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  • Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?

    As you reach your sunset years, you may want to remain in your house but still tap the equity you built up over the years. Click through to find out if a reverse mortgage can solve your problems and how to get started.

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  • How Do You Research Salary Rates?

    Whether you're running a company or working for one, you want to know what the market rate is for people with a specific skill set and experience in a particular region. Click through to powershift your salary rate research chops.

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  • If You Want to Be Successful, You Must Have Benchmarks

    As a business owner, you may think you're doing well, but do you have the numbers to back up your opinion? There are ways of getting actual data. Click through to learn how to get data to see how you compare against industry standards.

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  • What's the Deal With Palimony?

    Marital property rights are in a state of transition, not the least because of recent developments regarding the rights of people who are not spouses at all but near-spouses. Click through to be privy to the debate on spousal rights.

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  • Can You Leave Your IRA to Charity?

    Looking to give yourself a tax break and do some good? It's legal, and often advantageous, to leave your IRA to a charity. Click through to learn the rules behind this strategy.

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  • Don't Try to Be Funny with the IRS

    It's OK to disagree with the IRS. In fact, there's even a formal appeals process. But don't try to pull a fast one. Click through to find out what the IRS considers a frivolous argument, which can lead to severe penalties.

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  • Essential Business Data is Just a Click Away

    For business owners who want to make sure they're competitive, fresh, accurate benchmarking information is a must. How does your business compare with the industry as a whole? Click through to see how you stack up against your competitors.

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  • What to Do if You're Audited

    It's every taxpayer's nightmare: Your tax return has been selected for examination. Your response will undoubtedly be "why me?" Click through to get some tips on how to respond to get through this as painlessly as possible.

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  • How to Choose a Financial Planner

    Financial planners advise clients on how best to save, invest and grow their money. Click through to see how they can help you tackle a specific financial goal like buying a house or getting a macro view of your money and the interplay of various assets.

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  • What Insurance Do Small Businesses Need?

    The world of insurance is a complex one, and it's essential to make sure your business is covered. Click through to learn the basics of business insurance so you can make the right decisions.

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  • In Search of a Financial Advisor

    Almost everyone could use some help managing their money, from the modest to the wealthy. How do you find someone reliable? Click through for some insights into choosing and working with a financial advisor.

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  • Are You Giving Your Taxes Year-round Attention?

    Giving your taxes your full attention just once a year isn’t the best business strategy. Experts suggest that a year-round approach is better for your finances. Click through to learn the best ways to evaluate the impact of taxes throughout the year.

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  • Handling Employees Across State Lines

    When you have employees who live in one state and work in another, things can get a bit tricky. Click through to learn the basic rule -- you generally pay taxes in the state where your team works, but it can get complicated.

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  • How to Leave a House to Heirs

    If you're a parent, you probably want your children to inherit your home. It's best to plan for it —via estate planning. Click through to learn the choices available to you.

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  • How Small Businesses Can Use Newsletters

    A newsletter is a cost-effective medium for building relationships with customers and prospects -- and even for recruiting. Click through to see how a newsletter can increase your awareness of your company.

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  • Are New Sick Leave Rules Coming to Your Area?

    What seems like the mundane world of paid-time-off and sick-leave policies is receiving attention in the form of new regulations. Click through for some new rules in Chicago and Cook County -- they may come to your area next.

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  • Keep Your Homeowners Insurance Current

    Homeowners insurance isn't about buying it once and then forgetting about it. You have to repeatedly check it to make sure you're fully protected. Click through to learn how to stay current with your insurance.

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  • Want to Succeed? Become a Joiner!

    Becoming a member of professional organizations can help you strengthen your network, furthering your career. Click through to see how you can enhance your professional development through business associations.

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  • Working Philanthropy Into Your Estate Plan

    If you've been a philanthropist in life, you'll likely want to keep giving after death. Estate plans can provide the ability to do just that. Click through to learn about incorporating charitable gifts into your estate plan.

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  • Benefit Transfers When a Spouse Dies

    A spouse dies. What happens to their benefits? This tiny question becomes quite giant when bills start piling up and you never had to pay any of them before. Click through to get some tips on how to handle this.

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  • It's Time to Organize Your Estate

    No matter what age you are, it's not too early or too late to get a handle on your estate, to make sure it passes smoothly to your spouse, children, and any charities. Click through to learn how to get started.

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  • Tips on Managing the Ubiquitous Form 1099

    In today's economy, it may seem that there's a thin line between your employees and your contractors, but there's a world of difference to the IRS. One important distinction is the tax form used. Click through for the Form 1099 basics.

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  • A Shrewd Way to Give: The Donor-Advised Fund

    Think of DAFs as halfway between a private foundation and a simple bank account. They can be very useful systems for the philanthropically minded. Click through to learn what DAFs are, and how they work.

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  • How to Dress for Success in Today's World

    In past generations, office wear was a simple proposition, but today, guidelines for proper clothes are all over the place. Click through for some thoughts on dressing for success in these confusing times.

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  • Should You Put Your House in a Trust?

    Placing your home in a trust has advantages, like avoiding probate court, but there are a lot of details to get through. Click through to help figure out if this is the right move for you and what it involves.

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  • 6 Retirement Mistakes to Avoid

    It's a "don't let this happen to you" situation: finding yourself nearing retirement with not enough money. Click through to learn about the mistakes you need to avoid.

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  • Alternative Minimum Tax: Know the Deal

    Is the most dreaded acronym not the IRS anymore but AMT? Alternative minimum tax is a different way of calculating your tax liability. Click through to get rid of the AMT willies.

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  • Living Wills: Everybody Should Have One

    It's hard to contemplate, but there may come a time in your life when you can't make decisions for yourself. That's what a living will is for. Click through to find out how these work and why you need one.

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  • The Advantages of Diversity Training

    You're thinking of implementing diversity training to advocate workplace diversity. Click through to see how such programs lead to higher employee retention rates, improved morale, reduced lawsuits and improved recruiting.

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  • When an Employee Faces a Wage Garnishment

    It's not your fault, but you're stuck in the middle: a court has ordered you to withhold wages from an employee's paycheck. Click through to learn how to keep this from getting messy.

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  • Are Adult Children Responsible for Their Parents' Care?

    Are adult children responsible for their parents' medical care, not just morally, but legally? Click through to learn what the rules are if you're one of the many people who live in a filial care state.

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  • Local Entertainment And Events Calendar: Including Virtual Events

    You'll always know where the fun's going on with our interactive local events calendar featuring social sharing, images, videos and ticket links. Click through to see what's happening or to add your own local events.

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  • Cross-Border Tax Issues With Canada

    If you do business in Canada, you need to understand how the U.S./Canada Income Tax Treaty may affect your business. Click through to see how to capitalize on doing business with our largest and closest trading partner.

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  • Compare Your Business with Your Competitors and the Industry

    Have you ever wondered how your company compares with others in your industry as a whole, including your competitors? Do you even know what your industry benchmarks are? Click through to learn where you stand.

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  • How Does the Gift Tax Work?

    Is it truly better to give than receive? Ask the IRS. Even if you give gifts to relatives and friends, the government wants its piece of the action. Click through for some details on the little-known gift tax.

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  • When You Should Take Social Security

    It's tempting when you reach your 60s to dip into Social Security as soon as you're able, but it may not be the best choice. Click through to learn more about timing your payments.

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  • Does Your Company Need Key Person Insurance?

    In business, it's hard to find time to consider something that isn't really urgent but that can be incredibly important. Click through to learn how to protect yourself against the loss of a top employee.

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  • Do You Know How You Stack Up Against Your Competitors?

    Smart companies know that one of the keys to success is making sure you know how you compare with other companies. Fortunately, there is a way to see how you rate. Click through to learn about an easy way to access industry benchmarks.

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  • Facing the Emotional Side of Mergers

    Many articles and books have been written about how to do a merger, and many speakers have pontificated on the subject. Click through to see that the one missing ingredient is the range of emotions that accompany the transaction.

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  • Special Video Report: Know the Importance of Job Descriptions

    For businesses to survive and prosper, employees have to adapt quickly to changing situations. That's why it's more important than ever that job descriptions reflect employees' job duties. Click through to learn how to make sure management and staff are all on the same page.

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  • How to Put Together a Home Budget

    Get your financial life in control and organized. How? Create a budget. Click through to learn how to track your expenditures, identify spending habits and set goals for yourself.

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  • Why Compensation Plans Are Your Key to Success

    You create a plan for marketing, a plan for sales, and a plan for technology. Make a plan for employee compensation as well. Click through to learn about this essential but sometimes forgotten business management task.

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  • What Dead Celebrities Can Teach Us About Estate Planning

    The news is always full of celebrities who die and leave their estates in a mess for heirs to fight over for years. Click through to learn how to make sure your heirs don't end up like that.

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  • How to Work With the IRS Office of Appeals

    Tax audits are rough, but you have recourse even if they don't end up in your favor. If an auditor rules against you, but you believe the ruling to be in error, you can appeal the decision. Click through for details on how to make an appeal.

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  • How to Pick the Right 401(k) Provider

    You're ready to provide a company-sponsored 401(k) retirement plan -- for yourself and your employees. How do you choose a provider? Click through to learn how to select a service provider for the long haul.

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  • The Rise of Robo Trading

    Robo investing is a relatively new form of algorithmic trading. Click through to discover how it's providing new and easily accessible ways for individual investors to enter the stock market.

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  • Can You Trust the Cloud With Your Taxes?

    When it comes to taxes and other sensitive financial information, email is NOT the way to go. Click through to see how a secure cloud platform is the way to go to receive and review tax and other financial documents.

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  • Retirement: Looking Beyond the Financials

    Everyone is concerned with saving enough for retirement, and rightly so. But there's more to creating a successful post-work life than having sufficient funds. Click through for some advice on the nonfinancial aspects of retirement.

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  • Consider Digital Assets in Estate Planning

    Who will let your professional online network know that you've passed away? How will your executor access your passwords and PINs? Click through to see the latest ruminations on estate planning for digital assets.

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  • What's the Best Payday Frequency?

    Depending on local rules, you might have a lot of leeway on how often to cut paychecks: every week, every other week, monthly. What is best for your company and your employees? Click through for the options, and the advantages of each.

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  • The Pros and Cons of Becoming an ESOP

    An employee stock ownership plan can be just the ticket for the right kind of company. How does it work, and is it the right model for your business? Click through for an introduction to this popular method for owning a company.

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  • Taking Care of the Family Business for the Next Generation

    In family-owned businesses, the family's wealthy and the company itself are bound together, financially and psychologically. Creating an estate plan is especially important in this situation, and complex. Click through to get a handle on your family business.

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  • Some Thoughts on the Future of Employment

    Work no longer requires large numbers of workers: technological progress has made farms and factories more productive than ever. What does this mean on the employment front? Click through to see our future as workers.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Feeling Confused about Commercial Leases and Common Area Maintenance Charges?

    A commercial lease isn’t a one-size-fits-all document. Some commercial leases for retail and industrial spaces include a common area maintenance fee. Click through to learn exactly what this is and to better understand this key lease detail.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Concerned About Getting a Business Loan

    A business loan is something you should consider carefully and plan for before you actually need it. Click through to learn about the important choices you have to make and how to borrow wisely.

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  • How to Protect Your Estate From an Ex

    One of the most common motivations for using trusts is to minimize the risk that a future divorce will expose assets to the reach of your ex-spouse. Click through to become wise to practical steps to take to keep assets safe from your ex.

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  • What You Need to Know About Basis

    The concept of basis is an important one, and in the context of inheritance, it's often misunderstood. What does it mean for estate planning? Click through for an introduction to how the IRS looks at the value of an inheritance.

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  • Exploring the Self-Funded Solution

    Employer self-funded health care programs offer portability, flexibility and customization. Click through to understand exactly what this is and how it can work for you.

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  • Is This Your Situation: You're Worried About Serving as a Trustee

    Trusts are popular and useful estate planning tools, so it's likely you'll be asked to serve as a trustee for a friend or relation. Click through for a basic introduction to what you need to know.

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  • Great App: Figure Out How You Stand with the Rest of the Pack

    Are you one of the best? Or do you have some catching up to do? Now there's an easy way to compare yourself against competitors and industry benchmarks. Click through to get started in finding out where you stand.

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  • Develop a Social Media Plan and Implement It

    Want your business to get found online? You don't have to be a Fortune 100 company to take advantage of social media. Click through to see how direct communication with customers has the potential to transform your business.

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  • Should You Consider Owning a Franchise?

    Maybe you're tired of working for someone else. But starting your own business can be risky. A middle ground for many is the franchise -- be your own boss, but with the backing of a big company. Click through to see if this is the right move for you.

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  • How to Communicate With Your Staff

    The quality of your senior management's internal communication says a lot about your company. Click through to see plenty of ways to continue to improve workplace communication.

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  • What to Know About 'Power of Attorney'

    A power of attorney allows you to appoint a person or organization to manage your affairs if you become unable to do so. Click through to discover the different types of powers of attorney with different levels of control.

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  • Hobby vs. Business: Where Do You Draw the Line?

    You buy and sell rare stamps: Is this a business or just a hobby? The answer can be complicated. Click through for an introduction to IRS guidance on the differences between a business and a hobby.

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  • How to Be an Executor

    It may be your duty someday to carry out the final wishes of a family member or close friend. What are you responsibilities? Click through to find what you need to know as an executor, and where you can get help.

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  • Take a Look at the New HSA Plan Limits

    The Internal Revenue Service just announced the 2018 inflation-adjusted limits for health savings accounts, and they're up. Click through to see by how much and what other changes might be coming.

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  • What to Do After a Hurricane

    Did you just get through hurricane? Do you know someone who did? Now comes the time to rebuild and repair homes, businesses and communities. Click through for a helping hand to get you -- or your friends and family -- through the coming weeks.

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  • How to Get a Tax Break After a Disaster

    Each season brings its worries about potential natural disasters, including hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes and floods. But know that the damage is often tax-deductible. Click through to see what the IRS allows after a major loss.

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  • Know the Tax Rules for Part-time or Seasonal Help

    From resorts during the summer to department stores in December, many businesses need to hire part-time and seasonal help. Click through to learn about the special tax rules for these kinds of staffers.

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  • How to Choose a Credit Card

    No single credit card is better than all others in all categories for all people. Click through to learn how to choose a card that best fits your spending habits and credit situation.

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  • The Complex World of Flood Insurance

    Many people don't think they need flood insurance, but they do. Others think they have it, but they don't. Flood insurance is a complex topic. Click through for an introduction to flood insurance that can save you a fortune.

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  • Keep Track of Paycheck Withholding

    You may want to check paycheck withholding, says the IRS. Withholding errors can lead to unpleasant surprises at tax time. Click through to consider several factors that may affect refunds or the taxes owed in 2018.

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  • Business Tax and Bad Debt

    Do you have a client or customer who won't pay? Even when all attempts to collect a bad debt have failed, the IRS may give you a break at filing time. Click through to see how to take that bad debt off your taxes.

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  • 5 Ways to Avoid Micromanaging Your Staff

    It's a difficult line to walk: you have to properly supervise your staff, but if you spend too much time guiding them in their tasks, you squash initiative and destroy morale. Click through for some tips to avoid the micromanagement trap.

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  • How to Calculate Severance Pay

    Severance pay is usually offered to employees after termination from their jobs. Though generally not required to provide it, companies often base it on length of employment. Click through to see how other firms handle this.

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  • Getting to Know the Sharing Economy

    What's the sharing economy? It involves using online platforms to rent a spare bedroom, provide car rides or offer any number of other goods or services. Click through to learn more about what's often called the sharing economy.

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  • Big Changes in Social Security and Retirement Plans for 2018

    Every year, the IRS and Social Security Administration tweak essential numbers for Social Security and retirement plans — and this year is no different. Click through for the need-to-know numbers for 2018.

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  • Social Security and Pensions: Post-Divorce Divisions

    Dividing assets after a marriage ends is never an easy proposition, and it can be especially difficult when Social Security and pensions are added to the mix. Click through for some insights into dividing these benefits.

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  • Know the Ins and Outs of Joint Tenancy

    It can be a great way to own property, helping owners avoid probate and spreading both risk and reward. But there are some pitfalls and it isn't for everyone. Click through for the key points of joint tenancy.

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  • How to Hold Real Estate in Your IRA

    Traditionally, IRAs contain funds or individual securities, but it's possible to put other kinds of investments into these accounts, including real estate. Click through for some insights into the rewards and dangers of this strategy.

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  • How Do You Handle Sales Tax?

    Does your company need to collect sales tax on purchases made in and out of state? If you’re not already familiar with this process, it can seem complicated. Click through to better understand the basics of sales tax for your products.

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  • Welcome to the Firm's Newsletter

    Welcome to our firm's newsletter! We plan to give you helpful information every two weeks. Click through to learn all about the valuable free information we'll be sending.

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  • Bracket Changes and More From the IRS

    Washington is abuzz with talk of tax reform, although there's no certainty what, if anything, will happen. But the IRS is proceeding, for now, as if 2018 will be business as usual. Click through for bracket and deduction changes.

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  • What Does It Mean to Be a Fiduciary?

    You may have heard about arguments coming out of Wall Street and Washington regarding fiduciary standards and controversial changes in regulations. Click through to get the scoop about what it means to be a fiduciary.

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  • Using Myers-Briggs to Help with Hiring

    Every company is looking for an edge in finding and hiring the best people. One key tool is the Myers-Briggs test. Click through to learn what this test can, and cannot, do, and how you should implement it.

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  • Get a Tax Break From Past-year Losses

    There are many tax breaks out there, but some of them are a little harder to unearth than others. If you've had a year when deductions exceeded income, you may be entitled to a refund. Click through for an intro to the complex rules surrounding net operating losses.

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  • Noncompete Agreements: Should You Insist on One?

    A noncompete agreement can help minimize loss if a competitor tries to lure one of your employees away. But there are limits to how these work. Click through to become aware of all the implications before you ask your staff to sign one.

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  • Tips to Improve Company Spirit

    Can low morale ultimately hinder your business from reaching its goals? Click through for simple and creative approaches to strengthen employee engagement.

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  • Know the Secrets Behind 'Miscellaneous Deductions'

    Tax breaks that don't fit into a particular category; what would you call them? Yup, that's what the IRS did -- miscellaneous deductions. Click through and see the one-hit wonders -- maybe you'll see a deduction you haven't considered yet.

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  • Get the Lowdown on Probate -- And How to Avoid It

    Almost everyone has heard the term "probate," but many have only a vague idea of what it means and all the steps involved. Click through for an introduction to the probate process, and tips on how to get through it or even avoid it entirely with trusts.

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  • The Future of Work: Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is impacting all aspects of our lives. The typical office worker is becoming a thing of the past. Click through to discover the future of work and your place in it.

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  • Life Insurance Trusts: Powerful Tax-Savings Vehicles

    If an estate is large enough, it can get hit by federal and state estate taxes. Fortunately, a life insurance trust can let you plan around these taxes. Click through for an introduction to this useful estate planning tool.

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  • Leave Your Estate to Your Grandchildren

    There may be reasons to skip your children and leave most or all of your estate to your grandchildren. This is possible, but there are pitfalls. Click through to learn about generation-skipping transfer tax.

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  • What Is the Kiddie Tax, and How Should You Address It?

    Ever think you could reduce your taxes by shifting investments over to your children? The government is wise to you. Click through to see how the kiddie tax was designed to discourage this.

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  • How to Prevent and Address Sexual Harassment in Your Company

    It's every company's responsibility to have a safe and harassment-free workplace. Click through to discover how to develop a robust business environment to prevent and address sexual harassment cases.

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  • Surviving the Personal Tax Audit

    It's the fear of every taxpayer and a staple subject of comedians and TV shows: the tax audit. But you can make it go a lot more smoothly, and increase the odds of a good outcome, if you are well-prepared.

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  • The Ins and Outs of the Earned Income Tax Credit for 2018

    The EITC can be a powerful hand up for working people with low incomes, but the details are often misunderstood. Click through for the provisions of this important credit and a chart with the latest numbers.

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  • The 401(k): Just the Beginning of Retirement Benefits

    Retirement plans are one of the most popular benefits companies can offer, and even small businesses can get in on the game. Click through for an introduction to retirement plans that are perfect for small businesses.

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  • Tax Advantages of Investing in Real Estate

    One of the biggest real estate tax advantages for investors is deductions, generally geared to rental properties. Click through to get more details on what can be a long-term investment.

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  • Don't Forget Your Military Tax Breaks

    Whether you haven't yet filed taxes for this year or are already doing tax planning for next year, consider these often-forgotten breaks. Click through for an introduction to the tax benefits the federal government offers to military personnel.

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  • Estate Planning Is NOT Just for the Wealthy

    There's a common perception that estate planning is only for those with vast wealth. But that's wrong. Click through to get a deeper understanding of the importance of planning for even modest estates.

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  • What to Do if Your Business Is Audited

    An eerie feeling comes over you when the IRS determines your business owes tax money. Click through to get the scoop on IRS audits of business tax returns.

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  • The Ins and Outs of Virtual Offices

    A significant proportion of your workers use technology to perform their jobs from home. Click through to see how virtual offices blend home and work to gain efficiencies that benefit both employer and employee.

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  • Tax Calendar for the Rest of 2017

    Although April 15 is the most famous, there are plenty of other tax deadlines both businesses and individuals need to know. Click through for an annotated list of taxes to be paid between July 1 and Dec. 31.

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  • Family Businesses and the Next Generation

    Having your children work in the family business is a great way to teach your kids about work ethic and money management, and to kick-start their retirement or college savings plan. Click through for tips on bringing your children into the family business.

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  • Gifts to Charity: Six Facts About Written Acknowledgments

    You contribute money or gifts to qualified organizations that are eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. Click through if you plan to claim a charitable deduction on your tax return.

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  • Adult Children and Filial Responsibility Laws

    In some jurisdictions, special laws may require adult children to contribute to their parents' care if Medicare isn't yet applicable. But federal rules may actual block their enforcement. Click through to learn more about filial responsibility.

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  • Learn the Estate Planning Angle for 529 Plans

    Almost everyone knows that 529 plans can be a great way to save for college. In addition, they also have some powerful estate-planning features. Click through to learn the full story behind 529 plans.

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  • Learn the Secrets of Key Performance Indicators

    How do you know if you're doing well? It's a more complicated question than you may realize. Click through to learn about the different ways to measure your company's performance, and which ones are right for you.

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  • What Makes a Successful Bonus Program?

    Bonuses are one of the best ways to motivate employees. But to actually work, a bonus program must be thoughtfully designed. Click through to learn about characteristics of an effective program.

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  • Business Deductions: A Quick Review

    Business expenses are the cost of carrying on a trade or business. Sometimes, the IRS gives you a tax break for your expenses. Click through for an introduction to the complex world of business tax deductions.

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  • What a Will Should NOT Do

    We are often urged, with good reason, to make a will to help put our lives in order. It’s a responsible and worthwhile thing to do — but not the only thing. Click through to learn when a will is not the best route.  

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  • Do You Have a Hobby or a Business?

    Have a hobby that's also a source of income? The line between business and hobby can be a thin one, and the rules are complex. Click through for some insights that will help you make sure that you're in compliance and that you're not missing any allowable deductions.

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  • Historic Homes and the IRS

    If you're rehabilitating a historic home, you may be able to claim a rehabilitation tax credit. But the devil is in the details, and it's about more than just the house being old. Click through to learn about the conditions you need to meet.

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  • Should You Introduce Profit-Sharing — and How?

    Profit-sharing is a group incentive plan for employees to share in profits. Click through to change your culture from "Let’s get it done" to "We’re all in this together."

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  • The Ins and Outs of Small-Business Insurance

    Can small-business insurance help you with your pandemic losses? Click through to find out.

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  • What You Don't Know About Estate Planning

    Do you know what estate planning really is? Some people think it's only for the very wealthy, or that they don't have to worry about it until they're old—but those are misconceptions! Click through for the real facts on estate planning.

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  • How To Manage the 3 Major Supply Chain Risks

    Managing supply chains in uncertain times means understanding the risks and finding ways to mitigate them — the pandemic showed us that! Click through to read about managing three major supply chain risks.

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  • Taxation of Cryptocurrency and NFTs: New Rules Coming

    Cryptocurrency is not a fad. It is here to stay. That is clear from the proposed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which includes provisions about how cryptocurrency is taxed. Click through to see what may be on the horizon.

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