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  • Bonus Calculations and FLSA Rules

    Bonuses can be a great way to reward top employees. However, businesses need to know that there are different kinds, with key distinctions managers should be well-versed in. Click through to make sure you don't violate FLSA rules.

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  • Know the Rules on Unemployment Claims

    The unemployment benefits system, a partnership between state and federal governments, contains some subtle rules employers need to know. Click through to make sure you're in compliance, and learn when to contest a claim.

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  • Employee Transfers: Deceptively Complex

    Depending on how it's done, an employee transfer can have a positive or a negative effect. You need to know the ins and outs of how it works. Click through for insights to avoid the problems of a seemingly simple transfer.

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  • The Coronavirus: Get the Latest Information

    Whether you're listening to the radio, watching TV or scrolling through websites, there is no lack of information on COVID-19. But what is really helpful? Click through for the latest authoritative government information.

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  • Install Internal Controls for Payroll—Today

    Fraud can affect any aspect of a company, and payroll is no exception. You need strong internal controls. Click through for a primer on creating strong internal controls for payroll, no matter what size your company is.

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  • Make Compensation Management Work for You

    Compensation is a fundamental aspect of any employment relationship. Whether the partnership will succeed or fail often depends on how compensation is managed. Click through for insights into how compensation management can work at your company.

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  • Active vs. Passive Benefits Enrollment

    To get employees to participate in your benefits program, you can actively or passively enroll them. Click through to find out which strategy is best for your company.

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  • How To Create a Compensation Plan

    Don't be casual about how you compensate your employees — you need a formal compensation plan that includes wages and benefits. Click through for some tips on how such a plan might look at your business.

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  • Shift Differentials: How the Numbers Add Up

    Paying workers is about more than regular pay vs. overtime. Many companies offer different rates for working outside normal business hours. Click through to learn where this is likely to happen, and how to calculate pay.

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  • Do Employers Have to Pay for New Hire Orientation and Training?

    Whether new hires should be paid for orientation and training is determined by federal law and applicable state regulations. Click through for the Fair Labor Standards Act's stance on this issue.

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  • Factors Influencing Full-Time and Part-Time Employment

    Though defining full-time and part-time hours may seem simple, there are no universally accepted definitions. Click through for some tips in navigating the complexities that can crop up at your company when you try to make distinctions among your employees.

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  • Learn the Ins and Outs of Payroll Deductions

    With a mix of state and federal rules, figuring out what to deduct from your employees' wages can get complicated. Click through for an overview of the taxes you have to deduct, and other paycheck issues.

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  • Know Your Salary Structures

    If you do not have an organized system for paying your employees, you might want to establish a salary structure to help ensure fairness and consistency. Click through for insight into this compensation approach.

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  • What To Do About Unused Paid Sick Leave

    If your state or locality mandates paid sick leave, you must follow the law regarding unused sick time. Otherwise, you're generally free to develop your own policy on the issue. Click through for insight into handling unused paid sick leave.

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  • Tips for Supercharging Payroll

    It's not unusual for employers to gloss over payroll when improving departmental performance. But there's much more to payroll than meets the eye. Click through for some areas of payroll that might be in dire need of your attention.

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  • Q&A: Can I Ask Employees Why They Need a Leave?

    An employee—perhaps one who has been working fine so far—suddenly requests a leave. Click through to see what questions you can ask.

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  • What the Taxpayer First Act Means for Employers

    Signed into law in 2019, the Taxpayer First Act modernizes the IRS' approach to delivering taxpayer services. In addition, it contains notable changes for employers. Click through to learn how employer requirements have changed.

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  • Cash Balance Plans: Defined-Benefit with a Twist

    A cash balance plan is a twist on a traditional pension with some special provisions that can make it an attractive option for both companies and employees. Click through to learn how it works and how it can be a win-win choice.

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  • Stay Healthy on Office Return

    What will returning to the physical office mean for businesses and their employees? It's going to be a group effort, with both management and rank-and-file employees working together. Click through to learn how everyone can create a safe environment.

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  • IRS Updates Form 941 To Reflect COVID-19 Tax Credits

    Are you required to offer paid leave for COVID-19 reasons? Were you forced to suspend your business operations, or did sales drop sharply? If so, you may claim tax credits on IRS Form 941. Click through to make sure you don't miss out.

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  • Can Employers Ask for a Doctor's Note?

    Employees call in sick from time to time. Can you require a doctor's note to prove that they are really ill? The answer is a little complicated. Click through to find out what various laws have to say.

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  • Out of the Box: Rethinking Employee Benefits

    For many employees, the range and quality of benefits can be even more important that salary when deciding on a new job. Click through for some thoughts on unusual benefits that may make your company more competitive.

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  • The New Form W-4: What You Need To Know

    The new year has brought with it a long-promised — and heavily revised — Form W-4. It's very different from previous versions. Click through for a review of the changes and how they affect both businesses and employees. 

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  • 3 Strategies for Preventing Workplace Harassment

    Workplace harassment can cause substantial losses to companies stemming from litigation expenses, employee turnover and more. Therefore, every effort should be made to avert workplace harassment. Click through for three prevention strategies.

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  • Coronavirus and Business Interruption Insurance

    The coronavirus pandemic has upended businesses across the board. Many of those businesses hope their business interruption insurance will help mitigate their financial losses. Click here to delve into the complex world of business insurance.

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  • Certain Employers Get Break on Form I-9

    The many employers that have shut down office operations during the pandemic may be concerned about Form I-9 requirements. Click through to read about the temporary regularly waivers the DHS is granting.

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  • Should You Provide a Total Rewards Package?

    You can't look at benefits individually anymore. Progressive companies are taking a holistic look at how they reward their employees. Click through for an introduction to the 6-part system for attracting and retaining employees.

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  • Are Your Labor Law Posters Current and Pandemic-Compliant?

    Labor law posters inform employees of their rights in the workplace, so it's essential that your posters are current. It seems obvious, but poster decisions can get complicated. Click through for insight into updating labor law posters. 

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  • The Rules on Discussing Salaries

    It makes sense that companies don't want their employees discussing salaries with each other. But it's not a simple task to ban these discussions. Click through for an introduction to federal rules in this area.

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  • Your Guide to Local Income Taxes

    With more and more U.S. localities charging income taxes, it's in every employer's best interest to understand how these taxes work. It's more complicated than you may think. Click through for an intro to local income taxes.

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  • What Is 401(k) Nondiscrimination Testing?

    Does your 401(k) plan discriminate against rank-and-file employees by favoring managers and owners? Annual 401(k) nondiscrimination testing seeks to answer this question. Click through to learn more about this compliance procedure.

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  • The 4 Toughest Challenges for HR Professionals

    As the U.S. workforce evolves at an unprecedented rate, human resources professionals are expected to keep up with their organizations' shifting human capital needs. Click through for four of the most pressing concerns facing HR professionals. 

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  • Down Payment Assistance: A Benefit for Today

    Many would-be homeowners are still renting because they don't have the full down payment. Can employers come to the rescue? Click through to learn how businesses can increase employee retention by helping staff buy homes.

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  • Employees' Net Pay: What Are the Calculations?

    The "net pay" line appears on every paystub, but many employees, and even many companies, aren't always sure what it means. Click through for an introduction to the detailed tax and finance calculations involved in "net pay."

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  • What Is Imputed Income?

    Do you provide taxable fringe benefits to your employees? If so, the value of the item is considered imputed income. Click through to learn how laws about imputed income can affect your company.

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  • The Importance of Confidentiality in HR

    As the epicenter of employment-related information, HR is intrinsically bound to confidentiality. Click through for insight into the confidential side of human resources.

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  • How To Offer Internships

    Internships provide real-life training to recent college graduates and workers transitioning to new careers. But there are rules: You can't simply use interns as underpaid workers. Click through for best practices and labor law requirements.

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  • Retirement Plan Startup Costs Tax Credit

    You may be able to claim a tax credit of up to $5,000 when you set up a SEP IRA, a SIMPLE IRA or a 401(k) plan. Click through to see how the tax credit reduces the amount of taxes you owe.

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  • Job Applicants and Their Criminal Histories

    To make informed hiring decisions, employers need to request certain information from job applicants. But does this include their criminal histories? It's a complicated answer. Click through for the details on what to check.

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  • Keep the Human Touch in Benefits Communications

    Digital solutions are trending in the workplace. But when it comes to benefits communications, employees also want the human touch. Click through to see why human interactions are vital to employee benefits.

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  • Demystifying On-Call Pay

    The conditions surrounding on-call pay can be confusing, and employers often misunderstand them. It comes down to whether employees should be paid if they're required to be available while not working. Click through for an intro to the complex rules.

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  • Layoff, Furlough and Reduction in Force: How They Differ

    The terms "layoff," "furlough" and "reduction in force" are often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings — with important implications. Click through to make sure you're using the right term for the right situation.

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  • EEOC Releases Extensive COVID-19 Guidance

    The pandemic seems to have affected every government agency, and the EEOC is no exception. Click through for some recent guidance on how the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and Other EEO Laws are addressing COVID-19.

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  • Know the FMLA Notice Requirements

    To receive FMLA-protected leave, eligible employees must provide adequate notice to their employers. If they don't, the leave could be delayed or denied. Click through for details on FMLA notice requirements.

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  • Accurate Timekeeping Records: 4 Essential Takeaways

    The implications of employing hourly workers are significant. A worst-case scenario is employees suing you for unpaid wages due to timekeeping mistakes. Click through for insight into why flawless timekeeping records are a must.

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  • 6 Taxable Benefits To Boost Talent Attraction

    Employee benefits are a leading strategy for attracting and retaining talent. And to sign up the very best people, you need competitive benefits. Click through for six taxable benefits to beef up attraction and retention.

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  • Does Your Employee Handbook Need an Upgrade?

    You know your business needs an employee handbook, which is why you created one. But it shouldn't be a static document—you need to revise it periodically. Click through for tips on updating your employee handbook. 

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  • Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation: Right for You?

    It may be a better way to think about workers' comp: making adjustments every payroll cycle instead of once a year. Click through for details on how this works, and how it may eliminate surprise insurance bills at year-end.

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  • How To Choose the Right Salaries

    How do you determine the best salary ranges to offer new employees? It can be a hard series of calculations. Click through for some thoughts on how to compensate your staff so that turnover is low but you don't break your budget.

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  • How to Choose Employee Benefits

    To attract the best employees to your company, you need to provide them with the right incentives beyond their salary. Click through to learn more about choosing employee benefits packages that work.

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  • Language Requirements for Workplace Posters

    In many cases, employers can display workplace posters that are written only in English. However, some laws require postings in other languages as well. Click through to learn how to stay compliant.

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  • Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting: Trends and Concerns

    The recruiting landscape has changed exponentially. The pen-and-paper approach is virtually obsolete and artificial intelligence-infused technology is taking over. Click through for insight into this recruiting trend.

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  • What Is Employee Attrition?

    Employees come and go. When an employee's term of service ends and you decide to leave the position vacant, the occurrence is called "employee attrition." Click through for insight into this type of employee departure.

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  • DOL Expands Delivery Methods for 401(k) Electronic Disclosures

    Electronic delivery is the quickest, most cost-effective way to send retirement plan documents to participants — but there are rules. Click through for insight into DOL guidance on expanding electronic disclosure for retirement plans.

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  • Can Employees Make FSA Contributions While on FMLA Leave?

    Employees on FMLA leave may want to keep funding their flexible spending accounts while away from work. But since the leave is unpaid, can they make contributions during that time? Click through to find out.

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  • Workplace Culture in a New World

    As businesses reopen their offices, how do your employees feel about your company and its future? Click through to take the pulse of your culture to ensure your employees' experience at work infuses them — and you — with a sense of well-being.

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  • Managing Your Business and Staff After the Pandemic

    Can you lay a strong foundation for a flourishing, long-lasting small business in the post-pandemic world? Click through to learn how to seek out and seize opportunities and integrate resilience into your business plan.

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  • Should You Pay an Employee Who Resigns With Two Weeks' Notice?

    When an employee hands in their two-week notice of resignation, it triggers payroll questions, including whether the employee should be paid at all. What are the rules and best practices for this situation? Click through for information to help you create a policy.

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  • 3 Things to Consider Before Choosing Benefits Administration Partners

    Benefits are a core driver of employee attraction and retention, but to truly make a difference to your team, they must be deftly administered. Click through to see how benefits administration partners can help.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Unable to Find Qualified Candidates

    Have you ever posted a position, but never gotten a response back from someone who fits the bill? Finding the best person for the job takes luck, but it also takes skill. Click through to find out how to make the right kind of impression.

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  • Leap Years and the '53 Problem'

    In leap years, salaried employees might get an extra paycheck, depending on their payroll cycle. And since 2020 is a leap year, you're probably wondering how it could impact your payroll. Click through to find out.

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  • Know the Tax Rules for Employee Loans

    Companies may allow workers to take a draw against commissions or give them some other form of salary advance. It's perfectly legal, but employers need to know the rules. Click through for the tax implications of employee loans.

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  • Does Workers' Compensation Cover Remote Employees?

    More and more employees are working outside their employer's office. Are they entitled to the same workers' compensation coverage if they are injured on the job? Click through for the answer to this complex question.

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  • Defined Benefit Plans: The Standard Pension

    Defined benefit plans offer guaranteed retirement benefits for employees. How do these time-honored plans work? Click through to see advantages, disadvantages and tax considerations for employers and employees.

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  • Employee Leave Protections Under the ADA

    Do you offer paid or unpaid time off and have employees with disabilities? If so, you need to pay keen attention to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) leave provisions. Click through to discover how the ADA protects employees with regard to employer-sponsored leave.

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  • Beyond Money: The Softer Side of M&A

    When two companies join together, whether it's a merger between equals or the purchase of a smaller entity, it's not just about the money. Click through for some insights into the softer side of M&A.

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