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  • I Trust God by Pastor Zachary Hill

    How do we know if someone really trust God or if they are just saying it? Are there actions to show that you truly trust God?

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  • The Belle Report

    PROMOTE Your Business, Artists or Event on The Belle Report. 

    Click Photo to learn how.

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  • God’s Way To Financial Freedom - The Financial Comeback by Elder Michael Maultsby

    Do you have a car loan, a student loan, a mortgage, or a personal loan?

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  • Biblical Sacrifice by Elder Michael Maultsby

    What does sacrifice really mean? We hear it all the time...

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  • 5 Strategies for Always Having Healthy Food Around

    Most people want to cook healthy, nutritious meals, but fitting in prep time during a work week can be a challenge. Click through for five strategies to maintain a constant flow of healthy foods in your home.

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  • Free Biblical Counseling Seminar

    Join Faith Theological Seminary for this free seminar.

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  • 4 Foods That Help Prevent Heart Disease

    Heart disease is the number one cause of death for both men and women in the United States. Faced with this information, many people are trying to include heart healthy foods in their diets. Click through to discover 4 foods that help prevent heart disease.

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day With Love

    It’s great to be loved! Love is just what the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13.

    Click Photo to learn more.

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  • Bible Translations - Part I: A Summary of Underlying Text

    A brief summary of how the Bible translations came to be. 

    Click Photo to learn more.

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  • Welcome to Our First Newsletter

    I love to share information and tidbits that will help you in your walk with the Lord and the people you have been assigned to lead.

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  • Which Is More Embarrassing: Your Health Info Or Financial Info?

    If you’d rather tell someone your real weight than how much you owe on your credit cards, you’re not alone. A surprising poll finds Americans are more embarrassed about how much they owe than how much they weigh or how old they are. 

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    Join us this school term.

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  • Healthy Living Practices Can Improve Confidence

    Uncover the ways that healthy living can boost your confidence to love yourself and live a better life. Click through to learn practices that improve confidence and achieve results.

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  • G.L.A.D.D. Inc & Empowered To Lead Institute

    How can I say thanks... Click the photo to read the full article.

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  • How to Return Safely to the Gym after an Injury

    Are you eager to get back to the gym but worried that your recent injury will flare up? Click through to learn how to return safely to the gym after sustaining an injury.

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  • God’s Way To Financial Freedom - Amortized Loans vs Simple Interest Loans by Elder Michael Maultsby

    If I offered you a $10,000 loan at 4% interest over 60 months amortized and I offered you a credit card with a $10,000...

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  • Surprising Tips on Aging Well

    Estate planning isn't just about money -- it's also about health. Your body should be in as good a shape as your investments! Click through for some tips on aging well.

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  • IT’S TIME TO WAR! by Apostle Forbes

    There's a war going on.  How do you fight in this battle?

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  • Are You Unequally Yoked? by Min. Omar Mooring

    The Bible instructs us to beware of close relationships with nonbelievers of Christ.

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  • 11 Indoor Activities for the Hot Summer Months

    From swimming in the ocean to hiking in the woods, there are lots of summer activities. But sometimes it's just too hot! Click through to learn how to stay in shape with fun indoor activities when it gets too hot in a few months!

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  • Ladies Night Out 2019

    Join New Life Church of Deliverance Church for a great night of worship, fellowship and fun!

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  • We Want To Hear From You!

    We are always interested in sharing information with others.

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  • I'M A VIP! - Apostle Forbes

    I’m a VIP! When you hear this term, you think Very Important Person...

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  • When Seniors Have Diabetes

    Diabetes afflicts many people, but it can be especially dangerous for seniors. Good health practices and nutrition are essential for those with this disease. Click through for a discussion of diabetes and how to manage it.

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  • ZAMAR Ministries POUR Conference

    Don't forget to register for this upcoming conference!  You don't want to miss this awesome event.

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  • GLADD Sunday Continues... by Apostle Forbes

    Thank you!  Thank you!  Click the photo to read the full article.

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  • Debt! What does the Bible say? by Elder Michael Maultsby

    What’s wrong with debt? My father had it, his father had it, and generations of people have it.

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  • Building On A Foundation ...With Your Ears by Pastor Zachary Hill

    Matthew Chapter 7 is known as the “don’t judge me” chapter, the most spoken, misused, and taken out of context scripture of this day and age.

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  • What Kind of Reward is Praises of Men? by Pastor Zachary Hill

    Click the photo to read the full article.

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  • Progressive Revelation by Pastor Duane Forbes

    Click the photo to read the full article.

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  • 12 Items to Add to Your Morning Routine for a Healthier Life

    Many people feel that they are too busy to stick to a morning routine, but it doesn't have to be that way. Click through to learn how a few simple tasks added to your regular morning routine can help keep you healthy.

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  • Scripture Appropriation by Pastor Duane Forbes

    Appropriating Scripture is the process of applying it – making it applicable for the present.

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  • We would love to hear from you!

    I know you are enjoying our newsletter...

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  • Quote For The Heart by Apostle Forbes

    Other people's stuff can have a hold on you...

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  • Living at Ease with Sin - Part 1 by Pastor Duane Forbes

    Many people in the church would protest if told they were living at ease with sin – meaning that they are okay with allowing sin to continue.

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  • 4 Things You Should Know How to Throw Away

    Out with the old, in with the new - but let's make sure the old is safely disposed. Some items are subject to special disposal rules. Click through for advice on certain hazardous materials. 

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  • Enjoy the Fun of Home Gardening

    You don't need rolling acres and a tractor to discover the joys of home gardening. Even a small patch of land lets you explore the many health benefits. Click through for an introduction to the physical and psychological advantages of gardening.

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  • Father's Day Memories by Apostle Forbes

    Father's Day was celebrated on June 19th this year...

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  • Happy Independence Day! Wishing You a Sparkling 4th of July

    Wishing you a safe, fun and happy 4th of July! 

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  • The Three "Pentecosts" by Pastor Duane Forbes

    Every year Christians joyfully celebrate when the Holy Spirit was given to man on the day of Pentecost.

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  • God’s Way To Financial Freedom: Marriage and Money by Elder Michael Maultsby

    What causes a man and a woman to enter into a lifelong commitment, meaning marriage?

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