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  • Is This Your Situation: Travel and Expense Recording Out of Control

    All of the documentation from a business trip can be a major hassle for traveling employees and the accounting staff back at the home office. Click through to learn how to use QuickBooks to streamline this process.

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  • How to Handle Bad Debt and Taxes

    It's a problem almost every business has to face at some point: how to handle bad debt. Fortunately, the IRS may be able to give you a break. Click through for some help in taking care of this.

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  • Is Your Homeowners Insurance Up-to-Date?

    You bought homeowners insurance when you bought your home, but then you probably forgot about it except for the bills, and that's a mistake. Click through to learn why you should continually review your insurance.

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  • Tax Scams: The Pandemic Edition

    With all the things that are changing in 2020, there is one constant you can count on: Tax scams are still with us. Click through to learn what to watch out for as scammers find ways to incorporate the pandemic into their schemes.

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  • The Pomodoro Technique: Rethinking Time Management

    With so many people working at home instead of in a 9-5 office setting, we're seeing a new focus on time management. Click through to learn about the Pomodoro Technique, which makes it easier to accomplish more while working less.

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  • IRS Updates Form 941 To Reflect COVID-19 Tax Credits

    Are you required to offer paid leave for COVID-19 reasons? Were you forced to suspend your business operations, or did sales drop sharply? If so, you may claim tax credits on IRS Form 941. Click through to make sure you don't miss out.

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  • How to Address Ergonomic Needs

    Employees are working at home. And even as companies prepare to slowly reopen, they may need to rearrange workspaces for health reasons. Click through to learn how to maintain ergonomic safety in every situation.

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  • Pensions and Taxes: Know the Score

    The traditional defined-benefit pension plan may not be as common as it was, but some individuals still have one, and they need to know the tax situation. Click through for an introduction to the complex world of pensions and taxes.

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  • 6 Inspiring TedTalks to Watch Today

    Educating yourself about human emotions and body language is a great way to get more in touch with yourself. Click through to browse this list of thought-provoking TedTalks to feel inspired today.

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  • A Quick Introduction to Trusts

    In these difficult times, families should think about how a trust could help them. They are more affordable than many realize, and they have scores of uses for a variety of situations. Click through for a basic primer on how trusts may be able to help you.

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  • 5 Best Practices for Online Video Meetings

    Although many employers used videoconferencing before the pandemic, in recent months, its use has soared. Still, many users are confused about how best to use it. Click through for tips on hosting successful video meetings.

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  • What Is a Supplemental Unemployment Benefits Plan?

    The adverse economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has bolstered employers' interest in supplemental unemployment benefits plans, which are designed for certain discharged workers. Click through for an intro to a little-known benefit.

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  • Final Rule: Employers Can Truncate SSNs on Employees' Form W-2

    The federal government has taken many steps to combat identity theft. One of those measures is a recent final rule allowing employers to mask Social Security numbers on Form W-2. Click through to find out what this means.

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  • Keep Your Smartphone Apps Secure

    We use our smartphones for so many things today that we take them for granted -- along with the security issues. How do you protect your personal information when you're on your phone? Click through to feel more trust in the apps you're using.

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  • Pandemic Planning: Supply Chain and Cash Flow

    It may be years before we realize the extent of the business changes wrought by COVID-19 and the associated market crises. But it's not too early to figure out how to manage them. Click through for key crisis-management strategies.

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  • Capital Gains and Schedule D

    When you sell a capital asset, the sale results in either a capital gain or capital loss. The government wants a full accounting, and the rules are complicated. Click through to learn what you have to report on Schedule D of Form 1040.

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  • Effective Communication in Difficult Times

    More than ever, in a rapidly changing business environment where telework is the new norm, effective communication is a skill every leader should have. Click through for three strategies to enhance communication at work.

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  • The Ultimate Work-at-Home Guide

    There's no single formula to learn how to work at home, and the practical and cultural issues in each company will make a difference. However, there are some generalities. Click through to learn how to become an efficient and happy online employee.

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  • The Next Generation of Leaders Is Quiet but Impactful: Gen X

    We hear a lot about how different generations work, but what's the real story? Can you separate facts from rumors? Click through for a quick review of Generation X and how this generation of workers might fit into your company.

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  • Proper Reporting for QSEHRA Benefits

    If you offer a Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA), you must adhere to special reporting rules under IRS guidelines. Click through to see how this benefit should be handled for your employees.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Customizing Templates in QuickBooks Online

    Your invoices, estimates and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online could use some customization, but you don’t know how to get started. Fortunately, this is not that difficult and help is available. Click through for step-by-step instructions.

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  • Basis: The Essential Tax and Investing Term

    Basis seems like a simple concept, but as with so many tax issues, it can become complicated quickly. This is especially true after recent tax reform. Click through for the story of what has, and has not, changed.

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  • 7 Benefits of Adding Lemon Water to Your Routine

    Drinking water in the morning has long-term health benefits, but adding a splash of lemon to your water can drastically improve your health. Click through to learn seven benefits of lemon water.

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  • Supreme Court Ruling on Online Sales Tax Sows More Confusion

    The Supreme Court has ruled that a company does not need to have a physical presence in a state to be subject to its sales tax. Click through to find out what this really means, and who is affected.

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  • We Hope You Scare Up Some Fun This Halloween!

    Halloween night is coming! Light your lanterns and roam around to scoop up as many candies as can be found. Click through for a special spooky greeting.

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  • Alternative Minimum Tax -- What's It Like Today?

    The controversial alternative minimum tax has been around for years, even though politicians argue about it. Has it changed recently? Click through to see how the AMT may apply to you as we approach the next tax season.

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  • QDIAs for Retirement Plans: Does Your Company Need Them?

    Having a qualified default investment alternative relieves you and plan fiduciaries of certain liabilities. Click through to enhance 401(k) plans by providing investments with potential for long-term growth regardless of how engaged employees are.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Your QuickBooks Files Are Too Big and Slow

    Are you working in a QuickBooks file that includes data for nearly 20 years? Are you holding onto data longer than necessary? Click through to learn how to simplify your data management.

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  • Opportunity Zones: Doing Well By Doing Good

    An opportunity zone, located in an economically distressed community, spurs investments via preferred tax treatment. Click through for an introduction to the specific conditions for this useful but complicated provision.

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  • The 2018 Tax Wrap-Up

    This has been one of the biggest years for tax changes in recent memory. The IRS is still issuing guidance, with more expected. Click through for a summary of the most significant changes that may affect you as April 15 approaches.

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  • Artificial Intelligence: Has It Come to Accounting?

    Artificial intelligence has been much in the headlines recently, often in the context of self-driving cars or robots. But will it change accounting and finance? Click through to see how AI is already affecting your life and business.

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  • How to Improve Your Credit Score

    Everyone talks about credit scores, and how they can make a huge difference in your life -- with home purchases, for example. But what really affects the numbers? Click through for some steps to take now to get on the path to a better score.

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  • When Is a Child Truly a Dependent?

    When is your child a child, at least in the eyes of the IRS? To claim your child as your dependent, your child must meet either of two tests. Click through to learn what the tests are and whether you meet them.

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  • Do You Know Your Lookback Period for Payroll Taxes?

    Your lookback period dictates your federal payroll tax deposit schedule, so "lookback period" is terminology that you should know. Click through to learn more about how lookback periods work, and how they affect payroll tax deposits.

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  • The Ins and Outs of Form 1099

    A 1099 tax form is a record that someone was paid non-salary income. It comes in multiple versions, and there's a good chance you'll be dealing with one or more of them each tax season. Click through for a rundown of how they work.

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  • Know the FMLA Notice Requirements

    To receive FMLA-protected leave, eligible employees must provide adequate notice to their employers. If they don't, the leave could be delayed or denied. Click through for details on FMLA notice requirements.

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  • Special Report: Small-Business Hiring and Tax Credits

    In today's economy, you'll likely be pressured to offer higher wages and more benefits in order to attract and retain employees. Fortunately, there are some great tax credits to help you. Click through to learn which ones might be applicable to your business.

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  • 3 Tips for Supporting Your Remote Team's Mental Health

    Maybe you're up to speed on getting your team set up with a remote working system on short notice. But beyond technology, how is everyone doing? Click through for some insights and advice on everyone's mental health.

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  • 5 Tips for Remote Workers to Create Productive Workspaces

    If you recently have found yourself working from home, you’ll have noticed it’s quite different from working in the office. Click through to learn ways to create a productive workspace at home.

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  • Real Estate in Your IRA: A Good Idea?

    Many people want to invest in real estate. Why not do so within your IRA? It's possible, but there are a lot of restrictions. Click through to see how to do it, and decide if it's really worth all the risks.

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  • Property Taxes: How Are They Calculated?

    Understanding how property taxes are calculated is critical to making sure the appropriate rate is charged. Click through to determine whether you're paying the lowest taxes possible and maximizing your returns.

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  • Paying Extra: Guidance on the Overtime Exemption

    Did you know that you can pay your salaried-exempt employees extra without jeopardizing their exempt status? It's true. But for those paid on an hourly, daily or shift basis, you'll need to exercise caution. Click through for the DOL's opinion on this topic.

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  • The Latest Rules on Charitable Donations

    With a much larger standard deduction in play, and lower marginal tax rates, the charitable giving world has changed. Has anything else changed? Click through for the latest IRS guidance on charitable giving.

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  • Happy Halloween!

    We hope you scare up some fun this Halloween!

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  • Employee Pet of the Month: Roma

    Joe Jr's mini golden doodle Roma just celebrated her third birthday on April 14th. She is enjoying being quarantined with the humans, but wishes they would stay off her couch. 

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  • Local Entertainment And Events Calendar: Including Virtual Events

    You'll always know where the fun's going on with our interactive local events calendar featuring social sharing, images, videos and ticket links. Click through to see what's happening or to add your own local events.

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  • Is This Your Situation: You Need Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

    You may be making your life harder by taking the long way around. Click through to learn some shortcuts like how to memorize a transaction or find a license number in just a couple of clicks on the keyboard.

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  • How to Seek and Secure Investors for Your Business

    Searching for investors will require a substantial amount of your own effort, time, money and energy. Click through to wisely and mindfully work on pursuing investors to have a higher likelihood of reaching your goals.

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  • Understanding Revenue Recognition

    If you enter into contracts with customers to transfer goods or services either domestically or internationally, you’ll be interested in clarifications from the Financial Accounting Standards Board. Click through for these essential financial accounting updates.

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  • Should You Establish Payable-on-Death Accounts?

    It's a little-known but very effective technique for leaving your money, and it doesn't require a lot of paperwork. Click through for the inside story on establishing payable-on-death accounts, why they might be right for you, and what the drawbacks are.

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  • Wishing You a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

    May every day of the coming New Year glow with good cheer, health, happiness and prosperity for you and your loved ones. Click through for a special New Year greeting.

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  • Masking Social Security Numbers in Microsoft Excel

    This is something especially for those with human resources responsibilities: making sure Social Security Numbers are kept private. It's possible to do this in Excel, but tricky. Click through to learn how to master this technique.

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  • The 4 QuickBooks Reports Small Business Owners Need

    Yes, QuickBooks takes charge of your data, but the real value is in the reports the program generates from all that information. Click through for insights into the key reports and how they can help you.

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  • Rules and Guidance for Companies With Employees at Home

    Remote working comes with a whole new set of management challenges. However, you can rise to the occasion with the right information. Click through for some tips on avoiding the major remote management pitfalls.

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  • Do a Paycheck Checkup

    Especially in the wake of tax reform, some taxpayers could find themselves owing the IRS if they don't adjust their tax withholding. Click through so you won't have sticker shock when you file your return.

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  • All About Key Performance Indicators

    A key performance indicator, or KPI, is a measure of your performance against key business objectives. Used correctly, KPIs can help you manage your business. Click through to learn about the various levels of KPIs.

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  • Revenue Recognition: Understanding Accounting Standards Codification 606

    Revenue recognition can be an exceptionally complicated accounting topic, and many companies do not understand the difference between revenue and income. Click through for an introduction to this topic, including the important Accounting Standards Codification 606.

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  • Padding Your Tax Deductions? The Consequences Are Serious

    It can be a seductive trap: adding an item here or there to reduce your taxes. But even aside from the morality, it's illegal, and the penalties are steep. Click through to learn about the consequences of lying on your return.

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  • Relief Bill Contains Breaks on FSAs

    The new relief bill has granted some unexpected relief for those who contribute to flexible spending accounts. Click through to learn about the limited-time flexibility granted in the bill, and what it means for companies and employees.

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  • Capitalization and Safe Harbor: Know the Rules

    Deduction issues can get complicated very quickly, and businesses need to understand the subtleties to make sure they're handling purchases correctly. Click through for an introduction to these important rules.

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  • Can You Take Advantage of the Research and Development Tax Credit?

    You don’t have to wear a while lab coat to claim the federal research and development tax credit if you meet the four criteria outlined in Internal Revenue Code Section 41 and its regulations. Click through to learn why failing to explore this credit may be leaving money on the table.

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  • Choosing a Business Structure—Sole Proprietorship or Partnership

    When starting a business, one of the most basic decisions you have to make is how to structure your business. The choices are wide ranging, and each one has advantages and drawbacks. Click through for an introduction to sole proprietorships and partnerships.

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  • Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

    You may have heard about umbrella insurance, but aren't sure what it is. It's simply extra liability coverage to protect you if you're sued for damages. And it can be surprisingly affordable. Click through to learn more about umbrella policies.

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  • Can I Modify an Employee's Time Sheet?

    It's common practice for managers and supervisors to adjust employees' time sheets to address incorrect or missing information — but is this legal? Click through to find out what the law says about you making this change.

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  • Employee Pet of the Month: Thor

    What's cuter than a Corgi? A 10 week old Corgi. Meet Charlie's newest addition to his family, Thor, who can walk himself thank you very much.

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  • Wishing You Happy Holidays and a Season Filled with Peace and Joy

    Wishing you a season of peace and joy! May you enjoy warm memories with loved ones, and may the spirit of the holiday season fill your hearts. Click through for a special greeting.

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  • Pass-Through Entities and the 20 Percent Tax Break

    Much talk has been made of the new 20 percent tax deduction for pass-through entities but, as with most tax laws, it can get very complicated very quickly. Click through to learn more, and find out if you're entitled to the break!

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  • What Is Tax-Loss Harvesting?

    Tax-loss harvesting is about minimizing capital gains taxes on your investment portfolio. With care, you can keep more money in your account rather than giving it to the IRS. Click through to see how several strategies work.

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  • Beware the Taxes of Self-Employment

    You're self-employed if you're in business for yourself -- including a part-time business. That means you're also your own tax manager! Click through for a brief run-through of your tax obligations.

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  • 10 Steps to Complete a Social Media Detox

    Unplugging from the noisy world of social media from time to time can help you clear your mind and enjoy the simpler things in life. Click through to learn how to disconnect and recharge.

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  • IRAs: Know the Basics

    Individual retirement accounts are among the most popular retirement savings vehicles, but many people don't know much about them. Click through for insights into the different kinds of IRAs and how they work.

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  • New Standard Mileage Rates For 2019

    The Internal Revenue Service has issued the 2019 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes.

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  • 3 Steps to Giving a Raise

    You want to give deserving employees raises, to help ensure they stay with the company and to keep morale high. But how do you approach the task? Click through for insights into the process of deciding how much of a raise to give.

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  • Productivity Tools for Small Businesses

    Have you wondered about implementing programs that may make you and your employees more productive, but didn't know how to get started? Click through for an introduction to productivity tools that can help businesses of all sizes.

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  • What To Know About Getting a Tax Refund

    Tax season is upon us, and all taxpayers are no doubt hoping for a refund. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about when and how you'll get your refund. Click through for the "straight dope" from the IRS.

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  • Firm Employee Pet of the Month: Jasper

    Doug's cat Jasper thinks he's a dog and enjoys greeting new humans. He only drinks out of running tap water because that's what cats do. 

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  • How to Calculate Employees' Net Pay

    Figuring employees' net pay may seem obvious, but it can be quite tricky, as there are various rules and regulations that need to be considered. Click through for a primer on calculating your employees' take-home pay.

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  • What's the Story on Long-term Care Insurance?

    It's a complicated and controversial insurance product, and may not be for everyone. However, it's a good idea to see if long-term care insurance may be essential for you. Click through for the basics on long-term care coverage.

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  • Embedded Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

    Embedded intelligence is the future of manufacturing. From artificial intelligence to blockchain, a variety of cutting-edge technologies are changing the way manufacturing is run. Click through to learn how you can take advantage of these advances.

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  • When It's Not Enough to Back Up Your Computer

    You may have the best backup plan in the world. Click through to learn why that may not be enough, and what you can do about it.

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  • Welcome to the Firm's Newsletter

    Welcome to our firm's newsletter! We plan to give you helpful information every month. Click through to learn all about the valuable free information we'll be sending.

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  • Avoid These Top Trust Problems

    You want to feel secure that any property placed in a trust is held according to its terms and for the benefit of the named party. Click through to avoid mistakes that can interfere and invalidate that simple transfer of property.

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  • Illinois Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program

    Employers in Illinois with at least 25 employees must comply with the Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program Act (Secure Choice) or offer employees an employer-sponsored retirement plan. 

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  • How to Handle Supplemental Wages

    Supplemental wages do not qualify as regular income and are subject to special withholding rules. Click through for an introduction to what items fit into this group, and how they should be taxed.

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  • IRS Warnings About Payroll Scams

    Human resources and payroll departments lacking strong internal controls are vulnerable to cybercrimes. This is not just a tax-season problem. Click through for IRS warnings on HR and payroll tax scams even as the 2020 tax season is on the horizon.

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  • Employee Pet of the Month: Coco

    Stephanie B's dog Coco loves belly rubs, rolling in the grass and snow, and sleeping all day. One day she will catch her nemesis the chipmunk who trespasses in her yard. She is scared of 50% of the rooms in her home and just lurks in the doorways, but don't tell the chipmunk.


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  • Group Health Plans: 3 Ways to Lower the Risk of a DOL Audit

    As the DOL continues to vigorously audit group health plans, it's critical that you avoid getting caught in the crosshairs. Click through for three ways to protect yourself and minimize the risk of a DOL audit.

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  • Audits, Reviews and Compilations: A Summary

    Timely, accurate and understandable financial statements are necessary to gauge how well your business has performed and to assess the strength of its financial position. Click through for an intro to levels of overview for these statements.

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  • Max Out Your Retirement Plan Contributions

    How much can you contribute to IRA and 401(k) plans? The answer is "it depends." Click through to understand retirement plan limits and the special "catch-up" provisions that can help older contributors.

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  • 4 Factors To Consider When Choosing a Pay Frequency

    Employees expect to be paid on time, based on the designated pay frequency. But before you choose a pay frequency, you must cover your bases. Click through for four things to keep in mind when selecting a pay frequency.

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  • How to Indirectly Edit PDF Documents in Excel

    You may commonly receive PDF reports with data, but how to do you get the information into Excel? Third-party tools can be awkward, but Excel can do the trick. Click through to see how Excel can "translate" PDF.

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  • Develop a Succession Plan

    You need to take responsibility for your company and determine how potential risks and threats will impact the future of your business. Click through to safeguard your company with succession and continuity plans.

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  • Federal Laws That Prohibit Job Discrimination

    Job discrimination has long been an issue, and the federal government has passed substantial legislation to address it. Are you fully in compliance? Click through for an annotated list of the major rules.

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  • The IRS and Private Tax Debt Collection

    As we head into tax season, taxpayers should know that the IRS continues to use several private collection agencies. How may this affect you? Click through for the details on how the program works and what your rights are.

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  • How to Handle Student Loans

    If you're like the great majority of students (or their parents), you might not have read all the fine print regarding how your student loans are structured or how repayment works. Click through to understand the inner workings of student loans.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Worried About Rising Health Care Costs

    If you're like most employers, you're worried about rising health care costs, and you know you can't eliminate this very popular benefit. But you have choices. Click through for some thoughts on reducing costs.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Upping Your Game as a QB Online User

    If you’ve been using QB Online for a long time, it’s good to step back and evaluate how you use your software. Do you follow any best practices? Click through to learn more about six QuickBooks Online tips that you can start using today.

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  • Learn the Ins and Outs of Payroll Deductions

    With a mix of state and federal rules, figuring out what to deduct from your employees' wages can get complicated. Click through for an overview of the taxes you have to deduct, and other paycheck issues.

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  • QuickBooks: Resolving Problems with Banking Deposits

    You got paid – great! But how does your money get into your bank account? QuickBooks can help you here, if you know all the tricks. Click through for some help on using this program to make banking tasks simpler.

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  • Noncompete Agreements: What's the Deal?

    Noncompete agreements are designed to keep confidential business information safe, and in this infotech world, that's essential. Click through to find out exactly what these entail and what they mean for someone's future employment prospects.

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  • Small Businesses: Remain Tax-Aware During Pandemic

    It's been a tough year so far for small businesses, and the tax situation is even more complicated than usual. There's a lot to think about as you prepare your tax documents. Click through for a quick rundown of the key issues.

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  • Business Valuations: The IRS Angle

    Valuations can be essential to any business owner, but you have to take into account the government's interest in your company. Click through for some insights into how the IRS determines the value of your business.

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  • Good Statements Get Good Loans

    Your ability to obtain a business loan will depend a lot on how prepared you are during your application process. Click through to learn how to improve your chances of getting the loan you need to grow.

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  • Meal Expenses: What's the Story?

    There's a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding business meals and how and when you can deduct them. Click through for a brief history of meal deductions, and an intro to the current situation.

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  • Bitcoin: What's Happening?

    Bitcoin, the digital currency, has been in the news a lot recently. What's it all about and how does it work? Is it something you should invest in? Click through for a quick review about this controversial financial product.

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  • CARES Act Grants Breaks on Some Student Loans

    The CARES Act contains an important but little-known provision that grants a six-month relief period for most student borrowers. Click through to see how this program works and which students are eligible to take advantage of it.

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  • Trusts: What You Need to Know

    A trust lets you distribute your assets to others, while minimizing estate, income and gift taxes. Trusts have scores of uses for a variety of families. Click through for a basic primer on this essential component of estate planning.

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  • The Dirty Dozen Tax Scams

    Tax season may be over, but tax scams are with us year-round. The IRS has issued a "Dirty Dozen" list of tax scams that may keep returning. Click through to learn how to recognize these and protect yourself.

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  • Tax Credit Offsets Retirement Plan Costs

    Thinking of starting a pension plan for your small-business employees? The federal government may help with the costs for companies that meet certain criteria. Click through to learn how to claim a tax credit for the startup costs.

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  • Steps for Reconciling IRS Form 941 to Payroll

    Form 941 is a crucial tool for ensuring your payroll data is accurately reported to the government and for balancing payroll in general. Click through for insight into reconciling Form 941 with your payroll on a quarterly and a year-end basis.

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  • New Leasing Standards Arrive for Private Companies

    As of January 1, 2020, all leases, including short-term leases, must be recorded on your company's balance sheet. What does the new Financial Accounting Standards Board standard mean for your business? Click through for an introduction to this complex new series of rules.

    Saved on 07-06-2020 - Remove
  • Cannabis: A $32 Billion Industry?

    Marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, but that hasn’t stopped disruptors across many industries from stepping into this global and potentially lucrative industry, particularly as states relax their rules. Click through for the details.

    Saved on 07-20-2020 - Remove
  • Social Security: Note the Key Changes for 2020

    The Social Security Administration has released new numbers for those paying Social Security and those collecting it. Click through for the new maximum taxable earnings amount as well as COLA and other key adjustments.

    Saved on 10-31-2020 - Remove
  • What's the Story on the Employee Retention Credit?

    The Treasury Department and the IRS have launched the Employee Retention Credit to keep employees on the payroll. Click through to get 50% of up to $10,000 if your business has been impacted by COVID-19.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • What Does ERISA Mean for Employers?

    The venerable Employee Retirement Income Security Act has been around for over 40 years, but there's still confusion about how it works or what employers have to do to comply. Click through for a review of some of ERISA's key provisions.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • Aid Package Approved — Businesses and Individuals Helped

    Congress has come to an agreement on the much-discussed stimulus bill, and it's expected to become law in the near future. Click through for a first look at the major provisions and how they might affect you.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • How Elder Mediation Can Save Families

    Tempers can rise and old grievances resurface as adult siblings face their elderly parents' caregiving needs and the many problems that come with it. Click through to see how mediation can help you avoid long-lasting feuds.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • CARES Act Adds Flexibility to Net Operating Losses

    The Internal Revenue Service has issued guidance providing tax relief under the CARES Act for taxpayers with net operating losses. Click through to take advantage of a six-month extension to file on carrybacks.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • Is This Your Situation: Needing to Send Invoice Reminders via QuickBooks

    Have you ever wondered what to do when you send an invoice to a client but have not been paid after a few weeks? Click through to learn how to set up invoice reminders in QuickBooks Online.

    Saved on 07-09-2020 - Remove
  • Five Natural Remedies for Peace of Mind

    Are you looking for remedies to calm yourself naturally? Click through for five ways to settle your mind without needing a prescription.

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  • Changes to 401(k) Contribution Limits for 2020

    Cost-of-living adjustments are affecting dollar limits for 401(k) plans, individual retirement accounts and other retirement plans. These changes affect both individuals and the businesses that manage company-sponsored plans. Click through to learn how the changes may affect you.

    Saved on 03-20-2020 - Remove
  • Back Pay and Form W-2

    If you've paid an employee less than what he or she is due, it could come back to haunt you in the form of back wages. Click through to learn more about this type of pay, including its impact on Form W-2.

    Saved on 01-15-2022 - Remove
  • Know the New Expensing Rules

    Tax reform laws changed various expensing rules, as the IRS explained in guidance updated at the end of 2018. Click through to make sure your business is in sync with the regs, so you're not leaving any money on the table.

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • How to Face Your Life Insurance Choices

    There's no such thing as simple life insurance. To protect your loved ones, you have to sort through a bewildering array of choices. Click through for some insights into what's available, and what might be right for you.

    Saved on 03-21-2020 - Remove
  • EEOC Provides Updated Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccine Policies

    If you require or encourage your employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine, you should know about the EEOC's updated guidance. Click through to make sure your company stays safe and compliant.

    Saved on 01-15-2022 - Remove
  • Home Office Tech Tips

    Office-friendly tools for your workspace can help you enhance efficiency and decrease stress. Click through to learn what remote workers look for among new gear and apps.

    Saved on 01-15-2022 - Remove
  • The Sharing Economy: Tax and More

    The sharing economy is based on peer-to-peer activity — acquiring, providing or sharing access to goods and services. Click through to see how it's facilitated by community-based online platforms.

    Saved on 01-15-2022 - Remove
  • Should You Pay an Employee Who Resigns With Two Weeks' Notice?

    When an employee hands in their two-week notice of resignation, it triggers payroll questions, including whether the employee should be paid at all. What are the rules and best practices for this situation? Click through for information to help you create a policy.

    Saved on 01-15-2022 - Remove
  • SSA Updates Key Numbers for 2022

    Each year, the Social Security Administration takes a fresh look at various numbers and usually makes changes. Click through for the recently announced 2022 changes, so you can make financial plans for the new year.

    Saved on 01-15-2022 - Remove
  • Tax Items To Check as the Year Winds Up

    The fourth quarter is a good time to take stock of your tax situation and ask yourself the important questions: Do you need any adjustments to your withholding? What 2021 changes will affect you when you prepare your taxes? Click through for an end-of-year tax review.

    Saved on 01-15-2022 - Remove
  • Is This Your Situation: Looking for Skilled Employees

    You're seeing a lot of resumes in response to your job ad, but few of the applicants possess the skills and background you need. Maybe you're not looking the right way — or looking in the right places! Click through for tips on getting on track with your employee search.

    Saved on 01-15-2022 - Remove
  • Employee Pets of the Month: Bella & Moya

    Adele's 12 year old adopted cats Bella (on the left) and Moya enjoy different activities. Bella prefers to lounge on the deck under the umbrella with a fluffy cushion, some treats would be nice. Moya enjoys playing with her toys followed by running through the house meowing and ending the day with cuddle time with the human. 

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • The Top Financial Planning Mistakes

    Stay clear of economic difficulties by avoiding the most common financial mistakes individuals and families tend to make. Click through for an introduction to starting on the right financial path and staying there.

    Saved on 03-23-2020 - Remove
  • SBA Gives Guidance and Form for PPP Loan Forgiveness

    One of the key features of the SBA's popular Paycheck Protection Program is a forgiveness provision for companies that maintain their workforce levels. Click through for information on the forgiveness application.

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • Gig Economy and Taxes

    The so-called gig economy may be the wave of the future for a substantial number of workers. There are lots of implications—especially regarding taxes. Click through for an introduction to how the IRS handles gig workers.

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • How to Leave Your Worldly Goods

    Where will you leave your assets when you're gone? Sometimes it seems obvious, but you still have a lot of choices. Click through for some thoughts on who your beneficiaries should be and why you need to consider your choices carefully.

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • Telecommuting as a Reasonable Accommodation

    COVID-19 has brought both telecommuting and reasonable accommodation to the fore, raising issues that likely will continue long after the pandemic has passed. Click through for insight into policy and regulation.

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • Depreciation: How Does It Work?

    Depreciation is a tax deduction allowing the recovery of asset costs. You can get a tax break from depreciation, but the rules are complicated. Click through for an introduction to the tax and accounting strategies surrounding it.

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • Budgeting Tips for Managers

    It may not be the most entertaining part of your job, but it's often one of the most essential: budgeting. Is there a way to make it less painful? Click through for some tips on managing your department's budgeting responsibly.

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • When Identity Theft Hits Your Taxes

    Tax-related identity theft occurs when someone uses your stolen personal information to claim a fraudulent refund. It's an especially virulent kind of identity theft. Click through to understand how it happens and what you can do.

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • Working at Home — the New Reality

    Both businesses and workers have been ambivalent about telecommuting, but the pandemic may have forced everyone's hands. Click through for some insights into why, for many businesses, working from home may be the new normal.

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • Do You Need a Will and a Trust?

    Estate planning can be complicated. It starts, however, with one basic question: Do you need a will and a trust? Click through to read more about these two estate planning tools and how they can help you.

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • A Sales-Tax Primer for Pandemic-Affected Businesses

    Many businesses have enhanced their online presence as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These businesses need to be aware of the many challenges associated with collecting sales tax on internet sales. Click through to learn how to transition smoothly to online sales.

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • Personal Bankruptcy: Making Hard Decisions

    At a certain point, someone's financial situation may become so dire that bankruptcy is the only option. But although the implications are serious and long lasting, it doesn't have to be the end of the world. Click through to learn how bankruptcy can lead to a fresh start.

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • Tax Credits on Their Way Out

    A number of tax credits and incentives are set to expire at the end of 2020 — although it is possible some may be extended. Click through for a list of those that, at least for now, are set to expire in the near future.

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • Guiding Your Company to the New Normal

    Planning your company’s future in a volatile environment takes careful thinking. What are your next steps? Click through to read more about how you can approach strategic planning for the new normal.

    Saved on 08-19-2020 - Remove
  • What Your Accountant Can Be Doing for You

    Accountants are not just tax experts — there's a lot they could be doing for you. Click through to learn all the different ways your accountant could be helping your business.

    Saved on 03-21-2020 - Remove
  • Wishing You an Abundantly Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday

    Have a memorable Thanksgiving! Wishing you the happiness of good friends, the joy of family and the abundance of the holiday season. Click through for a special Thanksgiving greeting.

    Saved on 08-20-2020 - Remove
  • Firm Employee Pet of the Month: Tink

    Anne's dog Tink is an adopted Lab/Husky mix. Tink's hobbies include begging for food, making confetti out of curtains, and guarding against a squirrel invasion. 

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  • 8 Ways to Take Charge of Your Personal Finances

    Are you thrown into a panic with thoughts of student loans or other debt? Are you worried about your long-term finances? Click through to see how to take charge of your money and plan for a secure financial future.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • Key Tax Issues for Small Businesses

    If you're running a small business, it's always tax season! In short, you don't want to scramble before each due date, and you certainly don't want any last-minute surprises. Click through for a primer on your small-business tax responsibilities.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • What Is Tax-Efficient Investing?

    Investing solely because of a focus on taxes can be counterproductive, but taxation still has to be an important part of making investment decisions. Click through to gauge the role of losses, timing and selection of investments.

    Saved on 08-20-2020 - Remove
  • QuickBooks: Managing Bills from Vendors

    No one likes paying bills! On top of everything else, you have to manage the paperwork, keeping track of all the invoices. But it can be simplified. Click through to learn how QuickBooks can help you manage vendor bills.

    Saved on 03-22-2020 - Remove
  • 529 Plans: What You Need to Know

    Time flies, and before you know it, your adorable toddler will be a gangly teenager heading off to college. How will you pay for it? Click through for some insights into 529 plans, which have some surprising features.

    Saved on 03-19-2020 - Remove
  • What's the Story on Tariffs?

    Tariffs have been in the news recently. What exactly are they? Tariffs are import taxes the government imposes, like a sales tax, on goods. Click through to see how and why governments impose tariffs.

    Saved on 03-19-2020 - Remove
  • De-stressing After Work! 13 Tips to Help You Unwind

    When you get home from work, does it take several hours for you to unwind? If you are having trouble sleeping or getting up in the morning, it could be stress related. Click through for 13 tips to help you de-stress after work.

    Saved on 03-19-2020 - Remove
  • Converting a Regular 401(k) to a Roth 401(k)

    Many workers don't know that their employers offer a Roth 401(k) option. How can you take advantage of this and what are the benefits? Click through to learn how this type of account works, and whether it might be right for you.

    Saved on 03-19-2020 - Remove
  • 8 Flowering Plants that Can Withstand the Summer Heat

    With spring quickly coming to a close, you might be starting to think about what kinds of flowers to plant this summer. Some flowers do not do well in hot weather, but others can withstand the summer heat while looking radiant. Click through for a list of 8 plants that do great in summer weather.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • How to Get a Business Loan

    If you have a business and want it to grow, there's a good chance you'll need some financing. What are the next steps? How do you decide what you need? Click through to learn how to get the financing you need.

    Saved on 03-19-2020 - Remove
  • Make PDFs the Quick and Easy Way

    The portable display format, better known as PDF, has long been the standard for creating documents that can be used across all platforms. Click through for some tips on creating PDFs without a lot of effort or cost.

    Saved on 03-19-2020 - Remove
  • What Is Zero Trust Security?

    Cybersecurity is a primary concern of all businesses and individuals. We all use passwords to secure access to proprietary data and enterprise systems — and we all know those programs and systems can be hacked. Click through to learn more about zero trust security.

    Saved on 03-19-2020 - Remove
  • DAFs and More: Charitable Strategies

    Taxpayers are still coming to terms with the new tax landscape, especially when it comes to philanthropy. The charitably minded may want to consider new strategies. Click through for some insights and advice into charitable giving.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • Depreciation: An Overview

    How a company handles the depreciation of its tangible assets affects its taxes and cash flow. It may even have an impact on a company's ability to obtain financing. Click through for the inside scoop on the complicated world of depreciation.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • How Does Key Person Insurance Work?

    Are there employees who are crucial to your business? Would it damage you if they left? Click through to learn about key person insurance, so that your company survives losing an executive who makes your business work.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • What Changes With the New Taxpayer First Act?

    Congress passed, and the president signed, an expansion of taxpayer rights. What does this new piece of legislation mean for the long term? Click through to find out what changes to expect from the IRS in the coming months.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • Nonresident Aliens and Tax Returns

    Are you a nonresident alien engaged in a trade or business in the United States? There are some special tax rules for you. Click through to learn about what your responsibilities are and the basics of Form 1040-NR.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • Tax Treatment for Family Members Working in the Family Business

    When you include family members in your business operations, there are tax treatments and employment tax rules that need to be applied. Click through to learn the right way to hire a family member.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • How To Be a Manager

    Few people train to be the boss. More often, they're promoted to a management position because they did well in a lower-level job. Soon they find that management requires a completely new set of skills. Click through to read some hard-earned advice on how to be a manager.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • How to Choose a Guardian for Your Child

    Although no one likes to think about it, an important responsibility of parenthood is making sure your children are provided for if you're not around. Click through for a quick guide to making those crucial plans.

    Saved on 11-16-2021 - Remove
  • Wills vs. Trusts: What's the Difference?

    Wills and trusts are two of the most versatile and powerful tools you'll have when making long-term plans for your estate. But what are the differences, and which one should you use? Click through for a review of wills and trusts.

    Saved on 12-25-2021 - Remove
  • Tax Breaks for the Elderly

    Here's some good news for you from the IRS as you get older: You get extra tax breaks. The Internal Revenue Code and other laws contain special provisions for the elderly. Click through to make sure you don't leave anything on the table.

    Saved on 12-25-2021 - Remove
  • What Employers Need to Know About FICA Taxes

    Whether you have one employee or 1,000, you have to take responsibility for withholding and remitting Social Security taxes. Click through to make sure you know the basics and comply with the rules.

    Saved on 12-25-2021 - Remove
  • How To Hire in a Tough Market

    When jobs are plentiful but candidates scarce, you've got to be smart about hiring. Click through for tips on how to make your job postings easy to find on any search engine and mobile friendly with a quick way to apply.

    Saved on 12-25-2021 - Remove
  • Merry Christmas! May the Joys of the Season be Yours

    Wishing you a season of light and peace! May you enjoy warm memories with your loved ones, and may the spirit of Christmas fill your hearts. Click through for a special greeting.

    Saved on 12-25-2021 - Remove
  • Is This Your Situation: Considering Telehealth to Improve Mental Health

    Telehealth has been around for a while, but it really took off during the pandemic. It's become clear it can have a positive effect on mental health. Click through to see why telehealth can improve employees' lives.

    Saved on 12-25-2021 - Remove
  • IRS Presents Filing Tips for 2022

    It's been a busy few months on the tax front, and as the filing date draws closer, the IRS is giving some filing advice. Click through for a summary to help you prepare for your financial reckoning on April 15.

    Saved on 12-25-2021 - Remove
  • Estate Planning for Those Under 40

    Estate planning is not a topic you should put off until you're ready to retire. The earlier you start, the better off your family will be if something unforeseen happens. Click through to learn why you're never too young for estate planning.

    Saved on 07-11-2020 - Remove
  • The 3 Points of Switching 401(k) Plan Providers

    Your 401(k) plan provider plays a major role in managing your fiduciary responsibilities. If your provider fails to meet your expectations, it may be time to seek a replacement. Click through for three considerations when making the switch.

    Saved on 11-17-2021 - Remove
  • How Workers Can Return

    Some jobs cannot be done from home on a long-term basis, so businesses may gradually bring employees back to offices. Click through for tips on how best to do this to protect everyone's well-being as the pandemic subsides.

    Saved on 11-17-2021 - Remove
  • Post-Pandemic: Time for a Career Change

    How has the pandemic hit your career possibilities? Depending on your situation and the state of your industry, it might be time for a major change. Click through if you're thinking about changing careers.

    Saved on 11-17-2021 - Remove
  • Home Equity Loans Are Deductible -- Sometimes

    The ability to deduct interest on home equity loans has always been one of their great advantages. That provision is still in force, but there are severe limitations. Click through to see if your plans align with the rules.

    Saved on 11-17-2021 - Remove
  • IRS Issues Warning on Fraudulent Unemployment Forms

    Many taxpayers are receiving Form 1099-G this year, which government agencies use to report unemployment income. But this form could be fraudulent! Click through for IRS guidance on how to protect yourself.

    Saved on 11-17-2021 - Remove
  • Hiring in a New Era

    Hiring in a post-pandemic world is a priority for many businesses. It is also a challenge because both the workforce and the workplace are different than they were before the pandemic. Click through to learn how to adapt to the new reality.

    Saved on 10-05-2021 - Remove
  • How To Get Through a Personal Tax Audit

    Selected for an audit? It doesn't always mean there's a problem. But you should have a plan to address it to get through the audit as painlessly as possible. Click through for tips on what to do if the IRS selects you.

    Saved on 01-16-2022 - Remove
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit Reauthorized Through 2025

    To incentivize employers to hire individuals from underrepresented groups, Congress has extended the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program until the end of 2025. Click through for insight into this important and complex program.

    Saved on 01-17-2022 - Remove
  • Relief Bill Offers Provisions for Families and Children

    The stimulus package contains substantial provisions to support early childhood programs and child-care providers, as well as relief for a variety of taxpayers. Click through for an overview of the wide-ranging and complex provisions.

    Saved on 08-12-2021 - Remove
  • Will You Be Subject to a Penalty for Not Filing Your 2020 Estimated Taxes?

    2020 was a hard year. But taxes for that crazy year still will be due on April 15, 2021, and if you underestimated the amount of tax you owe, you may be subject to a hefty penalty. Click through to find out whether you could be delinquent.

    Saved on 08-12-2021 - Remove
  • Filing Taxes for the Deceased

    Tax responsibilities don't end with death. Indeed, it's an important part of the executor's job to file the deceased person's state and federal final income tax returns for the year of death. Click through to address specific tax filing responsibilities.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • What the New PPP Means for Your Business

    The new round of Paycheck Protection Program loans is available to both new and second-time borrowers. Who gets the money? And what are the rules? Click through to see what might be in store for your business.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • How To Raise and Maintain a Credit Score

    More than ever, in today's tumultuous world, it is important to maintain a good credit score, even while economic difficulties make it tough. Click through to learn how to build and maintain healthy credit habits in good times and bad.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • The SEP-IRA: Just Right for Small Businesses

    Traditional pensions plans and 401(k)'s may not be appropriate for small businesses and the self-employed. However, that doesn't mean there are no other options. Click through to learn about the powerful and adaptable SEP-IRA.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Business Coaching for a New World

    Business owners are trying to thrive in a world that is very different from the way it was a year ago. Coaches may be able to observe and guide you to success. Click through to learn how to use this time-honored, and newly relevant, technique to up your game.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Stay Healthy on Office Return

    What will returning to the physical office mean for businesses and their employees? It's going to be a group effort, with both management and rank-and-file employees working together. Click through to learn how everyone can create a safe environment.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Don't Forget the Introverts on Your Team: They May Be More Valuable Than You Think

    Introverts often have the traits your team needs even though they shy away from the spotlight. Company leaders should take the time to reassess the leadership potential of the introverts on their teams. Click through to find out how to get the most out of your team.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Foreign Earned Income: The Tax Situation

    If you are a U.S. citizen or a resident alien living in a foreign country, you're still subject to the same U.S. income tax laws that you would be if you lived in the United States. Click through for an introduction to the tax situation.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Small Businesses and the ADA

    A pioneering civil rights law, the Americans with Disabilities Act affects businesses of all sizes. But small businesses may not realize all the requirements. Click through for a quick review of the act's key provisions.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Can Employers Mandate Vaccinations?

    Vaccinations may be the key to jump-starting the economy, but not everyone is convinced. What can a company do if employees refuse to get vaccinated? Click through for an introduction to this thorny legal issue.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Pandemic Fatigue: Tangible Ways to Support Your Workforce

    We have reached the one-year mark since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Having an effective plan to deal with it is key to employee productivity and retention. Click through to see how you may be able to help your workforce.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • What Comes After Cookies?

    Third-party cookies are going away. What is going to replace them? What’s next for businesses who rely on them for leads? Click through for an update on how businesses will be tracking visitors in the future.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • What's in the New 2021 Stimulus Bill?

    The American Rescue Plan Act has been much tweaked and much debated. But what's actually in it and who benefits from it? Click through for a summary of the main provisions of this landmark 600-page bill.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Paid Time Off and State Regulations

    Whether you call it vacation time, sick time, furlough, PTO or PDO, you should pay attention to your state's laws about paid time off. The rules can be more complicated than you realize. Click through for an overview of how different jurisdictions handle PTO.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • The Spousal Lifetime Access Trust: A Near-Perfect Tool?

    The SLAT is not one of the better-known trusts, but it's hard to see why: some advisors have called it one of the smartest trust options available. Click through to see how this adaptable tool can help your family.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Good Habits Prevent Identity Theft

    As more and more of our life is lived online, it’s more important than ever to protect your accounts and information. It’s especially vital when tax season rolls around. Click through to learn why that is and how to protect yourself.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Employee Burnout: More Than Bad Attitude

    Employee burnout is a real thing, and companies ignore it at their peril. It can harm productivity and employee satisfaction. Click here to read more about how companies can deal with it.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Back to the Office? Not So Fast…

    As businesses plan to bring their employees back to the office, one thing is clear: There is no single model to follow. Click through to get some ideas on how to decide what is best for your company so you can take the next steps.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • When Trading, Don't Forget Taxes

    Many investors take responsibility for their own investment decisions, but it's essential to get the full picture. What are the implications? Click through to learn about investing and taxes so you don't get any nasty surprises.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Financial Planning and Stepchildren

    About 35% of all married couples and 40% of couples that are married with children include a partner who has a child from a previous relationship. Click through for tips on division of assets with stepchildren.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Employers Get Tax Breaks for Vaccination Leave

    Washington wants everyone to get a COVID-19 shot, so it is giving a refundable tax credit to employers who grant paid time-off to staff to receive—or recover from—a vaccination. Click through for eligibility rules.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Is This Your Situation: Considering Outsourcing Bookkeeping

    Is the burden of managing your own bookkeeping catching up to you? Are you wondering whether there's a more efficient solution? Click through to get rid of the dreaded task of keeping numbers up to date with outsourcing services.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • Business Insurance Primer

    The most common insurance policy for small business is the Business Owner's Policy (BOP). What exactly does it include? Click through to learn how to combine coverage for property and liability insurance risks into one package.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
  • IRS Adjusts HSA Limits for 2022

    The government has announced inflation-adjusted changes for health savings accounts. The new limits are a small increase over 2021. Click through for the details to remain in compliance next year.

    Saved on 05-24-2021 - Remove
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