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  • Freelancing? Know the Tax Rules

    Many people make their living in the gig economy, getting most or all of their income from freelance assignments. Click through for an introduction to the tax provisions that apply to these independent workers.

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  • Cost Segregation: A Tax-Saving Strategy

    Cost segregation studies can be an important tax-saving tool — if you make the most out of depreciation rules. But it's a complicated process. Click through to learn about cost segregation, and how it can work for you.

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  • The Final Responsibility: Being an Executor

    It's one of the most important tasks you can carry out for a friend or family member: carry out their last wishes after they're gone. But you don't have to do it alone. Click through for a review of what you need to do as an executor.

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  • Tax Deductions: What's New?

    Tax law changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affect itemized deductions because the standard deduction was nearly doubled for most taxpayers. Click through to see if you should consider itemizing anyway.

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  • Wishing You A Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday

    Wishing you the happiness of good friends, the joy of family and the abundance of the holiday season. Click for a special Thanksgiving greeting. .

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  • Can You Take Advantage of the Research and Development Tax Credit?

    You don’t have to wear a while lab coat to claim the federal research and development tax credit if you meet the four criteria outlined in Internal Revenue Code Section 41 and its regulations. Click through to learn why failing to explore this credit may be leaving money on the table.

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  • IRS Issues Draft of New Form W-4

    The new Form W-4 is very different from the current one, but it isn't final yet. More changes may come before the final version is rolled out later this year. Click through for an overview of what employers and employees will likely face in the future.

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  • Can You Make Direct Deposit Mandatory?

    Direct deposit makes payroll processing so much easier, and the vast majority of employees find it convenient -- which is why you may wish to require it. Click through to see whether you’re allowed to mandate direct deposit.

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  • 9 Steps to Develop a Business Succession Plan

    A business succession plan is a road map for the company's future. Developing this plan can be a complex process, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Click through for 9 steps that can help you determine your company's future.

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  • Simple Steps to Obtaining a Financial Planner

    Many people don't know exactly what a financial planner does, or how to find one. And that's a shame, because a good planner is helpful for those at all income levels. Click through to get started on financial planning.

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  • Taking Over the Finances of an Elderly Person

    Physical health isn't the only thing at risk of deteriorating as we age: Mental health may decline as well, and along with it, the ability to manage money. Click through for tips on how to manage finances to protect your elderly loved one from missteps.

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  • Behavioral Red Flags for Internal Fraud

    It can be difficult to identify whether there is fraud at your company. An audit can help, but other signs may reveal that something is wrong. Click through for a review of the various clues that may indicate a problem.

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  • What's New With the Kiddie Tax?

    So many tax provisions changed with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed at the end of 2017. The so-called kiddie tax changed as well. Click through for an examination of this complex provision and how it might affect you.

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  • Bonus Calculations and FLSA Rules

    Bonuses can be a great way to reward top employees. However, businesses need to know that there are different kinds, with key distinctions managers should be well-versed in. Click through to make sure you don't violate FLSA rules.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Worried That It's Too Early for Tax Planning

    Good tax planning is a year-round activity that requires knowing your options and keeping good records. Circumstances change. Even if you have used the standard deduction for the past several years, click through to learn why that may no longer be the right option for you.

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  • The Next Generation of Leaders Is Quiet but Impactful: Gen X

    We hear a lot about how different generations work, but what's the real story? Can you separate facts from rumors? Click through for a quick review of Generation X and how this generation of workers might fit into your company.

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  • Coulter & Justus Honored as Best Accounting Firms to Work for

    Coulter & Justus, P.C. was recently named as one of the 2019 Accounting Today’s Best Accounting Firms to Work for. Click PHOTO to read more.

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  • Updates from the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act

    Although the Payroll Protection Program is popular, small business owners had been complaining that some rules made the program difficult to use. Click through to learn about recent legislative changes that have made the PPP more flexible.

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  • Handling a 'Wrong Information' Form From the IRS

    Have you ever received a CP2000 notice? It's an alert from the IRS that data received from banks, employers or other third parties doesn't match your tax return. Click through to find out how to handle this notice.

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  • Trusts: What You Need to Know

    A trust lets you distribute your assets to others, while minimizing estate, income and gift taxes. Trusts have scores of uses for a variety of families. Click through for a basic primer on this essential component of estate planning.

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  • 8 Ways to Take Charge of Your Personal Finances

    Are you thrown into a panic with thoughts of student loans or other debt? Are you worried about your long-term finances? Click through to see how to take charge of your money and plan for a secure financial future.

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  • Socially Responsible Investing: The Wave of the Future?

    When it comes to investing, should you care about anything beyond the returns generated? Many investors believe that their money should not only grow, but do good in the world. Click through for an introduction to SRI.

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  • What Is the Marriage Penalty?

    The marriage penalty refers to fact that two people may pay more in taxes as a married couple than they would have as two single filers. Does this penalty really exist? Click through for details on how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affects couples and taxes.

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  • How You Can Use a Deferred Annuity

    It's a time-tested tool for retirement planning, but it's not for everyone. The key is knowing how a deferred annuity works, and whether it's right for you. Click through for an overview, and the inside scoop on how to choose.

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  • Which Employees Are Exempt From Tax Withholding?

    Most employees are subject to tax withholding. Those exempt from withholding are in the minority -- but you should still know who they are. Click through for a list of employees who are excluded from tax withholding -- and why.

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  • Is This the Right Time to Change Your Company’s Accounting Method?

    Some companies are required to use financial accounting instead of tax accounting. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018 changed these rules. Now more companies can choose for themselves. Click here to learn the distinctions.

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  • Realize Tax Saving from Contributions to Charitable Organizations

    Appreciated stock can seem like a problem, particularly when the sale can trigger capital gains taxes. But you can avoid these taxes and do good at the same time. Click through for a discussion of the advantages of donating appreciated stock.

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  • Can You Still Deduct Meal Expenses?

    Tax reform passed at the end of 2017 made some important changes regarding the deductibility of meals. Some time-honored deductions are gone. Click through to see what's changed and what hasn't.

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  • Cybersecurity and the Importance of Data Privacy

    Ensuring that your business is in compliance with applicable laws and monitoring your data are equally important, but both tasks may be more difficult than they sound. Click through for tips on starting a sound cybersecurity program.

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  • New Leasing Standards Arrive for Private Companies

    As of January 1, 2020, all leases, including short-term leases, must be recorded on your company's balance sheet. What does the new Financial Accounting Standards Board standard mean for your business? Click through for an introduction to this complex new series of rules.

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  • Do You Need Business Interruption Insurance?

    Many businesses don't even know about it, but it can be essential to your long-term plans. Are you covered if your business can't continue for a substantial period of time? Click through for the reasons to consider business interruption insurance.

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  • IRS Clarifies Deductible Expenses

    The Internal Revenue Service has updated the rules to reflect changes resulting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Click through to zero in on changes involving deductible expenses, to make sure you're in compliance.

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  • Qualities That Make Good Leaders

    Leaders can make the difference between success and failure at a company. Have you shown leadership? Have you hired good leaders? Click through to understand how a strong vision can help you lead.

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  • Coulter & Justus Announces 2020 Promotions

    We are excited to recognize the following group of outstanding people who not only enjoy working together but also take great care of our clients. We are fortunate to have each of them as part of our team. Click the image to see promotions.

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  • How Long Since You've Reviewed Your Estate Plan?

    An estate plan is not a one-time event. It's a living series of documents you must continue to address throughout your life. Click through for some guidance on what events may trigger a need for a change.

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  • Understanding Pre-Tax and After-Tax 401(k) Plans

    A recent study showed that when 401(k) plans are offered, about 90 percent of all employees who have the option to contribute do so. There is, however, an important difference between pre-tax and after-tax contributions. Click through to learn about this key distinction.

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  • COVID-19 and Workers' Compensation

    It seems that the current pandemic is affecting every aspect of business and finance — and the workers' comp system is no exception. Click through for a brief review of the complex interplay between workers' comp and new regulations.

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  • New OSHA Guidance on Tracking COVID-19 at Work

    Did your employees who have COVID-19 contract it at work? The question is not academic — it has serious legal implications. Click through to check OSHA's new guidance for uncovering the infection sources.

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  • IRS Announces Inflation-Adjusted HSA Numbers for 2021

    The IRS is making modest inflation-adjusted changes to Health Savings Accounts for calendar year 2021. Click through for the full details on the changes, and a brief review of HSA provisions.

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  • Do You Need a Will and a Trust?

    Estate planning can be complicated. It starts, however, with one basic question: Do you need a will and a trust? Click through to read more about these two estate planning tools and how they can help you.

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  • 5 Tech Trends for the Next Decade

    The past decade saw major advances in the use of technology, and the 2020s are likely to see even more. Click through to read about leading trends that are poised to have a significant impact on businesses.

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  • Getting Ready for Tax Time

    The more preparation you do in advance as April 15 approaches, the easier it will be when you meet with your tax preparer. Click through for a quick guide to getting organized for tax season, including some tips on what's new.

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  • IRS Offers Identity Protection PIN

    The IRS is gradually rolling out a new identity protection program that prevents anyone who has stolen your Social Security number from using it to file a fraudulent return. Click through to learn how it works and whether you're eligible.

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  • New W-4 Requirements Effective for 2020

    The IRS has issued a new version of Form  W-4 to align employee withholding with the Federal Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2018. 

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  • 3 Tips for Supporting Your Remote Team's Mental Health

    Maybe you're up to speed on getting your team set up with a remote working system on short notice. But beyond technology, how is everyone doing? Click through for some insights and advice on everyone's mental health.

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  • Remote Work: FLSA Wage and Hour Implications

    Despite offering great flexibility to employees, remote work poses a number of wage-and-hour challenges for employers. Click through for federal wage-and-hour rules pertaining to remote workers to make sure you stay in compliance.

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  • The CARES Act: Retirement Provisions

    Recent government aid in the face of the pandemic extends beyond tax breaks. Congress also included provisions for various aspects of retirement plans. Click through to learn how these provisions can help you.

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  • DOL Revisits Overtime Rule in Proposal

    A new rule will likely make about 1 million additional workers eligible for overtime by raising the threshold to over $35,000 from the current $23,660. Click through for the details on this proposed change.

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  • Leave Rules on Caring for a Spouse, Child or Parent

    Employee leave comes in many forms, including family leave to care for a sick spouse, child or parent. With the pandemic, the need for family leave is more urgent than ever. Click through for a discussion of the rules.

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  • Pandemic Planning: Supply Chain and Cash Flow

    It may be years before we realize the extent of the business changes wrought by COVID-19 and the associated market crises. But it's not too early to figure out how to manage them. Click through for key crisis-management strategies.

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  • What Are the Rules on Hazard Pay?

    Since the arrival of COVID-19, whether employees should receive hazard pay has been much discussed. Are there rules or best practices? Click through to learn about hazard pay and whether you should provide it.

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  • Disaster Relief Payments: A Simple Way To Help Employees

    There's an underrated benefit flying under the radar as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on — and it comes in the form of tax-free disaster relief payments. Click through for insight into this simple, tax-advantaged program.

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  • Delegate and Declutter: Freeing Up Valuable Time

    Do you ever wish you had more than 24 hours in a day? The real problem may be that you aren’t managing your time well. Click here to read about ways you can delegate and declutter — and have more time to do the things you need to do.

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  • A New Normal in an Uncertain World

    Strategizing for an uncertain future is not easy. But businesses that take a closer look at their response to the pandemic can learn how to do just that. Click through to learn about strategic planning in today's environment, which also can help you in the future.

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  • Recent PPP Loan Forgiveness Updates

    The SBA recently provided updated guidance addressing several PPP forgiveness topics through revised Interim Final Rules.  Several of the highlights are summarized in this article.

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  • What Retirement Plans Must Report

    Once you offer retirement plans, you'll have reporting and disclosure requirements — reports and forms that the IRS and the Department of Labor want to receive. Click through to see how your obligations depend on the type of plan.

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  • Employers Get Tax Breaks for Vaccination Leave

    Washington wants everyone to get a COVID-19 shot, so it is giving a refundable tax credit to employers who grant paid time-off to staff to receive—or recover from—a vaccination. Click through for eligibility rules.

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  • Hiring in a New Era

    Hiring in a post-pandemic world is a priority for many businesses. It is also a challenge because both the workforce and the workplace are different than they were before the pandemic. Click through to learn how to adapt to the new reality.

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  • What to Know About the Restaurant Revitalization Fund

    The American Rescue Plan Act established the Restaurant Revitalization Fund to provide funding to help pandemic-affected restaurants. Click through to see if your business is eligible, and how to take advantage.

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  • DOL Withdraws Independent Contractor Rule

    In January 2021, the Department of Labor issued a rule clarifying the standard for employees versus independent contractors under the Fair Labor Standards Act. It has now withdrawn the rule. Click through for a review of what this means.

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  • IRS Adjusts HSA Limits for 2022

    The government has announced inflation-adjusted changes for health savings accounts. The new limits are a small increase over 2021. Click through for the details to remain in compliance next year.

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  • Market Research: The Key to Business Decisions

    In business, it is crucial to obtain good data before making major decisions. Click through for some tips on how to employ market research to better identify marketing strategies.

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  • Digital Records and Privacy

    Your estate plan should address the management and distribution of digital assets, a situation that can quickly become complicated. Click through for an overview on how to make sure this oft-forgotten part of your legacy is protected.

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  • EEOC Publishes Updated COVID Guidance

    Companies and workers are both confused as the economy opens up. No one is sure what the rules are. What are your rights and responsibilities? Click through for a key point summary of the latest EEOC guidance.

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  • Understanding Sales Tax in the Post-Wayfair World

    If your business operates in two or more taxing jurisdictions, the Supreme Court’s decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair applies to you. Click through to learn the basics of collecting and reporting sales tax today.

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  • Affordable Care Act Upheld — Again

    The popular but controversial ACA has proved victorious once more in the Supreme Court. In a 7-2 decision, the Court ruled that the plaintiffs lacked standing. Click through to find out what this means for the ACA.

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  • What To Know About the Qualified Business Income Deduction

    It's a much-talked-about and misunderstood provision of the tax reform law passed in 2017, and business owners are still grappling with it. Click through to make sure you understand this beneficial but complex tax provision.

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  • Give Your Taxes Your Attention 365 Days a Year

    Giving your taxes your full attention just once a year isn’t the best business strategy -- especially with so many changes in the past year. Click through to learn the best ways to evaluate the impact of taxes throughout the year.

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  • 3 Ways To Show Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional intelligence is more important than ever in this era of rapid change and remote working. Have you given thought to how you can improve yourself? Click through for tips on how you can strengthen your work relationships.

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  • Office Space for Lease

    Coulter & Justus has a beautiful three story office building off Pellissippi Parkway in West Knoxville. We occupy the second and third floors and lease the first-floor space which will become available on November 1st. We are looking for another great tenant and would enjoy a client or friend of the firm.  Please click the photo of the building for more details on the space or contact Margie Van Doren at 865-637-4161 for more information.

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  • The Tax Situation When You Have Employees

    When people perform work for you, you face a whole new world of responsibilities and deadlines. The rules are detailed and complex. Click through for an introduction to tax rules for employers.

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  • Can You Be Exempt and Nonexempt at the Same Time?

    The Fair Labor Standards Act has two categories of employees: exempt and nonexempt. But can an employee have two jobs at a company, one in each category? Click through to see how the rules would work in this situation.

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  • Filing the Final Tax Return

    When you're a spouse or personal representative of a deceased individual’s estate, you discover that even the deceased needs to file a final tax return. Click through to find out what responsibilities you have to square things with the IRS.

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  • Security Is Key for Shared Applications

    Taking measures to secure your personal and identifiable information has always been important. It is even more important now that many companies that share applications with their employees are all operating remotely. Click through for tips on how to protect your personal information. 

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  • IRAs to Charity: A Useful Estate Planning Technique

    The basic goal of an IRA is to give you money to live on in your retirement years. But it can complicate your estate plan if you leave IRA funds for your family to inherit. Click through to learn about the advantages of leaving your IRA to charity instead.

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  • How to Avoid the Top Estate Planning Errors

    Estate planning can get very complicated, and by the time you realize you've made a mistake, it's usually too late to correct it. Click through for the most common pitfalls, so you can make sure you avoid them.

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  • Understanding Revenue Recognition

    If you enter into contracts with customers to transfer goods or services either domestically or internationally, you’ll be interested in clarifications from the Financial Accounting Standards Board. Click through for these essential financial accounting updates.

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  • Capital Gains and Losses: How Do They Work?

    Realized capital gains and losses occur when an asset is sold, which triggers a taxable event. Those are the basics, but the details can get confusing. Click through for an introduction into what these gains and losses can mean for you.

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  • Wishing You Happy Holidays and a Season Filled with Peace and Joy

    Wishing you a season of peace and joy! May you enjoy warm memories with loved ones, and may the spirit of the holiday season fill your hearts. Click through for a special greeting.

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  • Special Report: Are You Offering the Right Employee Benefits?

    Special Report: Are You Offering the Right Employee Benefits?

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  • Medical and Dental Expenses: What Can You Deduct?

    Yes, the tax code gives you some deductions for medical and dental expenses, but the rules can get complicated. Click through for an intro to this key deduction, to help figure out where the IRS draws the line.

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  • Social Security: Note the Key Changes for 2020

    The Social Security Administration has released new numbers for those paying Social Security and those collecting it. Click through for the new maximum taxable earnings amount as well as COLA and other key adjustments.

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  • Demystifying On-Call Pay

    The conditions surrounding on-call pay can be confusing, and employers often misunderstand them. It comes down to whether employees should be paid if they're required to be available while not working. Click through for an intro to the complex rules.

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  • Key Rules for Garnishing Lump-Sum Payments

    The DOL has clarified the types of lump-sum payments that are protected by federal garnishment laws versus those that are not. Click through for details to make sure you don't mishandle these for your employees.

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  • Wishing You a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

    May every day of the coming New Year glow with good cheer, health, happiness and prosperity for you and your loved ones. Click through for a special New Year greeting.

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  • Can You Challenge Your Property Taxes?

    From coast to coast, it can be one of the most contentious local issues: your property tax bill. Often, homeowners believe it's etched in stone, but you may have some recourse. Click through for some help in challenging your property tax bill.

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  • Backup Withholding: Know the Story

    You may find that money you're owed is subject to substantial withholding if certain numbers aren't provided in a timely fashion. Click through to learn how to avoid this or get out of it if it's already happened.

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  • How to Manage Inventory

    Whether you sell gardening supplies or computer components, inventory can be a nightmare, especially in this era of disruptions related to COVID-19. Click through for some tips to manage your inventory in a productive way.

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  • What's the Story on DOL Posters for Remote Workers?

    Employers generally have to publicly display certain key labor rules. But what are their responsibilities when most, or all, of the employees work remotely? Click through to make sure you're still in compliance as the work world changes.

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  • How to Cater to Consumer Privacy Concerns

    As users continue to become more and more concerned about their privacy and the protection of their personal information on the internet, many companies have been forced to make changes to how they use data as well as how they go about informing users about how their data is used. Click through to learn more about handling privacy issues and catering to consumer privacy concerns in regard to your company.

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  • Biden Issues Executive Order on Cryptocurrencies

    On March 9, 2022, President Biden signed an executive order (EO) entitled “Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets.” Click through to learn more about what the executive order on cryptocurrencies means and what it says about how the government views cryptocurrencies.

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  • Congress eyes further retirement savings enhancements

    The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Securing a Strong Retirement Act by a 414-5 vote. Also known as SECURE 2.0, the bill contains numerous provisions that — if enacted — would affect both individuals and employers. 

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  • Taxation and Economic Nexus: A Review

    It has long been a contentious and confusing issue: What effect do borders have on taxes? Click through for a review of key nexus issues to help you navigate your company's course.

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  • IRS Warnings About Payroll Scams

    Human resources and payroll departments lacking strong internal controls are vulnerable to cybercrimes. This is not just a tax-season problem. Click through for IRS warnings on HR and payroll tax scams even as the 2020 tax season is on the horizon.

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  • Social Security: Is It Time to Tap Into It?

    You can start taking Social Security payments as early as age 62, but you get a bigger monthly payout if you can wait. What's the optimal time? Click through to learn the basics of Social Security calculations.

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  • Know the Basics of Medicare

    Medicare is a federal insurance program that provides health coverage for older Americans, and its provisions can get quite complicated. Click through for an introduction so you understand what you or your loved ones are entitled to.

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  • What Is FATCA?

    The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act requires that U.S. individuals who hold foreign financial assets must report those assets to the IRS. Click through for an overview of your responsibilities under FATCA rules.

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  • Special Tax Rules for Rehiring Staff

    In these rapidly changing times, you may want to rehire, at least on a temporary basis, staff who have formally retired. But does that change their pension status? Click through to learn how to follow the complex tax rules in this situation.

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  • What It Means To Die Intestate

    Are you settling an estate for someone who didn't leave a will? This can lead to problems, but they're not insurmountable. Click through to become familiar with intestate succession laws that control who inherits property if no will exists.

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  • Retirement Plan Startup Costs Tax Credit

    You may be able to claim a tax credit of up to $5,000 when you set up a SEP IRA, a SIMPLE IRA or a 401(k) plan. Click through to see how the tax credit reduces the amount of taxes you owe.

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  • FLSA Mistakes To Avoid

    Most employers must adhere to the Fair Labor Standards Act. But the FLSA can be complex — and mistakes are common and costly. Click through for a quick list of common FLSA errors you should avoid.

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  • It's Time To Check Your Withholding

    You may have been advised to check your tax withholdings at least once a year. But in 2021, considering all the pandemic-related changes, it’s a good idea to check more frequently. Click through for some IRS withholding advice to forestall any surprises at tax season.

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  • An Overview on Tax and Education Credits

    Tax credits can help offset the costs of higher education, but the rules can get complicated. Click through to learn how education credits can work in order to make sure you're taking full advantage of government programs.

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  • Employee Retention Credit (ERC) provides a valuable opportunity for small business owners

    Due to the significant potential benefit of this credit, we wanted to again highlight the scenarios under which your business may qualify for 2020 or 2021. 

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  • What to Know About Backup Withholding

    You may be subject to backup withholding if you fail to provide a correct Taxpayer Identification Number, or TIN, or don't report interest or dividends. Click through to learn the consequences.

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  • The Child Tax Credit for 2021

    The pandemic profoundly disrupted people's incomes and livelihoods. The federal government responded by approving pandemic relief legislation, including changes to the child care tax credit. Click through for a review of what you may be entitled to.

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  • Potential Tax Law Changes That May Affect You

    Recent news has focused on President Biden’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2022 and the Build Back Better Agenda.  There are numerous proposals in these plans, but we wanted to update you on the proposed changes to the capital gains tax and the estate taxes.

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  • Planning Ahead for Tax Credits and Deductions

    Have you ever started to fill out a tax return only to realize that you don't have the paperwork you need to claim all the credits and deductions you are entitled to? Click through for a guide to the files you should be saving to make sure you get the maximum deduction.

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  • IRS Clarifies Charity Benefits

    The IRS has released guidance explaining how legislation passed in December 2020 delivered several provisions to help individuals and businesses that give to charity. Click through to make sure you're taking full advantage of the current tax rules.

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  • Unemployment and Tax: Back to Normal

    The federal government typically taxes unemployment compensation, but it granted a partial break for income earned in 2020. That break has expired. Click through to learn what to expect for unemployment compensation earned in 2021.

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  • What You Don't Know About Estate Planning

    Do you know what estate planning really is? Some people think it's only for the very wealthy, or that they don't have to worry about it until they're old—but those are misconceptions! Click through for the real facts on estate planning.

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  • State and Local Tax Considerations for Remote Employees

    Until the pandemic, no one could have envisioned how profoundly remote employment would affect the workplace. The rise of the hybrid office has led to some thorny tax questions. Click through for some thoughts on how tax rules apply in a remote or hybrid environment.

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  • IRS Reminds Taxpayers of Limited-Time Donation Rules

    Special rules allow limited charitable deductions even for taxpayers who don't itemize, and there are other donation changes for individuals and businesses. But these benefits run out soon! Click through to learn how to take advantage of them now.

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  • Credit for Other Dependents: A CTC Alternative

    The Child Tax Credit is a powerful savings tool, but it's not the only deduction available for families. The Credit for Other Dependents can also help. Click through to learn who can claim it and how it works.

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  • Taxable and Nontaxable Employee Benefits

    Offering the right employee benefits can help employers attract and retain employees. Before deciding to offer a benefit to the workforce, however, it is important to understand the difference between taxable and nontaxable benefits. Click through for an overview of how benefits are taxed.

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  • Credits vs. Deductions: What's the Difference?

    Many people think that tax deductions and credits are the same, but they're not. Tax deductions reduce your taxable income, but tax credits reduce your tax bill dollar for dollar. Click through to find out what that means and when it matters.

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  • SSA Updates Key Numbers for 2022

    Each year, the Social Security Administration takes a fresh look at various numbers and usually makes changes. Click through for the recently announced 2022 changes, so you can make financial plans for the new year.

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  • OSHA Issues Emergency Temporary Standard on Coronavirus

    With this new rule, covered employers must develop, implement and enforce a mandatory vaccination policy, or a policy requiring a choice between vaccination or testing. Click through for an overview of the new compliance rules.

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  • IRS Announces 2022 Limits for Retirement Plans

    The IRS has released maximum amounts for 401(k) plans and phase-out ranges for traditional IRAs. Most—but not all—numbers have gone up, and the rules can be confusing. Click through for an overview of the new numbers.

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  • Wishing You an Abundantly Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday

    Have a memorable Thanksgiving! Wishing you the happiness of good friends, the joy of family and the abundance of the holiday season. Click through for a special Thanksgiving greeting.

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  • Insurers Must Now Cover COVID-19 Tests

    The Biden-Harris administration is requiring insurers to cover the cost of over-the-counter, at-home COVID-19 tests. Click through to see how those with private health coverage can now get free tests.

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  • 2022 Tax Calendar

    To help you make sure you don’t miss any important 2022 deadlines, we’ve provided this summary of when various tax-related forms, payments and other actions are due. Please review the calendar and let us know if you have any questions about the deadlines or would like assistance in meeting them.

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  • The SCOTUS Vaccine Mandate Ruling: The Details

    Now that the Supreme Court has blocked OSHA's vaccinate-or-test rule for large employers, you may be wondering what it means for your business and what your next steps should be. Click through to find out. 

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  • What's the Deal with Health Savings Accounts?

    You can use practical and flexible HSAs for medical deductibles, copayments — and even long-term savings. Click through to learn about these special insurance plans and how they can help you.

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  • Exempt vs. Nonexempt: Where the Dividing Line Is

    There's a good chance that your organization employs both exempt and nonexempt employees. The line dividing them may be thin, but it's critical you keep the distinction clear. Click through to ensure that duties and compensation are assigned based on exemption status.

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  • Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

    Do you need extra liability protection? Those who have extra risks may need additional insurance. Fortunately, it's easily available and not very expensive. Click through to find out whether an umbrella policy is right for you.

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  • How To Manage an Estate During Probate

    Even with a modest estate, an executor must handle a variety of tasks in the weeks after someone dies. You have a lot to get through! Click through for a step-by-step guide to the myriad responsibilities of being an executor.

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  • For Retro ERC, Use Form 941-X

    Legislation enacted in December 2020 made changes to the employee retention tax credits previously made available, such as extending the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). Click through to make sure you're getting full benefits, on time.

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  • Cutting Costs During Inflationary Times

    Coming on the heels of the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the current inflationary cycle feels even more severe than it is. Click through for some practical cost-cutting suggestions. 

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  • How Do S Corporations Work?

    Particularly for certain smaller businesses, the S corporation can be a much more beneficial entity than the traditional C corporations, but there are strict rules. Click through for an introduction to the advantages and drawbacks.

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  • Should You Introduce Profit-Sharing — and How?

    Profit-sharing is a group incentive plan for employees to share in profits. Click through to change your culture from "Let’s get it done" to "We’re all in this together."

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  • When To Use a QTIP Trust

    Do you want to provide for a surviving spouse yet maintain control of how your trust's assets are distributed once that spouse dies? The qualified terminable interest property trust may be the tool you need. Click through to learn what a QTIP trust lets you do.

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  • What to Know About Incorporation and Taxation

    Are you considering incorporating or forming an LLC? What are the practical and financial implications for you and your heirs? Click through to learn the advantages of moving beyond a sole proprietorship.

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  • What Is a Life Settlement and How Does It Work?

    A life insurance policy is considered property, and that means it can be sold. This can prove advantageous in difficult circumstances. Click through to discover what life settlements can do and what they can't do.

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