hasn't changed over the years. Is it likely to affect you, and if so, how? Click through for a review of the AMT and what it may mean to you.

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  • General Overview of Business Deductions

    Business expenses are the cost of carrying on a trade or business, and there may be some tax breaks there. But a lot has changed in recent months, and the rules can be complicated. Click through for an overview of business tax deductions.

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