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  • Decor Hacks for Entryway Organization

    Without the right organization system, the entryway can be a place of chaos. You want to make sure that this part of your home remains functional while also being stylish. Click through for the top entryway storage hacks.

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  • Must-Have Kitchen Storage Solutions to Consider

    Do you want to create the kitchen of your dreams? It all comes down to storage for food, dishes and cookware. Click through to learn about storage solutions before you even start on your kitchen remodel.

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  • 4 Tips for Downsizing with Ease

    It can be tough to say goodbye to your things, but sometimes it's for the best. In fact, it can be very freeing to make a fresh start. Click through for some approaches to downsizing your home and your life.

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  • Local Entertainment And Events Calendar

    You'll always know where the fun's going on with our interactive local events calendar featuring social sharing, images, videos and ticket links. Click through to see what's happening or to add your own local events.

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  • Get Property Valuation Ranges -- and More -- Instantly!

    Do you want to know about how much your property is worth? Or the value range of a property you're thinking of buying? Click through for an online program that will give you the results for any address instantly -- and a lot more!

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  • Learn the Whys and Hows of Checking Your Credit Report

    Knowing what is on your credit report is the first step toward preventing identity theft and improving your credit score. Click through to learn how to get your credit score accurately, for free.

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  • Tackling Pet Stains and Odors

    An inevitable part of being a pet owner is dealing with unpleasant stains. A multitude of products promise a glistening carpet and sparkling tile but don’t actually deliver. Click through to learn how to eliminate pet stains and odors once and for all.

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  • Learn About Your Local Neighborhood -- Or One You're Considering

    Get all the details with Neighborhood360, an essential online program that provides a wide range of demographics for any address and any neighborhood that you want. Click through if you want to know all about your own neighborhood, or one you're thinking of moving into.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Buying Your First House?

    Owning your own home has been part of the American Dream for years. Click through for some advice on how to make that dream come true.

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  • Kitchen Design Trends That Never Go Out of Style

    You can't go wrong with home improvement this year if you choose kitchen design trends that never go out of style. Click here for some renovation ideas that are practical, fashionable -- and timeless.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Thinking About Moving to a Bigger House?

    Are you planning to grow your family? Maybe you got a huge promotion and pay raise at work? Click through for 3 questions you should ask yourself to determine if now is a good time to buy a bigger house.

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  • Property Estimates Plus a Lot of Extras with Online Program

    Have you stopped and wondered about how much you could get for your property? Or maybe you want a range for a vacation home you're thinking of buying? Click through for a program that gives you value ranges for any property, plus a whole lot more.

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  • The Ultimate DIY Remodel Punch List

    Remodeling your home? Create the ultimate do-it-yourself remodel punch list to make sure you have all your bases covered. Click through for a secret from the pros to make sure your remodeling goes according to plan.

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  • Should You Become a Landlord?

    Real estate has long been an important investment class. If you own and rent out a house or condo, you have a long-term income stream plus an asset that could go up in value. Click through for some thoughts on becoming a landlord.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Prepping Your Home for Sale

    Although it can be tempting to wash your hands of your old home when you put it up for sale, it's essential to create a good appearance. Click through to learn why you have to put time and money into fixing up your home before a sale.

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  • Our Super Online Program: The Full Story on Any Address, Any Neighborhood

    Get all the details with Neighborhood360, a smart new program that provides the key demographics for any neighborhood. Click through if you want to know all about your own neighborhood, or one you're thinking of moving into.

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  • How to Keep Your Home Cleaner

    Keep your home spotless longer after you clean with simple tips designed to complement your household care routine. Click here to learn how to take the long-term view for keeping your house as immaculate as possible.

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  • The Ultimate Cleaning Checklist

    Home cleaning works best with a checklist that encompasses annual cleaning tasks organized by room for every homeowner's convenience. Click through to learn how, by approaching your cleaning tasks with a system, the whole process goes much more smoothly.

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  • Get the Trend: French Country

    Are you in awe of some of the homes that feature French country decor? Including elements of this design trend in your home is simple, and even affordable. Click through to learn how to get the French country look in your own home.

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  • Things You Might Not Think of When Refinancing Your Home

    Refinancing your home can be a complicated process, and many homeowners forget about some key details as they go through the various stages. Click through for a quick checklist to help you get through refinancing more smoothly.

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  • 4 Reasons to Consider Investing in Real Estate

    Many investors are looking for ways to diversify their investment portfolios, or are considering buying a place for an adult child. Click through for the advantages of investing in real estate.

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  • 7 Home Maintenance Tasks All Homeowners Should Master

    Keeping your landscaping and appliances clean and well-maintained can prevent costly maintenance down the road. Click through to learn how to become more of a DIY homeowner.

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  • All New Deep Data For Your Neighborhood

    Get the real story on your neighborhood--or any neighborhood--and see data about everything from schools to household income. Click through to start your exploration.

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  • Wow Your Guests! Fun Holiday Decorating Ideas

    Holiday decorations are manifestations of joy, celebration and good spirits—or maybe you just really want to impress the family coming to stay. No matter what, we have some ideas for you. Click through for some quick and easy holiday decorating tips.

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  • Get the Inside Scoop on Any Home, Any Neighborhood

    With this program, a full report for any neighborhood is at your fingertips -- a full demographic profile that helps you get a wide-range picture of any village or town. In all, 150 million records are available! Click through to get the complete story for your own address and neighborhood, or one you're interested in.

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  • Things You Should Probably Know About Your Crawl Space

    There are a number of things you should know about your home's crawl space so you can take care of routine maintenance and avoid problems. Click through to learn more about this forgotten but important part of your house.

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  • How Do Home Improvement Loans Work?

    Curious about some of the options out there to finance a home remodel? If you don't have a large reserve of cash to complete all your home improvement plans, there are loans that can help you out. Click through to learn how home improvement loans work.

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  • With New Online Program, Property Valuation Ranges Are Just the Beginning

    Maybe you want to know about that property you're thinking of buying. Or you just want to know the valuation range for your own property. Click through to access an online program that will give you value ranges, and more, for any property you're interested in.

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  • 5 Ways to Automate Your Home

    Home automation is becoming increasingly popular, with thousands of families purchasing electronic personal assistants and other programmable devices. Click through for some of the most common ways to automate a home.

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  • Fashion Trends Translated for Your Home

    In a lot of cases, the new trends in the fashion industry directly translate to the latest craze in the interior design industry. Click through to explore the colors, textures and design motifs that work on the runway and in the home.

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  • Common Mistakes When Upgrading the Kitchen

    Upgrading the kitchen can be exciting, and even fun, but you have to plan carefully to avoid expensive and frustrating errors. Click through to learn about the biggest mistakes you can make, and how to avoid them.

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  • Consider Millennial-inspired Amenities

    The millennials have upended demographics in retail, in the workplace -- and in the home. This generation has a new way of looking at home design. Are you a millennial, or do you want to think the way they do? Click through for some generational insights.

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  • Don't Break the Bank: How to DIY Your Home Bar

    Be the most popular homeowners on the block with a suave bar. You can get fancy without all the financing. Click through to learn the details of setting up a great space for your entertaining, without going broke.

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  • Foolproof Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

    Are you looking for economical ways to decorate this holiday season? We have some ideas you may not have thought about. Click through to learn more on how to get started with seasonal decorations. 

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  • Is This Your Situation: What Questions Will a Mortgage Lender Ask of Me?

    Get prepared for buying a house by getting prequalified for a mortgage. Click through to learn what mortgage bankers want to know and how you can position yourself to provide the answers.

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  • Are You Making Any of These 5 Organizing Mistakes?

    You might think you're doing the right things to keep your home organized, but there are some bad habits that many people fall victim to that will keep your house from ever being clutter-free. Click through to learn about five organization mistakes you could be making.

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  • The 5 Home Improvements That Give the Best ROI

    We all want to improve our homes as much as our budgets allow. But which improvements actually add to the home's value? They may not be what you think! Click through to learn how to think strategically about improving your home.

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  • Great Home Theater Projectors You Can Buy Today

    A mere television is no longer enough. You need the whole home theater experience. But how do you choose the right hardware? Click through to get started researching home theater projectors today.

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  • Create a Champagne Home on a Beer Budget

    Big style costs big money, right? Not necessarily. There are ways to get a great result on a tight budget, if you know how. Click through for some clever tricks to improve your home in 2017.

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  • How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Kitchen

    If you’ve ever done any research into lighting options for your kitchen, you know that it’s trickier than just picking the one you like. That’s why we’ve rounded up the major categories of kitchen lighting to help you choose the option that’s right for you. Click through for a streamlined list of kitchen lighting options to help you in your search.

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  • 10 Fun Home Technology Gadgets

    Are you curious about the top home technology gadgets recently revealed at CES, the consumer electronics show? Click through to learn about the advances that are on the cusp of revolutionizing our day-to-day living.

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  • 4 Ways to Improve Your Home's Energy With Feng Shui

    Wondering what feng shui is all about? We explain how it works. Click through to learn how to create a positive energy flow in your home.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Choosing the Best Neighborhood for You

    Maybe your family situation has changed, and you want something different. Or perhaps your job has moved and you want a shorter commute. Click through for some thoughts on picking a new neighborhood.

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  • 7 Questions to Ask When Attending Open Houses

    It's both fun and educational to attend an open house, whether it's for a new residence or a vacation home. Click through to learn how to prepare strategic questions to ask the listing agent when attending open houses as a potential buyer.

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  • What to Know About a Historic District

    Renovating any home is full of challenges, but historic homes are subject to additional guidelines, rules and regulations. Click through for an introduction to the special rules surrounding historic renovations.

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  • Are You Ready for a New Home? A Guide for Move-Up Buyers

    You may be asking yourself: Am I in the right place to move into a nicer home? The answer relies on a few different factors. Click through to find out if you're in a position to move up.

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  • Is This Your Situation: What Questions Should I Ask a Listing Agent Before Hiring One?

    If you’ve ever sold a home without an agent, there’s a good reason why you are hiring a listing agent now -- you want to make some money on the deal this time! Click through for 4 questions you must ask a listing agent before making a hiring decision.

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  • Children's Rooms Through the Years

    Children may live in the same room from infancy until the day they move out. Their room must evolve and change with them, yet remain inexpensive to update. Click through for some tips and ideas for designing children's rooms.

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  • Organizing A His-and-Her Shared Walk-In Closet

    Do you share your walk-in with your spouse? Click through for tips and tools to make the most of your half of the space and theirs.

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  • Ask These 6 Questions Before Switching Utility Providers

    Utility providers can be a hassle to deal with, but they are necessary to have the comforts of home we enjoy, such as running water and electricity. Have you made the right choices? Click through to make sure you are asking the right questions before switching.

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  • 3 Ways to Welcome Your Boomerang Kids With Ease

    They're the children who, instead of going out on their own, return to Mom and Dad after college. And yet, it's not like having young children again. Click through for three ways to make living with your boomerang kids easier.

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  • Do I Need a Permit to Do That?

    Planning a home renovation is exciting, but it is important to secure all the necessary permits before beginning work. Do you need to get a sign-off on what you're planning? Click through to learn how to avoid unnecessary problems during your renovation.

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  • New Construction Design Trends to Watch This Year

    With many employees working longer hours, it is becoming increasingly important for homes to positively impact their owners' work-life balance. Click through for a review of trends that can help create a warm and welcoming space.

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  • Crucial Steps to Planning a Successful Remodel

    Whether this is your first remodel or your fifth, knowing the right steps to the process can ensure that your project is done on time and on budget. Click through to learn the key steps for a remodel you can be proud of. 

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  • Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Valuable Time

    Cleaning hacks make your home spotless in no time by speeding up what is usually an unpleasant process. Click through to learn how to spend more time enjoying yourself and your immaculate living space.

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  • Tax Time: Mortgage Interest and Other Deductions

    At the end of 2017, many new tax laws were passed, changing a variety of deduction rules. Many of these changes are both significant and complicated. Click through for an introduction to some of the most important changes.

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  • Keep Your Patio Furniture Looking Its Best

    With the coming of summer, you'll be spending more time in your backyard. And you'll want your outdoors to be as handsome and comfortable as your living room. Click through to learn how to keep your patio furniture in good shape.

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  • 5 Surprising Things Your Homeowners Insurance Doesn't Cover

    Here are five things you may be surprised to learn that your homeowners insurance doesn't cover. Click through to learn what to take care of now, so you don't have an unpleasant surprise later.

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  • Welcome To Lyons McGuire's HomeActions

    Hello! Welcome to our new service: HomeActions. This service will provide you late-breaking information and actionable resources to help you better manage your home and everything that comes with it. From tips and trends in home improvement, finance and tax information, to product recalls, home safety and technology, HomeActions has it all. We hope you enjoy this unique newsletter.

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  • How 2nd. Home Tax Deductions Work

    Play by the IRS rules and you can get big tax breaks from your vacation home.  Click through to see how to maximize your tax benefits.

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  • 6 Home Design Concepts That Stand the Test of Time

    You want to add items to your home that you won’t have to replace once the trend has died out. Since redecorating is such a hassle and expensive, you should add pieces to your home that you know will stand the test of time. Click through for six home design concepts that are here for the long haul.

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  • Is a Mother-in-Law Suite Right for You?

    If the possibility of having to care for your elderly parents is in your future, one option is a mother-in-law suite. It can make sense for a lot of reasons. Click through for some insights into this popular solution.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Concerned About High Closing Costs

    There are some easy steps that you can take as a homebuyer to reduce your closing costs, whether it's your first house or your fourth. Click through to make the process easier on yourself and your checkbook.

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  • Life Begins Again at 55+... But where Do we Go?

    Free 55+ Rightsizing Seminar
    Sunday, October 14th 3-6pm
    Baker's Crust Rooftop Terrace 19890 Belmont Chase Dr, Ashburn

    Please click ARTICLE TITLE to read more.

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  • An Indoor Rainbow: Painting the Inside of Your Home

    Painting a wall or four is a great way to save money. Why hire professionals when you can do it yourself? But it's important to have a plan before throwing paint around. Click through for interior painting guidelines.

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  • Is This Your Situation: How Can I Package My Home to Impress Buyers?

    After a full day of house hunting, even the hardiest shopper has difficulty remembering each home they visited. That's why you want to make a lasting impression when buyers view your home. Click through to learn how to package your home to sell.

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  • Follow These 7 Tips for a Successful Indoor Garden

    Growing an indoor garden is possible even in winter, no matter where you live. Click through for easy steps to creating your own indoor garden that will last you through all four seasons.

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  • Hot Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

    You can find hundreds of inspirational photos available each day at the touch of a button, but a few must-follow accounts stand out from the crowd. Click through for connections to today's top interior designers.

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  • Man Caves and She Shacks: Your Personal Retreat

    Regardless of how much you love your partner, there are times in your week when you need some time alone. Click through to find out more about creating a solo retreat in your own home.

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  • Expenses Homebuyers Often Overlook

    Buying a home is an exciting step, but it can come with dozens of unexpected expenses. Click through to prepare yourself for all the eventual costs that come along with a home purchase, whether it's your first home or your fifth.

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  • The 4 DIY Bathroom Upgrade Errors

    Your bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, but if you make renovation errors, the problems can be enormous. Click through for some things to watch out for as you start your project.

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  • Discover Which Architectural Style Fits Your Personality

    Have you considered lots of different home styles but are unsure which option is best for you? We've broken down the characteristics of various architectural styles. Click through to learn which style fits your personality.

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  • Is This Your Situation: You Want to Save for a House?

    Make the conscious effort to start saving for a down payment and you'll be surprised at how focused you become in achieving your goal.  Click through to learn how to get started.

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  • Where to Splurge and Where to Save on Home Improvements

    It’s hard to know where your dollars are best spent when it comes to improving your home. There are even conflicting opinions out there about what upgrades offer the best ROI. Click through to learn which home improvements you should splurge on and where you should be more conservative.

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  • Is This Your Situation: Ready to Purchase Your Next Home?

    If you've decided it's time to move to a bigger home or a home in a more coveted area, your next challenge will be how to finance it. Click through for 4 smart strategies for purchasing your next home.

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  • Interest Rate vs. APR: Know the Difference

    Most likely you have seen the rate chart at your bank that notes the current rate and then also the APR. What is the difference, though, and what does it mean for you? Click through for an easy-to-follow financial primer.

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  • 3 Important Tips for Selecting Bathroom Flooring

    Choosing the right flooring materials for your bathroom can be an easy way to give the space a complete makeover. Click through for tips on choosing a classy, up-to-date look that can help improve your home's value and visual appeal.

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  • 10 Ways to Save on Utility Bills During the Summer Months

    Summer means baseball and swimming and ice cream! But unfortunately, it also can mean high energy bills, thanks to air conditioning and having the kids at home. Click through to learn how to lower your utility bills and save money this summer.

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  • The Expenses of Replacing Major Appliances

    After a decade of service, it's time to toss the old fridge and stove. These items can add up to thousands of dollars, while others may not be as expensive as you think. Click through to find out what it will cost to replace your major appliances.

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  • Quick Fixes You Can Do at Home This Weekend

    There are many household tasks that are a lot easier to handle than you may have expected, and the results can give you a lot of satisfaction. Click through for key repair jobs you can tackle now to improve your home right away.

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  • Create Your Home's Color Scheme With These 9 Tips

    Few things can jazz up your home more dramatically than taking a fresh look at color. Click through to start exploring the ways you can create dynamic color schemes and transform the inside of your home with these inspirational tips.

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  • How to Organize Your Mudroom

    In its own way, your mudroom could be the most useful room in the house, helping keep the rest of your home clean and providing helpful storage space. Click through for some tips in getting the most out of this room.

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  • How to Finish Your Basement Right!

    Finishing your basement can drastically increase the usable space in your home, so you want to be sure to do it right. Click through to make your basement a comfortable, usable space that your whole family can enjoy for years to come.

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  • The Regional Pest Control Tips You Need to Know

    No one likes unwelcome critters in their home, no matter where they live. But how do you get rid of them? Click through to learn how to prepare for the pest problems spring brings with these useful pest control tips, organized by region.

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  • 4 Common Items That Start Home Fires

    Once you've identified the everyday products in your home that are common fire hazards, you can take the proper precautions to avoid a house fire. Click through to learn how to prevent a disaster in your home.

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  • Smart Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

    If you are actually able to pay off your mortgage, you are in rare air. Not even a fifth of homeowners in the U.S. have paid off even half their mortgage. Click through to learn how to become mortgage-free as soon as possible.

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  • Lessons Learned From Hurricane Matthew: Using Pictures To Create a Home Inventory -- and Free Software Package

    Did you know that 9 of 10 homeowners caught in Hurricane Matthew had no inventory of their possessions? If your possessions were lost or stolen, would you be able to recall all the items that were once inside? Click through for tips on creating a photo inventory of your possessions. You also should check out the free software.

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  • How to Prep Your Home for Vacation

    Vacation can be stressful if you have to worry about whether you locked the door and turned off the stove. Prepare your home to fully enjoy your time away, and save some money while you’re at it. Click through for a checklist to ready your home for vacation.

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  • What to Know About Fireplace Care and Maintenance

    Fireplaces are designed for one thing above all — safety. Proper use and care of your fireplace is easy if you keep a couple of things in mind. Click through to learn how to take care of your hearth and home.

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  • Tips for Buying Kitchen Appliances

    Ready to update your kitchen? One of the biggest decisions you'll have to make is deciding how to choose what kinds of appliances you want. Click through for tips to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

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  • 3 Things to Know About Property Taxes

    Whether you already own a home or are thinking of buying one, you may not know the full story on property taxes. Click through for some insights into how property taxes work, no matter where you live.

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  • Affordable Luxuries to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

    Everyone loves to spend a relaxing weekend at the spa, but taking a weekly trip to one isn't usually feasible. Still, you can go a long way toward creating one at home! Click through for a few easy ways to make your bathroom more like a spa.

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  • Must-know Tips for Arranging Your Linen Closet

    These essential tips help homeowners organize their linens while maximizing space with clean, orderly closets and cupboards. Click through to learn the ins and outs of this important, but often neglected, area of your house.

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  • How to Keep Your Family Organized

    Households no longer work like they did in "Leave It to Beaver." For those with two working parents and heavily scheduled children, life is more complicated. Click through to explore ways to keep your household in order in today's busy world.

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  • 3 Things to Know About Prefab Homes Before You Buy

    Interested in a prefab home? They are a hot trend and may be right for you, but you should investigate them before signing on the dotted line. Click through for three things to know about prefab homes before you buy.

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  • Closet Design Trends We Never Thought We'd See

    Modern-day closets have transformed from a cluttered afterthought to one of the most important rooms in the house. Click through for a few off-the-wall design ideas — some practical and some purely to delight the eye.

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  • Discover Which Type of Interior Design Fits Your Personality

    You want your home to reflect you and the things you like. But how do you narrow that down into a particular style? Click through to discover which type of interior design fits your personality. 

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  • 5 Design Tips to Make Small Living Feel Big

    The issue of space is top of mind for a lot of homeowners. If you live in a small home or apartment, chances are you want to make the most out of the space you have and you’d do anything to make your home feel bigger. Click through for 5 simple ways to make small living feel big!

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  • 6 Negotiating Tips Homebuyers Need to Know

    You want to get the best deal possible when buying a new home. Fortunately, there are negotiating strategies that all homebuyers can use when working with sellers and their agents. Click through for six negotiating tips for homebuyers.

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  • What to Do After a Hurricane

    Did you just get through hurricane? Do you know someone who did? Now comes the time to rebuild and repair homes, businesses and communities. Click through for a helping hand to get you -- or your friends and family -- through the coming weeks.

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  • How to Secure the Best Loan for You

    For most of us, shopping for a new home also means shopping for a home mortgage. Click through for 6 tips that will help you discover the best loan for your specific needs.

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  • 4 Tips for Upgrading Your Kitchen on a Budget

    If you're looking to upgrade your kitchen but don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a project, we have some affordable kitchen upgrades that can help you get the most bang for your buck. Click through for 4 inexpensive kitchen upgrades you have to try.

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  • 4 Times an Umbrella Insurance Policy Could Save You

    Don't get caught in the rain without an umbrella, and don't get caught being the responsible party in an accident without an umbrella insurance policy! Click here to read why an umbrella policy is essential.

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  • How Long Do Most Appliances and Home Systems Last?

    When you make a big purchase, such as a new HVAC system, you expect it to last for a good many years. Unfortunately, all appliances and home systems eventually fail. Click through for some insights into what those life spans might be.

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  • Learn All About the Top 4 Mortgage Questions

    Get prepared for buying a house by preparing to get qualified for a mortgage first. Click through to learn what mortgage bankers want to know, and how you can position yourself to provide the answers.

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  • 5 Important Things to Know When Buying Inside an HOA

    A homeowners association or HOA can provide many amenities to its members that make their lives much easier, but there may also be some drawbacks. Click here to know what the deal is when moving into an HOA community.

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  • 5 New and Improved Ways to Protect Your Home

    All of us are looking to protect our homes and the people who live there, so take a look at these five home security features. Click through to learn about gadgets that can help keep your home secure.

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