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  • Vrakas Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary

    It is with great pride that Vrakas S.C. announces its 50th anniversary this year (1971-2021).

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  • Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

    Do you need extra liability protection? Those who have extra risks may need additional insurance. Fortunately, it's easily available and not very expensive. Click through to find out whether an umbrella policy is right for you.

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  • Tax Breaks for Older Couples Who Sell Their Homes

    Homes often appreciate, especially when you've been living in them a long time. This is good but can create tax problems. Click through for tips on the tax situations impacting homes, to make sure you manage your home sale situation correctly.

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  • Exempt vs. Nonexempt: Where the Dividing Line Is

    There's a good chance that your organization employs both exempt and nonexempt employees. The line dividing them may be thin, but it's critical you keep the distinction clear. Click through to ensure that duties and compensation are assigned based on exemption status.

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  • How Do S Corporations Work?

    Particularly for certain smaller businesses, the S corporation can be a much more beneficial entity than the traditional C corporations, but there are strict rules. Click through for an introduction to the advantages and drawbacks.

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  • Onboarding in the Emerging New Normal

    Attracting and retaining talent is a top priority for many companies. Paying attention to the company's onboarding process is key to engaging the new hire. Click through for some tips on keeping valued employees.

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  • Deducting Business Expenses: Separating Fact From Myth

    Few business tax issues are as confusing or as subject to misunderstanding as what you can deduct. Mistakes can lead to wasted money and serious legal trouble. Click through for an introduction to what is and what is not deductible.

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  • What To Know About Backup Withholding

    Everyone knows standard paychecks are subject to tax withholding, but other kinds of payments may be subject to withholding as well. Click through for an introduction to withholding rules that affect both payer and payee.

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  • Planning Issues for Blended Families

    Are you part of a blended family? You will have special estate planning challenges, both financial and emotional. Click through for some tips on creating a plan that is equitable and makes sense for your situation.

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  • Welcome Vrakas Interns

    Vrakas welcomed five accounting interns in January. These interns will gain hands on experience working on real-world projects and learn more about the day-to-day responsibilities in the audit and tax departments.

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  • IRS Allows Electronic Filing of Form 1040-X

    Filing an amended return can be a nuisance, but the IRS has made it a little easier by allowing taxpayers to file Form 1040-X electronically for the first time. Click through to see how this change simplifies the process.

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  • The Tax Implications of Independent Contractors

    Not everyone who works for you is an employee. Some may be independent contractors. This means a simpler tax situation for you, so the distinction is important. Click through for tips on figuring out what kind of workforce you have and how to handle your tax responsibilities.

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  • Small Business Resilience Depends on Keeping a Focused Perspective

    You've probably read a variety of studies that support a range of viewpoints. How do you know what to believe? Small-business owners need to put these findings into context. Click through for a quick guide on how to look at stats.

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  • Welcome to Team Vrakas!

    We are excited to welcome our newest member to Team Vrakas.

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  • Tax Changes to Think About in 2022

    A lot has changed since provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act expired Dec. 31, 2021, rather than being extended. Plus, the proposed Build Back Better Act is on the horizon. Click through for some insight into the 2022 tax landscape.

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  • Trusts: Good for a Variety of Families

    Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be a Silicon Valley billionaire to create a trust. How do you know if a trust is the right tool for you? Click through to see why a trust can be a useful estate-planning tool for lots of people.

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  • Can You Lower Your Property Taxes?

    Many homeowners believe their property taxes are etched in stone and that the rates calculated in municipal offices cannot be changed. Click through to learn how your town arrives at your tax rate and how you may be able to change it.

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  • Wisconsin Unclaimed Property Voluntary Disclosure Agreement

    Wisconsin recently enacted 2021 Wis. Act 87  which provides for a one-time unclaimed property voluntary disclosure program that runs from February 1, 2022 through February 28, 2023.

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  • How To Start a Charity

    The IRS recognizes a couple dozen different kinds of nonprofits, but the most common is probably the 501(c)(3), a tax-exempt charitable organization. Click through for an overview of the complex process of launching one.

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  • Vrakas/Blum Computer Consulting Updates

    Check out why Vrakas/Blum Computer Consulting has much to be excited about.

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  • Taxes and Business Startups

    New entrepreneurs think about production, marketing, sales and human resources — but often forget the tax angle. You need to be on top of your IRS situation from day one. Click through for an overview of taxes for new businesses.

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  • Intro to the Accounts Payable Process

    It doesn't matter whether your business brings in $50,000 a year or $50 million — it needs an effective bill-paying system. Click through for some tips on building and managing an efficient accounts payable process.

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  • Tax-Free Municipal Bonds: Worth It?

    Municipal bonds are issued by states and municipalities. Their most appealing features are their tax-exempt and lower-risk status. Are they right for you? Click through to read more about the pros and cons of tax-free municipal bonds.

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  • Just What Is HIPAA?

    HIPAA, a law passed in 1996, protects people with health conditions from being discriminated against in health insurance and protects your medical records. Click through to learn just how important HIPAA can be and how it affects you.

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  • Vrakas Promotions from Manager to Principal

    Vrakas S.C. is pleased to announce the promotion of Sara M. Johnson, CPA and Paul A. Rothering, CPA to Principal.

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  • What Is a Family Office?

    You may have heard about family offices but aren't sure what they are. They are essentially firms that provide complete asset management and planning services. Are they right for you? Click through to learn what constitutes a family office.

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  • Employment Records Retention: What Are the Federal Laws?

    Keeping employment records is not only good business practice but also legally required. The rules are specific and can get complicated. Click through for federal laws mandating employment records retention.

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  • Investing Success: Keeping an Eye on Taxes

    Avoiding taxation should not be the only goal, or even the main goal, of your investment strategy. Still, you always have to keep taxes in mind to make sure you're not unnecessarily sending too much of your money to the government.

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  • The 6 Essential Payroll Tax Forms

    If you run a business, you need to know about the following forms: 

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  • Congratulations to Vrakas CPAs New and Old

    Vrakas CPAs + Advisors is proud to announce staff promotions and recent new hires!

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