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  • Deducting Negative Leave Balances From Final Wages

    A departing employee took more paid time off than they had available, leading to a negative balance. Click through to see what the rules are for deducting the outstanding amount from the employee's final paycheck.

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  • Check Your Withholding Now

    With so many recent changes, two-income families and people who work multiple jobs should check their withholding amount. Click through to see if you're withholding the right amount of tax from your paycheck.

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  • What Is I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification?

    Have you heard of I-9 verification? It's all about making sure you're not hiring anyone illegally. Click through to learn about this simple but vital employment step with new hires.

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  • Being on Time: How to Handle the Unpunctual

    Being punctual is important to the employment relationship. Occasional lateness due to traffic and mass transit delays is generally not a big issue, but chronic lateness is. Click through for guidelines on establishing and enforcing punctuality.

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  • 3 Tips for Explaining Health Insurance to Your Employees

    Your employees want you to provide health insurance. In fact, they demand it. But when it comes to truly understanding the benefit, employees tend to fall short. Click through to see how you can help them deepen their knowledge.

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  • 4 Ways to Boost Your 401(k) Participation Rate

    Americans typically rely on employers for savings plans, but companies find that there are still issues with participation. Click through for insight into getting more employees to participate in your 401(k) plan.

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  • How to View your Tax Forms

    Did you know that you can view all of your tax forms on Phoenix? 

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  • SOLE Pay Cards

    TimePays has partnered with SOLE pay cards, find out why you should too.

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  • Can You Make Direct Deposit Mandatory?

    Direct deposit makes payroll processing so much easier, and the vast majority of employees find it convenient -- which is why you may wish to require it. Click through to see whether you’re allowed to mandate direct deposit.

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  • Take Stock of the Top Benefits Trends

    The employee benefits landscape is ever-changing. What are forward-looking companies offering today? And should you jump on the bandwagon? Click through for an annotated list of what's new.

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  • What Is Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation?

    Traditionally, employers pay their workers' compensation premiums by making estimated payments. However, a new trend has emerged in the form of "pay as you go." Click through for insight into this nontraditional payment method.

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  • How to Handle an Employee With a Substance Abuse Problem

    You've heard the horror stories of substance abuse. Now, reality may be knocking at your work site, as one of your employees is exhibiting classic symptoms. Click through to see what you should do.

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  • Paying Extra: Guidance on the Overtime Exemption

    Did you know that you can pay your salaried-exempt employees extra without jeopardizing their exempt status? It's true. But for those paid on an hourly, daily or shift basis, you'll need to exercise caution. Click through for the DOL's opinion on this topic.

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  • Federal Law Amends FLSA Tip- Pooling Rules

    Signed into law on March 23, 2018, the Consolidated Appropriations Act for 2018 amends the Fair Labor Standards Act’s tip-pooling regulations in critical ways. Click through for an overview of these important changes.

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  • Top Reasons Your Employees Are Quitting

    Few things are more disconcerting to an employer than when good employees leave. But in order to fix the problem, you have to know why it's happening. Click through for a few of the most common reasons why employees jump ship.

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  • Understanding Maternity, Paternity and Parental Leave

    The terms maternity, paternity and parental leave can be somewhat perplexing, because although they're often used interchangeably, there's a technical distinction between them. Click through to discover what each one means.

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  • What to Know About Short-Term and Long-Term Disability

    Disability insurance is one of the most overlooked employee benefits. But it's worth your attention, as it can help you attract and retain qualified people. Click through to learn about short- and long-term disability insurance.

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  • FSAs and HSAs: Know the Differences

    FSAs and HSAs are fundamentally cut from the same cloth. However, there are some key differences, and it's important that you and your employees know how each one works. Click through for a comparison of these two health plans.

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  • How To Turn Average Performers Into Superstars

    What differentiates a top performer from an average performer? Click through to find out how competencies can help you improve employee performance.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Upping Your Game as a QB Online User

    If you’ve been using QB Online for a long time, it’s good to step back and evaluate how you use your software. Do you follow any best practices? Click through to learn more about six QuickBooks Online tips that you can start using today.

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  • Guiding Employees Through Their Life Cycle

    Each employee has a life cycle -- a journey with the company. As an employer, your goal is to steer your people throughout this voyage, in a way that supports the bottom line. Click through for a road map to help you navigate the employee life cycle.

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  • Key Metrics for Measuring Employee Performance

    Employee performance and organizational success are conjoined. Therefore, it's vital that you keep tabs on your employees' output. Click through for essential metrics to measure employee performance.

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  • IRS Warnings About Payroll Scams

    Human resources and payroll departments lacking strong internal controls are vulnerable to cybercrimes. This is not just a tax-season problem. Click through for IRS warnings on HR and payroll tax scams even as the 2020 tax season is on the horizon.

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  • How to Move to Paperless Payroll

    The payroll process is always evolving. From this evolution, a groundbreaking system has emerged: paperless payroll. Click through to discover how the paperless payroll system works, and how to avoid pitfalls.

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  • 7 Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

    Employees quit because they are unhappy. Click through to discover ways you can keep employees happy and avoid the problems of turnover.

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  • How To Avoid Direct Deposit Mistakes

    Why we ask for voided checks and bank letters and why you should too.

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  • Employee Overpayment Can Lead to Problems

    You've overpaid an employee, causing the company a financial loss. Now you need to recoup the money. But there are important tax implications and some rules you have to follow. Click through to make sure you do it right.

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  • ACA Affordability Threshold to Rise in 2019

    One of the main requirements of the Affordable Care Act's employer mandate is that health coverage must be affordable, based on annual standards set by the IRS. Click through for the details on the 2019 increase for one of those standards.

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  • Should I Offer Commuter Benefits?

    To help employees with commuting, some employers offer pretax commuter benefits. But not all employers do this voluntarily, as some are mandated by law to do so. Click through for insight into commuter benefits.

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  • UPDATE: 2019 Minimum Wages

    Some states' minimum wages are going up. Make sure you're ready. 

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  • Affordable Care Act: What Employers Need to Know

    The first thing you have to figure out is whether you're a big or small employer, because the rules are different. Generally, if you have fewer than 50 employees, you're a small employer; 50 or more makes you a large employer. However, the IRS says that if you have fewer than 50 employees, but are a member of an ownership group with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees, you're considered a large employer

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  • 5 Steps to Building Salary Ranges

    A salary range is the minimum to maximum base rate of pay for employees who do the same or similar work. The range allows you to pay employees in a consistent manner. Click through for insight into the essential task of building salary ranges.

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  • Social Security Administration Announces Changes for 2019

    As is usual this time of year, the SSA has published critical information on benefit changes and maximum taxable income. Click through to see the details, so you can consider how they will affect you.

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  • Volunteer Time Off: A New Type of PTO

    A new brand of paid time off has moved into the employee benefits scene: volunteer time off, which rewards employees for giving back to their communities. Click through to see if you should offer this altruistic benefit.

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  • DOL Compliance Tools You Don't Want to Miss

    For many employers, there's a huge gulf between the number of regulations they must abide by and the resources available for achieving compliance. Click through for a list of programs that can help you strengthen your compliance efforts.

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  • Who is Entitled to Overtime—and Who Isn't

    When it comes to determining who is exempt from overtime pay and who isn't, federal law generally maintains that managers who earn above a specific amount should be exempt, while other workers who have no powers and responsibilities when it comes to the ability of hiring or firing other employees can receive overtime payments regularly.

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  • New Final Rule Expands Health Reimbursement Arrangements

    A final rule — which takes effect in 2020 — will let employees without group health insurance use their health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) funds to buy individual-market coverage. Click through for more on this new regulation.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Concerned About Your Employee Handbook

    Even if you have just one employee, you need an employee Handbook - it protects you and your staff and helps reduce confusion. Click through for the basics of what you need in an employee Handbook.

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  • SMART Goals Achieve Brilliant Results

    SMART goals motivate employees, improve performance and increase productivity. Click through to find out how to set them up.

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  • How to Handle the Last Paycheck for a Terminated Employee

    There is a lot of misinformation, and confusing information, regarding how to handle the final paycheck for a terminated employee. Click through to learn the best ways to handle the last check for the person you've fired.

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  • View Check Stubs Online

    All of your employees are able to view their check stubs online. Have your employee follow these easy step-by-step instructions on how to set up their account.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Confused About How to Track Attendance

     Over the years, various technological resources have emerged to help companies better track the time of their hourly employees. Everything from electronic clocks to biometric tools can keep your records up to date and your employees paid on time. Here are some ways our technology can help you track attendance.

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  • Is Your Benefits Program Ready for Generation Z?

    Comprising those born in 1995 or after, Generation Z is predicted to encompass one-fourth of the U.S. workforce by 2020. Click through to see which benefits will appeal to this distinct group's core needs and help you attract and retain them.

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  • 5 Interview Questions to Steer Clear Of

    Job interviews are crucial to finding the right fit, and asking the right questions can get you a top employee. But, asking the wrong questions could land you in hot water. Click through for five interview questions to avoid.

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  • 3 Essential HR and Payroll Metrics To Track

    How is the health of your HR and payroll departments? Staying on top of the right metrics will give you a heads-up. The trick is knowing which metrics to track. Click through for three HR metrics to watch closely.

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  • EEOC Final Rules on Wellness Program Incentives

    In 2016, the EEOC issued new rules permitting employers to levy significant financial penalties on employees who refuse to reveal medical and genetic information via their wellness program at work. Click through for the status of these rules.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Trying to Wear Both the HR and CEO Hats

    Should you be both CEO and HR Manager? Click through to discover the secret.

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  • 401(k) and IRA Contribution Limits Increase

    The IRS has announced cost of living adjustments for various pension plans for 2019. There are other retirement-related changes as well. Click through for the details, to learn how these changes may affect you.

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  • 5 Tips for Creating an Employee Promotion Policy

    Employee promotion is one of the top drivers of employee engagement. Equally important is having a promotion policy that employees perceive as impartial and consistent. Click through for insight into developing the policy.

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  • What Information Is Included on a Pay Stub?

    Even if you're not required to give your employees a pay stub, it's widely recommended that you do so to help with record-keeping and keep employees in the picture. Click through to see which items should go on this document.

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  • Social Security: Note the Key Changes for 2020

    The Social Security Administration has released new numbers for those paying Social Security and those collecting it. Click through for the new maximum taxable earnings amount as well as COLA and other key adjustments.

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  • IRS Quietly Issues a New Form W-4

    Earlier in 2018, the IRS had promised a radically new Form W-4, then said it would postpone any major revisions until 2020. Now, the IRS has finally issued a 2019 Form W-4. Click through to see what, if anything, has changed.

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  • 4 Factors To Consider When Choosing a Pay Frequency

    Employees expect to be paid on time, based on the designated pay frequency. But before you choose a pay frequency, you must cover your bases. Click through for four things to keep in mind when selecting a pay frequency.

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  • DOL Revisits Overtime Rule in Proposal

    A new rule will likely make about 1 million additional workers eligible for overtime by raising the threshold to over $35,000 from the current $23,660. Click through for the details on this proposed change.

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  • Benefits: Know Your Terms

    If you've ever furrowed your brow in bewilderment at a benefit acronym, your employees have probably done the same. But there's a handy solution. Click through for a roundup of popular benefit terms and their meanings.

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  • Local Entertainment And Events Calendar: Including Virtual Events

    You'll always know where the fun's going on with our interactive local events calendar featuring social sharing, images, videos and ticket links. Click through to see what's happening or to add your own local events.

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  • What Is a Total Compensation Statement?

    You know the value of giving employees a paystub. But have you considered going one step further by providing them with a total compensation statement? Click through to learn about this practice and why it might be right for you.

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  • Piecework Pay: Frequently Asked Questions

    For some employers, it's easier to pay employees by the "piece" than by the hour. However, employers should know about special rules for these kinds of arrangements. Click through for answers to frequently asked questions about piecework pay.

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  • How Payroll Can Be Integrated with Workers Comp

    Pay-as-you-go workers' comp is a way companies can manage workers' compensation themselves. Cash flow management is one of the advantages. Click through to see how this system works.

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  • Big Changes Coming to Form W-4 -- Maybe

    With little fanfare, the IRS has issued a new draft version of Form W-4, used for federal tax withholding. It will likely change before a final version is issued for 2019, but meanwhile, companies can get a sense of what kinds of changes may be coming.

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  • Is This Your Situation: You Need to Make Hiring Easier?

    While hiring is a broad category in business, there are some tips and programs that can make the process easier for you and your business. Click through to see what you can do to recruit the right employees. Bonus: Turn Your Payroll Into Profit.

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  • How to Handle Unemployment Claims

    When employees are terminated due to no fault of their own, odds are they will file a claim for unemployment benefits. Click through for details on your responsibilities regarding unemployment claims.

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  • 5 Reasons You Should Offer Telemedicine

    Employers big and small are speedily adopting telemedicine as part of their group health plan. Although it was boosted by the pandemic, it's actually been around for a while. Click through to see why it may continue into the future.

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  • Do Employee Referral Programs Work?

    Using employee referrals is a well-established practice. But for some employers, these referral programs don't live up to expectations. Click through to see whether employee referral programs are worth it.

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  • What Is an Electronic Income Withholding Order?

    To make it easier for states to collect child support, the federal government developed an online portal for employers to use. The payment process can be complex, so it pays to learn the details. Click through to make sure you're in compliance.

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  • Payroll Technology Demos for Businesses and Nonprofits

    When shopping for payroll technology, you'll be offered numerous product demos. This holds true for businesses, government agencies and nonprofits. But your time is limited — which should you pick to view? Click through to see which demos are worth your attention.

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  • 3 Things to Consider Before Choosing Benefits Administration Partners

    Benefits are a core driver of employee attraction and retention, but to truly make a difference to your team, they must be deftly administered. Click through to see how benefits administration partners can help.

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  • How To Choose the Right Salaries

    How do you determine the best salary ranges to offer new employees? It can be a hard series of calculations. Click through for some thoughts on how to compensate your staff so that turnover is low but you don't break your budget.

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  • Workplace Culture in a New World

    As businesses reopen their offices, how do your employees feel about your company and its future? Click through to take the pulse of your culture to ensure your employees' experience at work infuses them — and you — with a sense of well-being.

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  • Layoff, Furlough and Reduction in Force: How They Differ

    The terms "layoff," "furlough" and "reduction in force" are often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings — with important implications. Click through to make sure you're using the right term for the right situation.

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  • Active vs. Passive Benefits Enrollment

    To get employees to participate in your benefits program, you can actively or passively enroll them. Click through to find out which strategy is best for your company.

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  • DOL Expands Delivery Methods for 401(k) Electronic Disclosures

    Electronic delivery is the quickest, most cost-effective way to send retirement plan documents to participants — but there are rules. Click through for insight into DOL guidance on expanding electronic disclosure for retirement plans.

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  • What Is Employee Attrition?

    Employees come and go. When an employee's term of service ends and you decide to leave the position vacant, the occurrence is called "employee attrition." Click through for insight into this type of employee departure.

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  • Does Workers' Compensation Cover Remote Employees?

    More and more employees are working outside their employer's office. Are they entitled to the same workers' compensation coverage if they are injured on the job? Click through for the answer to this complex question.

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  • How To Choose a Financial Wellness Vendor

    Employees are demanding financial wellness benefits, and employers are answering the call. If you’d like to join the chorus of employers, a key step is sending a request for proposal to potential vendors. Click through for more on the RFP process.

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  • Increase Diversity at Your Business

    When you hire diverse people, you demonstrate inclusion, which helps both employees and employers. Click through to see how you can increase workplace diversity by acknowledging bias and taking strong action to create a company that respects and celebrates differences.

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  • Encourage Your Employees To Review Federal Withholding Each Year

    Each year, employees may undergo life changes that could affect their income tax withholding. This is why it’s important to remind your employees to review their withholding every year, especially as they're currently filing income tax returns. Click through to learn what employees should do once a year.

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  • What Is a Hiring Freeze?

    You may need to stop hiring new people due to unforeseen business circumstances. This is called a "hiring freeze." Click through for insights into when to implement one and how to manage it for best results.

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  • How To Help Depressed Employees

    Depression is a major cause of disability worldwide, and one of the top three workplace issues in the U.S. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help employees suffering from depression. Click through to see how a company can help depressed workers.

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  • Navigating Open Enrollment in the New Normal

    Open enrollment has seen many changes in recent years, including a drastic shift to the virtual sphere. Every company will need to find a way to manage this change. Click through for tips on adjusting to this new normal.

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  • Top Cybersecurity Issues For HR

    The rise in HR technology poses a number of cyberthreats to the human resources function. Are you ready to counter them? Click through for some of the most prevalent cybersecurity concerns so that you can guard against them.

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  • Depositing and Reporting Employment Taxes

    You know that you have to pay your employees regularly. But did you know you also have an obligation to the IRS to report and remit employment taxes? Click through for an overview of the rules to make sure you stay compliant.

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  • Remote Employees and Reimbursement

    Are your remote employees incurring expenses as a result of their jobs? Working from home is a whole new experience for many people, and you may need to reimburse your employees for the expenses that remote work creates for them. Click through for some thoughts on how to set up a reimbursement policy.

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  • What's the Story on DOL Posters for Remote Workers?

    Employers generally have to publicly display certain key labor rules. But what are their responsibilities when most, or all, of the employees work remotely? Click through to make sure you're still in compliance as the work world changes.

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  • The Advantages of a Total Rewards Package

    You can't look at benefits individually anymore. Progressive companies are taking a holistic look at how they reward their employees. Click through for an introduction to the 6-part system for attracting and retaining employees.


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  • How to Rightsize Your Company

    How do you know whether you have too few or too many employees? Click through to adapt your workforce as your organization grows and develops.

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  • The Tax Implications of Closing a Business

    There are many things you must do when you close a business. One is to make things right with the IRS. Click through for an overview of your tax responsibilities as a business owner when you're ready to move on.

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