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  • Socially Responsible Investing: The Wave of the Future?

    When it comes to investing, should you care about anything beyond the returns generated? Many investors believe that their money should not only grow, but do good in the world. Click through for an introduction to SRI.

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  • What's New With the Kiddie Tax?

    So many tax provisions changed with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed at the end of 2017. The so-called kiddie tax changed as well. Click through for an examination of this complex provision and how it might affect you.

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  • Compare Your Business with Your Competitors and the Industry

    Have you ever wondered how your company compares with others in your industry as a whole, including your competitors? Do you even know what your industry benchmarks are? Click through to learn where you stand.

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  • What to Know About Pensions and Taxes

    When you start a pension, you can choose to have federal and state taxes withheld from your monthly checks. Click through to see that if you withhold enough taxes, you won't owe money when you file your tax return.

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  • Identity Theft: Stay Safe With Your Taxes

    Imagine being the victim of a tax-related identity theft, and then you find out that the perpetrator claims a fraudulent refund. Click through to learn how the IRS is battling this problem to keep you safe.

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  • IRS Quietly Issues a New Form W-4

    Earlier in 2018, the IRS had promised a radically new Form W-4, then said it would postpone any major revisions until 2020. Now, the IRS has finally issued a 2019 Form W-4. Click through to see what, if anything, has changed.

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  • ACA and Other Filings Still Required During Government Shutdown

    Don't make assumptions: Even though many federal employees are not on the job, the government still expects on-time filings. Click through to learn why you still need to keep on top of the ACA.

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  • Tax Season Has Arrived!

    It's that time of year again!  Send in your tax information or contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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  • Headcount Reporting: Why You Must Do It

    Headcount reports provide critical data on each of your employees, and they're essential for a variety of laws and regulations. Click through to see why headcount reporting is so important and how to perform the task.

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  • Employers: Know Your Tax Forms

    Employers must report their federal employment taxes to the IRS on the appropriate tax forms. It's important to know which forms apply to your business. Click through for a list of required forms.

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  • What Is Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

    The battle cry for sexual harassment prevention has never been fiercer than it is today. But in order to prevent sexual harassment, you must first be able to spot it. Click through for insight into the different kinds of sexual harassment in the workplace.

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  • What Is Head of Household Filing?

    The head of household tax filing status is one of the most advantageous to the tax filer, but you have to meet stringent requirements. Click through to learn the details on this oft-misunderstood filing status.

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  • Essential Business Data is Just a Click Away

    For business owners who want to make sure they're competitive, fresh, accurate benchmarking information is a must. How does your business compare with the industry as a whole? Click through to see how you stack up against your competitors.

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  • Backup Withholding: Know the Story

    You may find that money you're owed is subject to substantial withholding if certain numbers aren't provided in a timely fashion. Click through to learn how to avoid this or get out of it if it's already happened.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Trying to Figure Out the New Tax Law

    Are you confused about the new tax law? You're not alone! It's about 70,000 words long, and experts are still uncertain about some provisions. But we can help you learn the basics. Click through for a quick summary.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Getting Through Monthly and Yearend Closings

    The monthly close is tedious, but the work has to be done. You can make this task easier, however. Click through to learn how to simplify this important accounting function.

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  • Do You Know How You Stack Up Against Your Competitors?

    Smart companies know that one of the keys to success is making sure you know how you compare with other companies. Fortunately, there is a way to see how you rate. Click through to learn about an easy way to access industry benchmarks.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Trying to Estimate Business Taxes

    Many businesses are required to pay estimated taxes, but at times it is better to do so even if it is not mandatory. Click through to determine whether you should be paying these taxes and to learn more about this often-misunderstood aspect of business taxes.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Facing Problems in a Family-Owned Business

    You're running a family business, and it's progressing well, but you are facing special management problems. Click through to learn how to address these types of issues.

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  • How to Handle Disagreements with the IRS

    Even if you're mired in the tax audit process, the IRS doesn't have all the power. You have options when faced with disagreements with your IRS examiner. Click through for a look into the process and your options.

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  • Welcome to the Ulrich & Associates PC's Newsletter

    Welcome to our firm's newsletter! We plan to give you helpful information every four weeks. Click through to learn all about the valuable free information we'll be sending.

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  • Take Heed of New Guidance on Expenses and Depreciation

    Section 179 and related regs can be powerful tools for businesses. Tax reform added some new wrinkles for tax years beginning after 2017. Click through to make sure your business is taking advantage of the latest provisions.

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  • Simple Steps to Obtaining a Financial Planner

    Many people don't know exactly what a financial planner does, or how to find one. And that's a shame, because a good planner is helpful for those at all income levels. Click through to get started on financial planning.

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  • Audits, Reviews and Compilations: A Summary

    Timely, accurate and understandable financial statements are necessary to gauge how well your business has performed and to assess the strength of its financial position. Click through for an intro to levels of overview for these statements.

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  • Taking Care of Your Heirs

    You've worked hard and saved your money, but that wasn't an end in itself. It was to take care of your loved ones, perhaps even generations not yet born. Click through for some insights into leaving assets for your descendants.

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  • Great App: Figure Out How You Stand with the Rest of the Pack

    Are you one of the best? Or do you have some catching up to do? Now there's an easy way to compare yourself against competitors and industry benchmarks. Click through to get started in finding out where you stand.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Worried About Your Withholding

    The IRS has been sending out a stream of notices advising employees to check their tax withholding in the wake of the tax reform package passed late in 2017. Click through for some insights into what you should be doing.

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  • 401(k) and IRA Contribution Limits Increase

    The IRS has announced cost of living adjustments for various pension plans for 2019. There are other retirement-related changes as well. Click through for the details, to learn how these changes may affect you.

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  • Do You Have to File an Information Return?

    If you made or received a payment in a calendar year as a small business or self-employed individual, you most likely are required to file an information return to the IRS. Click through to learn what this means.

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  • Medical and Dental Expenses: What Can You Deduct?

    Yes, the tax code gives you some deductions for medical and dental expenses, but the rules can get complicated. Click through for an intro to this key deduction, to help figure out where the IRS draws the line.

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  • New Standard Mileage Rates For 2019

    The Internal Revenue Service has issued the 2019 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes.

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  • How to Decode Box 1 of Form W-2

    Form W-2 has many boxes, but Box 1 typically gets the most attention because it reflects the employee's total annual taxable wages. It can be surprisingly complicated. Click through for a primer on this box to make sure you're doing it right.

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  • What Is an HECM Reverse Mortgage?

    If you're looking for ways to supplement retirement income, you may want to consider a home equity conversion mortgage or HECM. Click through for specifics of this special kind of reverse mortgage.

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  • Know How to Handle Canceled Debt

    If your debt is forgiven for less than the full amount you owe, the debt is considered canceled, but you still owe taxes. The IRS wants its cut. Click through for a discussion of how this works and the available exceptions.

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  • Local Entertainment And Events Calendar: Including Virtual Events

    You'll always know where the fun's going on with our interactive local events calendar featuring social sharing, images, videos and ticket links. Click through to see what's happening or to add your own local events.

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  • The Many Flavors of Trusts

    There are a whole range of trusts that can help in financial planning. When used correctly, they can solve many estate planning problems. Click through for brief descriptions of different kinds of trusts and how they work.

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  • The Finances and Taxes of Car Leasing

    A car is typically second only to a home as the biggest purchase you will ever make. And yet, many car owners don't take into account the financial implications. Click through for an analysis of leasing versus buying a car.

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  • The Final Responsibility: Being an Executor

    It's one of the most important tasks you can carry out for a friend or family member: carry out their last wishes after they're gone. But you don't have to do it alone. Click through for a review of what you need to do as an executor.

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  • S Corporations -- Know the Advantages

    S corporations elect to pass corporate income, losses, deductions and credits through to shareholders for federal tax purposes. Click through to see how S corporations avoid double taxation, and learn whether they're the right format for your company.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Trying to Figure Out the New Tax Law

    Are you confused about the new tax law? You're not alone! It's about 70,000 words long, and experts are still uncertain about some provisions. But we can help you learn the basics. Click through for a quick summary.

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  • Give Your Taxes Your Attention 365 Days a Year

    Giving your taxes your full attention just once a year isn’t the best business strategy -- especially with so many changes in the past year. Click through to learn the best ways to evaluate the impact of taxes throughout the year.

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  • How You Can Use a Deferred Annuity

    It's a time-tested tool for retirement planning, but it's not for everyone. The key is knowing how a deferred annuity works, and whether it's right for you. Click through for an overview, and the inside scoop on how to choose.

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  • Capital Gains, Losses and Sale of Home

    The IRS has issued some important new guidance on capital gains and property basis, especially as the rules apply to homes. There's a chance here to save on taxes. Click through for an intro to this key guidance.

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  • IRAs to Charity: A Useful Estate Planning Technique

    The basic goal of an IRA is to give you money to live on in your retirement years. But it can complicate your estate plan if you leave IRA funds for your family to inherit. Click through to learn about the advantages of leaving your IRA to charity instead.

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  • Key Guidance on Sec. 199A Deductions

    The Treasury Department and the IRS have issued final regulations and additional guidance on the qualified business income (QBI) deduction. Click through for additional insights into this popular, but complex, tax provision.

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  • Capital Gains and Losses: How Do They Work?

    Realized capital gains and losses occur when an asset is sold, which triggers a taxable event. Those are the basics, but the details can get confusing. Click through for an introduction into what these gains and losses can mean for you.

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  • What to Know About Employer ID Numbers

    The Employer Identification Number is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number and is used to identify a business entity. Click through to understand the often important details surrounding the EIN.

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  • Second Spouse Planning

    It's not uncommon to remarry after a divorce or the death of a spouse. But the newlyweds may have children from prior marriages. Click through for insights into the financial challenges involved in blended families -- especially when it comes to estate planning.

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  • If You Want to Be Successful, You Must Have Benchmarks

    As a business owner, you may think you're doing well, but do you have the numbers to back up your opinion? There are ways of getting actual data. Click through to learn how to get data to see how you compare against industry standards.

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  • What Is Probate -- and How You Can Avoid It

    The death of a close family member is traumatic enough, but the legal and accounting necessities that come with it -- especially probate -- can make it worse. Click through to learn the basics of probate and how to avoid it with trusts and other techniques.

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  • 5 Things to Consider About Changing Payday

    Your current pay schedule isn't cutting it anymore, and you're leaning toward changing it. But the FLSA, state rules and other issues can complicate any decision. Click through for five things to consider before you make the switch.

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  • 3 Essential HR and Payroll Metrics To Track

    How is the health of your HR and payroll departments? Staying on top of the right metrics will give you a heads-up. The trick is knowing which metrics to track. Click through for three HR metrics to watch closely.

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  • Put Compensation Front and Center

    How much thought do you give to the salary structure at your company? Successful companies create a compensation philosophy, a set of policies, to ensure consistency and loyalty. Click through to get started on compensation best practices.

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  • Why Do You Need a Business Valuation?

    What is a valuation, and why do you need one? Having an up-to-date business valuation on hand will guard against numerous eventualities. Click through to learn why a valuation is essential to business success.

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  • What Information Is Included on a Pay Stub?

    Even if you're not required to give your employees a pay stub, it's widely recommended that you do so to help with record-keeping and keep employees in the picture. Click through to see which items should go on this document.

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  • How to Avoid the Top Estate Planning Errors

    Estate planning can get very complicated, and by the time you realize you've made a mistake, it's usually too late to correct it. Click through for the most common pitfalls, so you can make sure you avoid them.

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  • Can You Challenge Your Property Taxes?

    From coast to coast, it can be one of the most contentious local issues: your property tax bill. Often, homeowners believe it's etched in stone, but you may have some recourse. Click through for some help in challenging your property tax bill.

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  • Can You Make Direct Deposit Mandatory?

    Direct deposit makes payroll processing so much easier, and the vast majority of employees find it convenient -- which is why you may wish to require it. Click through to see whether you’re allowed to mandate direct deposit.

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  • 5 Tips for Grossing Up Severance Pay

    As a token of your appreciation to a separated employee, you may decide to pay for the taxes associated with his or her severance package. Click through for tips on this process, known as a "gross-up."

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  • Which Employees Are Exempt From Tax Withholding?

    Most employees are subject to tax withholding. Those exempt from withholding are in the minority -- but you should still know who they are. Click through for a list of employees who are excluded from tax withholding -- and why.

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  • Are You Feeling Overwhelmed with Payroll Regulations? Let Us Help!

    Although you are in business to provide a product or service, managing payroll is an essential task. Click through to learn about outsourcing this important but complex task.

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  • Taking Over the Finances of an Elderly Person

    Physical health isn't the only thing at risk of deteriorating as we age: Mental health may decline as well, and along with it, the ability to manage money. Click through for tips on how to manage finances to protect your elderly loved one from missteps.

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  • Can You Still Deduct Meal Expenses?

    Tax reform passed at the end of 2017 made some important changes regarding the deductibility of meals. Some time-honored deductions are gone. Click through to see what's changed and what hasn't.

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  • Get to Know Estate Planning Basics

    Want to make sure your estate is ready to help you through your retirement and get passed to your heirs? Click through for a quick introduction to estate planning.

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  • The ADA: How Does It Affect Your Business?

    The Americans with Disabilities Act is widely discussed and cited, but many employers don't know exactly what their responsibilities are. Click through for an introduction to this important and far-reaching legislation.

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