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Estate Planning Marketing Brief
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  • Is Your Email Marketing On Life Support? Here’s How to Diagnose Failing Campaigns

    If you are finding that your newsletter is not resonating with clients, or if it is failing to generate new interested prospects, then it is time for a check-up. It may also be time to evaluate strategies to improve healthier future launches. Click through to see what metrics you should be tracking to gauge the health of your marketing campaigns.

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  • Check Your Withholding Now

    With so many recent changes, two-income families and people who work multiple jobs should check their withholding amount. Click through to see if you're withholding the right amount of tax from your paycheck.

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  • Our Apologies for the Newsletter Blunder

    As you already may have noticed, you received an incomplete newsletter today. Rest assured this was a human error.

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  • Traveling in Your Golden Years

    Just because you're old enough to collect Social Security, it doesn't mean your vacation days are over. Even if you're not as active as you were, there are still exciting and relaxing trips you can take. Click through for some tips on senior traveling.

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  • Solve Multigenerational Problems with Dynasty Trusts

    Are you looking for the ultimate in long-term trusts? Then think about dynasty trusts, which can last for more than a century. Click through to find out more about this special trust, and whether it can help with your family.

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  • Deciding Whether a Nursing Home is the Right Move

    How do you know when it's time to put a loved one into a nursing home? You have to face the financial, practical and emotional decisions. Click through if you're caring for elderly relations who may need more help than you can give.

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  • Taking Care of Your Heirs

    You've worked hard and saved your money, but that wasn't an end in itself. It was to take care of your loved ones, perhaps even generations not yet born. Click through for some insights into leaving assets for your descendants.

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  • How Much Money Will You Need in Retirement?

    How much money do you need to retire comfortably? There are no easy answers! But there are various theories and formulas. Click through for advice to determine how much you should have available before you leave the workforce.

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  • Is Your Firm Leveraging Marketing Technology to Gain Competitive Advantage?

    Estate planning firms that are serious about implementing strategic digital marketing initiatives are far more likely to maintain consistent growth than those with a passive approach. Click through for four tips to help you implement a digital marketing plan that yields better results.

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  • How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Sooner

    How can you shave years -- or even decades -- from your mortgage payment schedule? It may be easier than you think. Click through for tips on how to pay down your principal while saving a small fortune in interest.

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  • No-Contest Clauses: How Do They Work?

    It can be a shrewd move, adding a provision in your will that keeps heirs from suing if they feel they didn't get their fair share of the pie. But there are complexities. Click through for the full story on no-contest clauses.

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  • Is This Your Situation? "I Need to Brush Up My Dated Newsletter's Appearance..."

    When you are sending out a firm email newsletter and communicating your value in order to generate leads – aesthetics matter. Click through for five strategies that will help you put your best digital impression forward.

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  • Is Mom or Dad Moving in With You?

    Having your elderly parent move in with you can be a necessary but anxiety ridden transition. Click through to learn how to welcome Mom or Dad into your home with a little preplanning and productive conversation.

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  • When and How Often to Review Trusts

    It's a common misconception that creating a trust is just a one-time event. In fact, there are many reasons you may want to change certain kinds of trusts. Click through for a discussion of how and when to review trusts.

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  • How to Retire Early

    Would you like to embrace a life of independence, reduce stress and have more time for what you value most? With planning and forethought, it may be possible. Click through to see how to retire the way you want, when you want.

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  • What Does ERISA Do for You?

    Everybody has probably heard of ERISA, but few know how it affects them — or even what the acronym stands for! However, it's exceptionally important to every employee. Click through for an introduction to the key points of ERISA.

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  • Is This Your Situation? "I Am Not Sure I Am Achieving Marketing ROI..."

    We have all been there... At some point, you may have thought, "Is marketing really worth it? Am I getting a return on my investment?" These are great questions to ask. Click through to learn why every business needs growth and how to get better marketing ROI.

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  • Avoid These Will & Testament Pitfalls

    Setting up a last will and testament would seem to be a straightforward task, but there's a lot that can go wrong. Click through for a list of common will and testament errors and what you can do to avoid them.

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  • What Is a Rabbi Trust and Who Uses It?

    A rabbi trust is typically used by companies to provide senior executives with additional benefits to existing compensation packages. Click through to learn whether it can work at your company -- and how it got its name.

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  • How Can Trusts and Wills Be Contested?

    Properly drawn wills and trusts may seem impervious to later challenges, but in the legal world, few documents are etched in stone. Click through to learn about how wills and trusts can be challenged, and by whom.

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  • Blended Families: The Estate Planning Challenge

    When families consist of children from previous marriages, it may not be obvious who "deserves" money from the estate, and emotions can run high. Click through for some insights into estate planning for blended families.

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  • Is This Your Situation? "I Need Help Following Up on Email Marketing Leads..."

    Not sure what to do with that new lead? Confused on where to begin? In order to get leads flowing in through your digital marketing, implement these simple strategies for converting email click activity into new clients. Click through for a five-step process to teach you how to respond to leads effectively.

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  • How SSA Credits Work

    The Social Security Administration uses a system of credits for benefits to establish whether minimum work requirements have been met. This can be important for retirement planning. Click through to get the lowdown on the determinants.

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  • Joint Tenancy: Is It Right for You?

    Sometimes, it makes sense for more than one person to own property. If that's the case, there are special rules for how this is handled. Click through for an introduction into joint tenancy, and its pros and cons.

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  • Top Legal Issues for Senior Citizens

    Health planning, estate planning and document preparation, as well as fiduciary plans if incapacity occurs -- these are the big legal issues facing senior citizens. Click through to learn how to retain your rights to make decisions about your own affairs.

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  • Organizing Estate-Planning Documents

    A lot of estate planning involves paperwork, whether it's actual paper or online documents. You have to corral tax returns, retirement account statements and more. Click through for organization tips.

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  • Nursing Homes: What's the Deal?

    The time to learn about nursing homes is ideally before a crisis occurs and you have to make a decision for a loved one in a matter of days. Click through for the latest information so you can make an informed decision later.

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  • Protecting People When Dividing Objects

    The death of a loved one causes a great deal of stress. On top of this, there's the tension around dividing the deceased's personal effects. Even when there's a will, squabbles break out. Click through for some tips on creating a calmer scenario.

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  • How to Talk with Grown Children About Your Estate Plan

    It's hard to talk to your adult kids about your finances and how you plan to divvy up your money after your death. Click through to learn more about one of the most important conversations you'll ever have.

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  • Avoid These Top Trust Problems

    You want to feel secure that any property placed in a trust is held according to its terms and for the benefit of the named party. Click through to avoid mistakes that can interfere and invalidate that simple transfer of property.

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  • We’re Helping You Stay Connected During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    In the wake of shelter-in-place measures to stop the coronavirus, our team is here to help our clients leverage informative content and timely digital communications. Click through to see what IndustryNewsletters clients had to say about us.

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  • Should You Establish Payable-on-Death Accounts?

    It's a little-known but very effective technique for leaving your money, and it doesn't require a lot of paperwork. Click through for the inside story on establishing payable-on-death accounts, why they might be right for you, and what the drawbacks are.

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  • Toward a Better Credit Score

    Good credit is helpful, even essential, for a successful financial life. The best advice for improving credit is to manage it responsibly over time. Click through for an introduction to the care and maintenance of your credit.

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  • Unitrusts: Striking a Balance With Competing Interests

    Unitrusts offer a practical solution to reconcile seemingly difficult competing financial goals. Do you want long-term appreciation or income-producing investments for the short term? Click through to learn how this tool can make everyone happy.

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  • How Does a Prenup Work, and Do You Need One?

    Prenuptial agreements are common among rich and famous people, but they're not just for celebrities. Click through to discover how even if you're broke, a prenup might be a smart move for you and your better half.

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  • Keep Your Firm Top-Of-Mind With These 3 Tips

    You have heard it a million times; the key to success is staying "top of mind" with clients and prospects. It sounds simple, but it can be far more challenging to consistently stay in touch. Click through for three ways to maintain top of mind awareness.

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  • Welcome to the First Edition of Our Tips & Tricks Newsletter!

    We're delighted to be launching the first edition of our Tips & Tricks newsletter for Estate Planning Legal Firms! You can expect to receive this newsletter once a month. Click through to learn all about the valuable information we'll be sending to help fuel your firm's digital marketing efforts.

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  • The Coronavirus: Get the Latest Information

    Whether you're listening to the radio, watching TV or scrolling through websites, there is no lack of information on COVID-19. But what is really helpful? Click through for the latest authoritative government information.

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  • Is This Your Situation? "I Need To Implement a System for Generating New Business..."

    Many of your firm’s leads may be generated by word of mouth and referral source connections, but that doesn’t mean that your lead generation should be a passive effort. As a professional, you understand that putting a small amount of force behind a worthwhile initiative can help that effort gain momentum. The same can be said for your lead generation strategies. Read the Full Article to find out how you can implement a system for getting new business.

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  • When Should You Take Social Security?

    You have options about when to start taking Social Security, and there are a lot of factors to consider. Click through for an outline of how Social Security payments work to help you decide what's best for you.

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  • How to Get More Staff Contributions for Your Content Marketing

    Good marketing content provides information for your readers and leads for your firm. When you integrate effective strategies into your digital marketing, you'll always know when one of your readers is interested in learning more. However, it can be difficult to create content strategies that last. Read on for insights into lighting the fire under a firm-wide approach to consistent content creation.

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  • What to Write? Five Answers for Common Creation Conundrums

    What will fill your marketing editorial calendar in the months ahead? It can be daunting to lay out writing assignments for your marketing efforts, but it does not have to be. With a bit of forethought and planning, you can tap into writing inspiration on a regular basis. Read through for some tips.

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  • How to Set Up a 'Power of Attorney'

    A power of attorney can be of great use in estate planning, by letting someone else handle your affairs if you cannot. Click through for the details on the kinds of problems a POA can solve, and how it works.

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  • Online Accounts After You've Gone

    So much of your financial life happens on the internet. What happens to your online world after you've departed? Click through to see how to make provisions for online finances so your loved ones aren't shut out of your internet accounts.

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  • The 3 Estate Planning Items Everyone Needs

    A basic estate plan is essential for everyone, regardless of income or net worth, and some planning tools are appropriate for virtually everyone. Click through to read about the three basics everyone should have.

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  • The Misunderstood Living Trust

    There are several common myths about living trusts, and what you don't know can indeed hurt you, as you're missing out on a powerful estate planning tool. Click through to bust through some of these myths.

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  • Telecommuting, Coronavirus and You

    About 8 million U.S. workers telecommute full time, performing all their work out of their homes. The current pandemic is swelling those ranks, as companies and employees scramble to make work-from-home a reality. Click through to learn how to hit the ground running.

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  • What Is Aging in Place and Is It the Right Option?

    Aging in place can be a wonderful opportunity for lots of individuals, but it's not for everyone. Click through to learn just what aging in place means and whether it's the right choice for your loved one.

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  • A Fresh Look at Distributing Inherited Assets

    Wills and trusts are essential to leaving an estate, but they often don't take into account every little item, which can lead to fights and lasting bitterness among heirs. Click through for some techniques to avoid this.

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  • Basis: The Essential Tax and Investing Term

    Basis seems like a simple concept, but as with so many tax issues, it can become complicated quickly. This is especially true after recent tax reform. Click through for the story of what has, and has not, changed.

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  • How To Turn Your Email Newsletter Into A Lead Generation Machine

    An email newsletter program may be an engaging and effective means of reaching new prospects and nurturing clients, but is your company truly mining the leads generated by your email program? Click through to learn how you can leverage your newsletter's content to generate more leads.

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  • How to Transfer Wealth to the Next Generation

    There are many different estate-planning strategies available when you are ready to transfer wealth to the next generation. A lot depends on your situation and your goals. Click through for an introduction to different techniques.

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  • Oops! There Should Have Been an Article Here...

    We'd like to apologize for the confusion and assure you that another complete edition with great marketing tips is in progress.

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  • Second Spouse Planning

    It's not uncommon to remarry after a divorce or the death of a spouse. But the newlyweds may have children from prior marriages. Click through for insights into the financial challenges involved in blended families -- especially when it comes to estate planning.

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  • Be the First Law Firm that Clients Think of for Referrals

    The real key to success with clients and prospects is staying "top of mind." Click through to learn three simple ways to make sure your firm is the first one that comes to mind when referral opportunities arise.

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  • How Do I Know If I’m Ready for Retirement?

    If you’re considering retirement, make sure you’ve covered all of your bases to ensure that you’re prepared for this lifestyle change. Click through to find out if you’re really ready for retirement. 

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  • When Someone Dies Without a Will

    Everyone should have a will -- but not everyone does. If you die without one, the government decides how property gets divided. Click through to find out why it's essential to have a will, and in many cases, a trust.

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  • Don't Make These Top Estate Planning Errors!

    You don't want poor estate documents to cut your loved ones out of inheritances. There's rarely a "do over" in estate planning. Click through to avoid mistakes people tend to make when planning their estates.

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  • Help Your Family With UGMA and UTMA Accounts

    There are several useful ways to save money for your child -- whether for education or other purposes. Two kinds of accounts are particularly good at that. Click through to get the full story on UGMA and UTMA accounts.

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  • 3 Attention-Grabbing Strategies to Improve Your Email Marketing

    Your clients and prospects are multi-tasking, checking email on mobile devices and dealing with daily distractions. How can your emails grab their attention? Click through for three tips to help you craft eye-catching content.

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  • Life Insurance Trusts: Do You Need One?

    These powerful estate-planning tools are a savvy cross between a traditional life insurance policy and a trust. They can be invaluable in taking care of your dependents. Click through for an introduction to how they can help you.

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  • How To Get More Social Media Leads Warmed Up For 2019

    Do you have a great email article that just needs to be shared on your social media business pages? Click through to learn some nearly effortless ways to warm up new social media leads for 2019 utilizing your email content.

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  • The Long View: Handling Postmortem Debts

    There are many financial tasks to deal with in the wake of someone's death, and one of those is the management of debts: bills keeping coming in. Click through to learn how to handle creditors after someone has died.

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  • What's the Story on Long-term Care Insurance?

    It's a complicated and controversial insurance product, and may not be for everyone. However, it's a good idea to see if long-term care insurance may be essential for you. Click through for the basics on long-term care coverage.

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  • Know the Top 3 Estate Planning Requirements

    Estate planning isn't just for millionaires. Everyone should have a plan in place, and there are some tools almost everyone will need. Click through for an introduction to the three essentials of estate planning.

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  • Trick-or-TREAT Yourself to Better Lead Generation Strategies

    While it's certainly true that some of your leads will be generated by word of mouth and referral source connections, that doesn't mean that your lead generation strategies should only be a skeletal effort. Click through to find out how you can trick-or-treat yourself to better lead generation strategies.

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  • Having Trouble Attracting and Managing New Leads? Try These 3 Tips

    If your firm's leads are being be generated largely by word of mouth and referral source connections, this may mean your strategy is only a passive effort. Implementing a solid plan behind your initiatives can help lead generation efforts gain momentum. Click through and learn three simple for creating system that helps you attract and manage new opportunities.

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  • What Is Tax-Efficient Investing?

    Investing solely because of a focus on taxes can be counterproductive, but taxation still has to be an important part of making investment decisions. Click through to gauge the role of losses, timing and selection of investments.

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  • What to Do When Debts Survive Death

    People die, but their debts survive them, and in the weeks after someone dies, the bills will keep rolling in. How are these handled? Click through for some guidelines in making sure the decedent's financial obligations are fulfilled.

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  • What to Know About Pensions and Taxes

    When you start a pension, you can choose to have federal and state taxes withheld from your monthly checks. Click through to see that if you withhold enough taxes, you won't owe money when you file your tax return.

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  • What to Do When You Inherit

    Even if you've been expecting an inheritance, you can be overwhelmed when you actually get it. Do you invest it? Spend it? Are taxes involved? Click through for advice on what to do when the check lands on your desk.

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  • Long-Term Care Insurance: Something You Need?

    Long-term care can range from assistance with simple activities to skilled care provided by nurses and therapists. Is it right for you? Click through for more details and to discover the variety of coverage options.

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  • How to Face Your Life Insurance Choices

    There's no such thing as simple life insurance. To protect your loved ones, you have to sort through a bewildering array of choices. Click through for some insights into what's available, and what might be right for you.

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  • 7 Simple Steps to Generate More Leads from Your Email Marketing

    Your email newsletter is a highly effective tool for sharing information with clients and prospects, but you also need to integrate a strategy for converting viable email leads into new business. Click through to learn seven steps leveraging email to reach and convert more prospects.

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  • How To Fix an Irrevocable Trust

    Its name says "irrevocable," so that means you can't make any changes, right? Actually, there is a little wiggle room. Click through for ways to modify the terms of a trust that supposedly can never be changed.

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  • What Changes With the New Taxpayer First Act?

    Congress passed, and the president signed, an expansion of taxpayer rights. What does this new piece of legislation mean for the long term? Click through to find out what changes to expect from the IRS in the coming months.

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  • Is Your Homeowners Insurance Up-to-Date?

    You bought homeowners insurance when you bought your home, but then you probably forgot about it except for the bills, and that's a mistake. Click through to learn why you should continually review your insurance.

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  • 5 Steps for Following Up on Email Marketing Leads

    Got a new lead? Don't know what to do? You can implement a simple strategy for converting click-through activity into new clients. Click through for a five-step process to make lead follow-up run like clockwork.

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  • DAFs and More: Charitable Strategies

    Taxpayers are still coming to terms with the new tax landscape, especially when it comes to philanthropy. The charitably minded may want to consider new strategies. Click through for some insights and advice into charitable giving.

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  • Inheriting an IRA: How to Handle It

    IRAs are great tools for retirement planning, but are not necessarily well-suited for leaving money to heirs. Click through for an introduction to the complex rules and strategies surrounding an inherited IRA.

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  • How to Find an At-Home Caregiver for Yourself or Your Elderly Loved Ones

    Finding the right at-home caregiver for your loved one is vital to his or her health and happiness. Selecting the right person for the job is a delicate process. Click through for five tips to help you find the best caregiver for yourself or your loved one.

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  • What Is a Deferred Annuity -- and How Does It Work?

    An annuity contract that delays payments of income until you elect to receive the money is a deferred annuity. Click through to understand how it works and the important role it can play in estate planning.

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  • Where Have All Your Readers Gone? It's Probably Personal...

    Have your readers hit the snooze button on your messaging? In order to increase email engagement, you may need to make some changes. Click through for three solid marketing strategies to help create personal connections.

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  • The Biggest Retirement Mistakes

    The road to a financially comfortable retirement is a long and winding one. Are you making the right choices? Click through for six of the biggest mistakes you can make on the way, and some tips on how to avoid them.

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  • 3 Ways to Pass Your House to Your Children

    Your home may be the single most valuable asset you leave your heirs, so it's essential you figure how you can best arrange to pass it along. Click through for three techniques -- one of these may be right for you.

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  • What To Do When Someone Dies

    When a loved one dies, the emotions will be deep, complicated and long lasting. But unfortunately, there are also practical considerations. Click through for a review of these, so you can help yourself or a grieving family in difficult times.

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  • Aging in Place: The Nursing Home Alternative

    There are many alternatives today for those in their golden years, from senior living centers to nursing homes. But not all are right for everyone. Click through to learn how growing old in one's own home is feasible.

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  • Plusses and Minuses of a Prenup

    There are a lot of strong feelings about prenuptial agreements: whether they are necessary or even advisable, or if even a discussion about them can suck all the romance out of marriage. Click through for the inside information.

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  • Keep Heirs Happy with Unitrusts

    This powerful but little-known estate planning tool may be able to neatly balance long-term and annual income wishes. But there are other important considerations. Click through for the inside story on unitrusts.

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  • Charitable Gifts: Getting the Paperwork Right

    It seems simple: you make a donation to a qualified organization, and you may be able to take a tax deduction. But you could lose out if you don't handle the paperwork correctly. Click through for an intro to the rules on acknowledgments.

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  • Can You Work While Getting Social Security?

    You can work while you receive Social Security retirement or survivor benefits, but the rules are complicated and there may be a benefit reduction. Click through to learn how your decision to keep working may affect your finances.

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  • Leaving Your Estate to Your Grandchildren

    Thinking of passing your worldly possessions, in whole or part, to your grandchildren? It can be a smart move. The key is using the right estate planning tools. Click through to learn about the best wealth transfer strategies.

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  • Max Out Your Retirement Plan Contributions

    How much can you contribute to IRA and 401(k) plans? The answer is "it depends." Click through to understand retirement plan limits and the special "catch-up" provisions that can help older contributors.

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  • What Is Tax-Loss Harvesting?

    Tax-loss harvesting is about minimizing capital gains taxes on your investment portfolio. With care, you can keep more money in your account rather than giving it to the IRS. Click through to see how several strategies work.

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  • Getting Money Out of a 401(k) Plan -- the Rules

    We focus throughout our working life on putting money into a retirement account, but eventually, you have to think about getting the money out. Click through for an introduction to the rules of 401(k) disbursement.

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  • The 'Dependent Question' and the Complicated Answer

    At what point do you have to stop listing your child as a dependent on your tax return? The answer is not an easy one. Click through for an introduction to the IRS rules on claiming a dependent, and how they affect your situation.

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  • Social Security: Note the Key Changes for 2020

    The Social Security Administration has released new numbers for those paying Social Security and those collecting it. Click through for the new maximum taxable earnings amount as well as COLA and other key adjustments.

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  • Sharing is Best with Pumpkin Pie, Cranberries and Email Content

    It's the season of sharing, and you have a great email article that just needs to be shared on your social media business pages. Click through for a cornucopia of ways to serve up new social media leads this season by leveraging your email content.

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  • Wealth Transfer: A Bird's-Eye View

    No matter your age or generation, your family faces questions about how to move wealth to children and grandchildren. Click through for a broad look on how this can be done, and on the issues you'll be facing.

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  • Check Out Our Top 10 Estate Planning Topics of 2019

    What piqued the most interest in 2019? We took a look back at the prior year to determine which of our articles received the most attention from readers. After checking the numbers, ten topics stood out as clear favorites. Click through for a list of our top 10 most heavily clicked articles of 2019.

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  • Generate More Leads From Your Email Marketing

    An email newsletter program may be an engaging and effective means of reaching new prospects and nurturing clients, but are you truly mining the leads generated by your email marketing? Click through to learn how you can leverage email content to attract more warm prospects this year.

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  • How To Protect Your Money From Medicaid

    If you or your loved ones have a financial need late in life, there's always Medicaid. However, you have to spend down your assets to be eligible. Or do you? Click through for some techniques to "protect" your money.

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  • The Importance of Communications during the COVID-19 Outbreak

    Marketing and communications have never been more vital than right now. Our clients are relying on us to help them communicate the latest COVID-19 information and let others know how they can be reached during office closures and modified schedules. Click through to learn how we are providing updates and assistance with timely messaging during this challenging time.

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  • What to Know About the SEP-IRA

    Small businesses and self-employed workers can use SEP-IRAs to help save for retirement. They're powerful and flexible plans that many don't even know about. Click through to find out how one might work for you.

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  • How To Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Your Marketing Content

    If you are trying to make the most our of your content resources, check out these smart tips for getting the most bang out of the time and effort you invest in your marketing content.

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  • How to Improve Your Credit Score

    Everyone talks about credit scores, and how they can make a huge difference in your life -- with home purchases, for example. But what really affects the numbers? Click through for some steps to take now to get on the path to a better score.

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  • Capital Gains, Losses and Sale of Home

    The IRS has issued some important new guidance on capital gains and property basis, especially as the rules apply to homes. There's a chance here to save on taxes. Click through for an intro to this key guidance.

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  • Who Should Be Your Inheritors?

    Who gets your money when you die? It isn't always obvious, and you may face difficult financial and emotional decisions. Click through to learn how to start thinking about which people, or organizations, will reap your legacy.

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  • Is This Your Situation? "I Need To Build a Bigger Marketing List..."

    In order to build thriving email marketing strategies, it is important to continually add interested subscribers to your list. Click through for some great tips to help you grow your list with a bounty of new member additions.

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  • Know the Basics of Medicare

    Medicare is a federal insurance program that provides health coverage for older Americans, and its provisions can get quite complicated. Click through for an introduction so you understand what you or your loved ones are entitled to.

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  • When Should You Retire?

    Although everyone talks about 65 as a magic number, many people retire at 50, while others work well into their 80s and beyond. Click through for some thoughts on retirement age to find the right number for your situation.

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  • 3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Generate More New Opportunities

    If you'd like your email marketing to start bringing in more new business, you'll need to turn your messages into attention-getting emails full of click-worthy content. Click through, and get three quick tips to help you dazzle new prospects and keep existing clients enthralled.

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  • Stuff Your Prospects' Stockings with Strategic Email Content this Season

    Estate planning law firms that are serious about implementing strategic digital marketing initiatives are far more likely to maintain consistent growth than those with a passive approach. Click through for four tips to help you implement a digital marketing plan that yields better results.

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  • Social Security: Is It Time to Tap Into It?

    You can start taking Social Security payments as early as age 62, but you get a bigger monthly payout if you can wait. What's the optimal time? Click through to learn the basics of Social Security calculations.

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  • What Do You Need to Fund Your Retirement?

    It's one of the most common questions for those contemplating retirement: how much money is needed for a secure and happy retirement. There is not a single answer, but there is help. Click through for tips you can use to calculate your financial needs.

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  • Local Entertainment And Events Calendar: Including Virtual Events

    You'll always know where the fun's going on with our interactive local events calendar featuring social sharing, images, videos and ticket links. Click through to see what's happening or to add your own local events.

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  • Doctors Can Help You As You Age

    As you get older, make your doctors a part of your life. There's a lot to be gained by working with a team of physicians to stave off the health problems of old age. Click through for a quick review of the specialists you should be consulting.

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  • Exploding the Myths of the Living Trust

    Most people have heard of living trusts, but don't really understand how they work and how powerful they can be in estate planning. Click through to see why what is common knowledge about trusts is actually a myth!

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  • Managing Risk in Estate Planning

    "Risk" is both a mathematic and emotional concept, a gauge of the likelihood that your estate plan will achieve its goals. Click through for an introduction to this important but often misunderstood concept.

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  • Special Trusts for Special Circumstances

    There are more trusts for more circumstances than most people can imagine. Some of them are for very special purposes. Click through for an examination of some lesser-known trusts to see whether one of them may be right for you.

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  • Coronavirus and Business Interruption Insurance

    The coronavirus pandemic has upended businesses across the board. Many of those businesses hope their business interruption insurance will help mitigate their financial losses. Click here to delve into the complex world of business insurance.

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  • How the Net Investment Tax Works

    The net investment tax hits high earners with significant investment income. Calculating it can be complex, and the rules are subtle. Click through to see how it works and whether it will take a bite out of your finances.

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  • How To Be a Part-time Landlord

    Think of it as a hands-on investment; real estate has long been an important investment sector. What if you added a twist: You're managing it yourself. Click through for an introduction to becoming a part-time landlord.

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  • How To Give Money to Adult Children

    How can you help your children succeed in life? Some parents have the resources to help their adult children, but they need to consider all the issues. Click through for some guidance in giving grown children money while you're still alive.

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  • Good Jobs for Retirees: Technically Retired but Still Working

    Even if you're financially secure enough to retire, you may find work provides you with a sense of belonging and purpose. Click through to see how retirement can be the perfect time to pursue something you've always wanted to do.

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  • Probate: What Is It Anyway?

    You may have heard that probate is a hassle. But what exactly is it? Should you try to avoid it? Is that even possible? Click through for an introduction to what probate involves and what can be done in advance to make it simpler.

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  • How To Make Money Last in Retirement

    People worry about running out of money in retirement, but there are ways to achieve peace of mind. Click through to see how proper financial planning can make retirement financial woes less likely.

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