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  • Property Estimates Plus a Lot of Extras with Online Program

    Have you stopped and wondered about how much you could get for your property? Or maybe you want a range for a vacation home you're thinking of buying? Click through for a program that gives you value ranges for any property, plus a whole lot more.

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  • Our Super Online Program: The Full Story on Any Address, Any Neighborhood

    Get all the details with Neighborhood360, a smart new program that provides the key demographics for any neighborhood. Click through if you want to know all about your own neighborhood, or one you're thinking of moving into.

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  • 6 Negotiating Tips Home Sellers Need to Know

    You want to make sure that you get a good deal when it comes to selling your home. That's why having a few negotiating tactics up your sleeve is a wise decision. Click through for six negotiating tips that will help you sell your home at a great price.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Wondering If a Fixer-Upper Is a Good Investment

    Perhaps you've noticed the influx of fixer-uppers on the market. Are they piquing your interest? Click through for information on what you need to know before you make an investment in one of these homes.

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  • What's Over Your Head?

    Choosing a roof may not be the most glamorous homeowner's purchase, but it has a big effect on the beauty and durability of your home — and on your wallet. Click through to learn more about your options before making a roofing choice.

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  • Fall Kitchen Makeover to Reflect the Season

    Looking for easy ways to make over your kitchen for fall? We've got inexpensive and easy tricks to do just that. Click through for six ideas to get you inspired.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Wondering How You Can Buy a Foreclosed Home?

    Ever wondered about purchasing a foreclosed home? What’s the process like? Click through to learn the first steps to buying a foreclosed property.

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  • Is This Your Situation: How Can I Package My Home to Impress Buyers?

    After a full day of house hunting, even the hardiest shopper has difficulty remembering each home they visited. That's why you want to make a lasting impression when buyers view your home. Click through to learn how to package your home to sell.

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  • 3 Important Tips for Selecting Bathroom Flooring

    Choosing the right flooring materials for your bathroom can be an easy way to give the space a complete makeover. Click through for tips on choosing a classy, up-to-date look that can help improve your home's value and visual appeal.

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  • 5 Lawn Care Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Yard

    A lush, green lawn is every homeowner's desire, but you might be unknowingly contributing to the failing health of your lawn. Click through to avoid these 5 lawn care mistakes and boost your lawn's health and longevity.

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  • Here's How to Clean Your Most Beloved Furniture Pieces

    Oh, no! Is that red wine on your sofa? Don't worry, there are some guaranteed methods to get out those pesky stains. Click through to learn how to clean your most beloved furniture pieces.

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  • 4 Reasons Some Homes Just Sell Faster

    When buying or selling a home, it quickly becomes clear that some properties sell much more quickly than others. Why is this? Click through for 4 tips that will help you sell your home quickly.

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  • Learn About Your Local Neighborhood -- Or One You're Considering

    Get all the details with Neighborhood360, an essential online program that provides a wide range of demographics for any address and any neighborhood that you want. Click through if you want to know all about your own neighborhood, or one you're thinking of moving into.

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  • Latest Data Is In! Where Have Home Values Been...And Where Are They Going?

    Home prices did very well last year, and according to CoreLogic, they're looking good for the future too! Click on the Market Update Image for the details, including a map showing how prices are faring in your state.

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  • Discover Which Architectural Style Fits Your Personality

    Have you considered lots of different home styles but are unsure which option is best for you? We've broken down the characteristics of various architectural styles. Click through to learn which style fits your personality.

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  • 4 Ways to Improve Your Home's Energy With Feng Shui

    Wondering what feng shui is all about? We explain how it works. Click through to learn how to create a positive energy flow in your home.

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  • 5 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks to Get the Job Done Faster

    Want to make cleaning your kitchen a breeze? These tips will help you remove dirt and grime while saving time! Click through for five kitchen cleaning hacks to get the job done faster.

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  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Inspection

    Savvy buyers and sellers know that a home inspection serves their best interests. Click through to find out how a home inspection greatly improves the home-buying and selling process.

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  • Are You Making Any of These 5 Organizing Mistakes?

    You might think you're doing the right things to keep your home organized, but there are some bad habits that many people fall victim to that will keep your house from ever being clutter-free. Click through to learn about five organization mistakes you could be making.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Concerned About Preplanning?

    Preplanning can save you time, stress and even money when purchasing a home. Click through to learn the necessary steps you must take if you want to avoid disaster and save some green on your next home purchase.

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  • 6 Landscaping Ideas to Avoid Like the Plague

    Don't ruin your yard with bad landscaping. Make sure to avoid these landscaping blunders. Click through for some valuable tips on making sure your grounds are up to Downton Abbey standards.

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  • Organizing A His-and-Her Shared Walk-In Closet

    Do you share your walk-in with your spouse? Click through for tips and tools to make the most of your half of the space and theirs.

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  • Creative Lighting Options That Will Brighten Any Room

    Creative lighting not only adds to the overall aesthetic of your home, it also has a positive impact on your health. Click through to learn how to make lighting work for your home.

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  • Get the Inside Scoop on Any Home, Any Neighborhood

    With this program, a full report for any neighborhood is at your fingertips -- a full demographic profile that helps you get a wide-range picture of any village or town. In all, 150 million records are available! Click through to get the complete story for your own address and neighborhood, or one you're interested in.

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  • The Internet of Things: Smart Appliances for Your Home

    It is a new era of digital communication and interconnectedness – and the gadgets they power. Have you embraced the internet of things? Click through to learn about the new technology smart appliances bring into your home.

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  • Turn Your Love Of Wine Into An Investment

    Wine can be a valuable commodity, and it's quickly becoming a major financial investment. Click through to find out what you might expect when you purchase famous vintages from the world's best wineries.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Want to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

    When selling your home, it's important to make a good first impression in order to garner the interest of potential buyers and get your home sold quickly. Click through to learn how to set the stage for a quick home sale.

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  • Are You Ready for a New Home? A Guide for Move-Up Buyers

    You may be asking yourself: Am I in the right place to move into a nicer home? The answer relies on a few different factors. Click through to find out if you're in a position to move up.

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  • Empty Nest? 5 Changes Your Home Needs Now That It’s Kid-Free

    Kids off to college? Married or living in their own homes? You and your home deserve a little TLC now that your child-rearing days are over. Click through for five changes your home needs now that you’re an empty nester.

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  • The Myth of the 20% Down Payment

    Conventional wisdom holds that you should put down 20% to buy a house. But this is not always necessary, or even wise. Click through to learn there's a much bigger story -- and that you need to educate yourself before writing a check.

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  • What's New From Viking And Miele

    The newest Viking and Miele appliances bring greater speed, versatility and more power to your kitchen. Click through to see the latest products in the luxury appliance market.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Is It Time to Put Your Home on the Market?

    Wondering if it's time to sell your home? Click through for these seven telltale signs it's time to put your home on the market. 

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  • Keep Your Backyard Bearable With These Cooling Features

    Want to spend time in the great outdoors this summer, but don't want to get heatstroke? Click through to learn about how you can make your outdoor experience more enjoyable!

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  • Local Entertainment And Events Calendar

    You'll always know where the fun's going on with our interactive local events calendar featuring social sharing, images, videos and ticket links. Click through to see what's happening or to add your own local events.

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  • 5 Smart Home Upgrades Worth the Money

    Do you think adding smart technology to your house would be worth the money? It may give you the house of the future, today! Click through for more details on what kinds of upgrades are available.

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  • Is This Your Situation: How Can I Avoid Common Homebuyer Mistakes?

    There are some common mistakes that homebuyers regularly make but that are easy to avoid if you know what to look out for. Click through to learn the most common homebuyer mistakes to prepare yourself against pitfalls.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Putting Your Luxury Home on the Market?

    If you're selling an above-average-priced property in an upscale neighborhood, you know your home is unique. Click through for 7 mistakes to avoid when selling an expensive home.

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  • With New Online Program, Property Valuation Ranges Are Just the Beginning

    Maybe you want to know about that property you're thinking of buying. Or you just want to know the valuation range for your own property. Click through to access an online program that will give you value ranges, and more, for any property you're interested in.

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  • Get Property Valuation Ranges -- and More -- Instantly!

    Do you want to know about how much your property is worth? Or the value range of a property you're thinking of buying? Click through for an online program that will give you the results for any address instantly -- and a lot more!

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  • Thinking About Buying an Older Home? 4 Things to Consider First

    Have you fallen in love with an older, historic home? Older homes attract many homebuyers because of their charm and nostalgia, but they also have their drawbacks. Click through to learn four things you should consider before buying an older home.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Looking for a Way to Test a Property's Condition

    If you're considering buying a house that's more than a few years old, there may be some hidden problems that you'll want to uncover before making a purchase offer. Click through for 5 easy tests to check a property's condition.

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  • 6 Kitchen Renovation Trends

    Is your kitchen the welcoming and inviting heart of your home? Or do you feel it needs an upgrade? If you need some renovation ideas, click through to see current kitchen trends that will make over your space.

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  • Redecorate on a Budget

    Redecorating your home for your own enjoyment or to entice a buyer doesn't have to break the bank. You just need imagination! If you want to add some new touches to your home, click through to learn several budget-friendly ideas.

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  • 4 Reasons Buying a Vacation Home Is a Savvy Investment

    Owning a vacation home can be a good decision for your financial future. Click through for 4 reasons buying a vacation home is a great investment into your future.

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  • Space-saving Furniture Tips

    Small homes or awkwardly designed rooms can present a challenge when it comes to furniture design and storage. But it doesn't have to be that way. Click through for some space-saving furniture tips that will help you stay organized and help your home look great.

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  • Best Security Cameras For Luxury Properties

    Having a great security system can help you relax at home. Click through for the inside scoop on powerful home security cameras that keep an eye on your property and loved ones.

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  • Children's Rooms Through the Years

    Children may live in the same room from infancy until the day they move out. Their room must evolve and change with them, yet remain inexpensive to update. Click through for some tips and ideas for designing children's rooms.

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  • Keep Your Home Safe for Pets

    Is your home safe for your furry, feathered or scaled friends? Creating a protected environment can be trickier than you think! Click through to see the best ways to make your home perfectly safe for your favorite animal companion.

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  • Home Designs With A Luxurious Pay Back

    Luxury homeowners seeking to renovate their residence should consider ecowise solutions. Click through for an overview of environmentally friendly ways to upgrade design aspects without compromising on style.

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  • Man Caves and She Shacks: Your Personal Retreat

    Regardless of how much you love your partner, there are times in your week when you need some time alone. Click through to find out more about creating a solo retreat in your own home.

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  • Crucial Steps to Planning a Successful Remodel

    Whether this is your first remodel or your fifth, knowing the right steps to the process can ensure that your project is done on time and on budget. Click through to learn the key steps for a remodel you can be proud of. 

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  • How to Marie Kondo Your Kitchen

    You may have heard of the Marie Kondo method for organizing, and we're here to tell you that it works. Click through to learn how you can make simple changes to your kitchen that will fill the space with joy.

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  • Don't Ignore These Windows Warning Signs

    As a source of natural light or the opening to your favorite view, windows are wonderful additions to a home. Click through to learn how to spot troubling signs in your windows before they become serious.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Think You're Ready to Become a Landlord?

    Think an investment property would be a great way to create a little more disposable income each month? Click through for information on the financial factors of being a landlord before you take the plunge.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Listing Your Place on Airbnb?

    Homeowners and apartment renters around the world are making money by turning their unoccupied rooms into bed and breakfasts for travelers and vacationers. However, are you protected with the right insurance? Click through for 3 things you need to know before listing your space on Airbnb.

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  • Use These 5 Guidelines to Choose the Direction to Run Your Wood Flooring

    Deciding how you will install your wooden flooring can be tricky, but if you're strategic about it, you can produce a smooth, cohesive look in every room of your house. Click through for 5 guidelines to help you choose the direction to run your wood flooring.

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  • October Is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    We'd like to help bring awareness to this important issue and remind you that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Early detection saves lives. Click through for a message from our team.

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  • Interest Rate History...For Interest Rate Nerds!

    In this day of headlines full of trade wars and currency manipulation that impact mortgage rates, I thought you would find it interesting to have a very brief history lesson on mortgage interest rates. Click through for the inside info!

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Moving: Should You Hire Movers or DIY?

    If you're planning a move, chances are you're also weighing the options of hiring movers or making it a DIY move. Click through for the ultimate guide to hiring movers or moving yourself.

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  • Decor by the Decade: The 1940s and Beyond

    We're edging ever closer to this century's Roaring '20s, which is sparking a renewed interest in art deco and speakeasy styles. Click through to see some old design trends that are coming back into fashion -- old, and yet still fresh.

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  • 7 Home Maintenance Tasks All Homeowners Should Master

    Keeping your landscaping and appliances clean and well-maintained can prevent costly maintenance down the road. Click through to learn how to become more of a DIY homeowner.

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    The following are sales in the North Texas region only.  Luxury sales in the 500-600k range have increased by 2% over 2018, sales in the 600-700k range have increased 4% over 2018.  The 700-900k range is slightly down -1%.  Sales in the 900-1 million range are up 19%.   Sales over 1 million are flat to 2018.  The average price for a single family home is $320,000.

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  • Tips for Keeping Your Garden Alive This Summer

    Everyone looks forward to summer fun, from enjoying swimming pools to taking naps in the hammock. But what about your garden? How will it fare in summer heat? Click through to learn how to care for your garden during the hottest months.

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  • Bored With Beige: Paint Tones for the Color-Shy

    Beige, white or off-white have long been the standby paint choices for rooms throughout the home. If you want to move beyond neutral tones but are afraid of offbeat hues, there are some in-between choices. Click through for some great color choices for the color-shy.

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  • What Is a Home Warranty?

    You can think of a home warranty as a home protection plan, and it is especially useful for a first-time homebuyer with no experience maintaining a home. Click through to see how it works and who will pay for it.

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  • Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Allow Non-FICO Score

    VantageScore is a newer alternative to the venerable FICO score. This may change the mortgage equation for many homebuyers. Click through to see how this may impact you when you're looking for a mortgage.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Do You Have a Good Scenario for Selling Your Home?

    Have you ever wondered if there is some secret to selling you home? Are there tried-and-true methods to getting a home on the market and selling it quickly and painlessly? Click through for the best times to sell a home. 

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  • The Big Questions to Ask Before Starting Any Home Remodel

    Planning your home remodel ahead of time can make the entire process go as smoothly as possible. Click through to learn how to carefully consider your budget, timeline and lifestyle before you start to discuss the details with a contractor.

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  • It's Time to Renovate the Bathroom

    A well-designed, beautiful bathroom is the height of luxury. If your current bathroom doesn't spark excitement anymore, then it's time for an upgrade. Click through for some bathroom renovation ideas.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Prepping Your Home for Sale

    Although it can be tempting to wash your hands of your old home when you put it up for sale, it's essential to create a good appearance. Click through to learn why you have to put time and money into fixing up your home before a sale.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Curious About the Advantages of Investing in Real Estate?

    Many investors are looking for ways to diversify their investment portfolios, or are considering buying a place for an adult child. Click through to learn the many advantages of investing in real estate.

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  • Renovating? Stay Clear Of Mechanics’ Liens

    In most areas, a "mechanics' lien" can be placed on your property if a contractor says he wasn't paid for improvements he made to your home. Click through to find out how to protect yourself.

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  • Create a Welcoming Outdoor Space with These 6 Steps

    You don't have to spend a lot to create a welcoming outdoor space, no matter where you live. Click through for some ideas to make the exterior of your home as inviting as the interior.

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  • We Hope You Scare Up Some Fun This Halloween!

    Halloween night is coming! Light your lanterns and roam around to scoop up as many candies as can be found. Click through for a special spooky greeting.

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  • Is This Your Situation: What Questions Should I Ask a Listing Agent Before Hiring One?

    If you’ve ever sold a home without an agent, there’s a good reason why you are hiring a listing agent now -- you want to make some money on the deal this time! Click through for 4 questions you must ask a listing agent before making a hiring decision.

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  • 4 Tips for Upgrading Your Kitchen on a Budget

    If you're looking to upgrade your kitchen but don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a project, we have some affordable kitchen upgrades that can help you get the most bang for your buck. Click through for 4 inexpensive kitchen upgrades you have to try.

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  • Is This Your Situation: You Want to Sell Your Home Fast

    Who doesn't want to sell their home quickly? You want to move and get on with the next chapter in your life. Click through to learn about the steps you can take to reduce the time between listing and closing.

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  • Tax Time: Can You Still Reap Tax-Free Profits?

    There have been so many tax changes in recent months, that many homeowners are unsure about what is and is not deductible. Click through for a brief introduction on the tax implications of selling your home.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Is It Risky to Buy a New Home Before Selling My Current One?

    Should you stay or should you go? The answer depends on how much time and money you have available. Click through for information that will help you determine if now is a good time to move.

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  • Infographic: Common Home Buyer Expenses

    Furniture, appliances, and remodeling projects are among the biggest expenses for new homeowners, who spend an average of $10,600 in the first year of homeownership. 

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  • 3 Luxury Living Room Design Trends

    As one of the more prominent rooms in your home, you living room reflects your personality, personal tastes and style. Click through to see three luxe options to transform your space.

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  • Is This Your Situation: You Want to Save for a House?

    Make the conscious effort to start saving for a down payment and you'll be surprised at how focused you become in achieving your goal.  Click through to learn how to get started.

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  • Latest Upscale Kitchen Appliance Trends

    Appliance features change like the weather. Click through for a glimpse of the latest and coolest appliance trends.

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  • What Color Should You Paint Your Front Door?

    Is your front door making the right statement about your home? Does it express your personality and complement your home's style? Click through to learn about color options for your front door and their hidden meanings.

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  • 4 Ways To Transform Your Backyard Into An Entertainment Haven

    Your backyard can be a haven for relaxation and fun when you add the right playthings. Click through to see four ways to up your property’s fun quotient.

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  • 7 Questions to Ask When Attending Open Houses

    It's both fun and educational to attend an open house, whether it's for a new residence or a vacation home. Click through to learn how to prepare strategic questions to ask the listing agent when attending open houses as a potential buyer.

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  • Is This Your Situation: How Do I Avoid Disaster When Flipping a Home?

    A lot of TV shows make flipping a house look like a simple way to make a quick buck. But it can turn into a nightmare very quickly. Click through for 3 things to look out for when deciding if you should flip a home. 

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  • Planting an Edible Garden

    Did you know that digging in the dirt and planting a garden can be meditative and can help raise property values for homeowners? Click through to see why interest in edible gardens is on the rise and how you can be part of the trend.

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  • Easiest Plants for Maximum Curb Appeal

    Do you want to improve the look of the front of your home? Curb appeal is an important aspect of your home's value. How can you choose plants to enhance your home's look? Click through to learn about plants that will work for your landscaping.

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  • Can You Build or Convert an ADU?

    What is an ADU? It's an "accessory dwelling unit," and it's currently in the news across the country. Can you build or convert a building to be an ADU on your own property? Click through to learn more about ADUs.

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  • 4 Ways to Create a Fab Nursery without Sacrificing Function

    You don’t have to sacrifice function to make your nursery look Pinterest-worthy. Click through for four ways to make your nursery both stylish and practical. 

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