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To Live with a Vengeance: Employee Spotlight on Vanessa Mytko


You know how Lois Lane worked with Clark Kent, never realizing he was Superman all along? Or how all kinds of people worked with Bruce Wayne, never suspecting he was really Batman? Well, the same is true for Vanessa Mytko at the Payroll Department, Inc. You’ve probably worked with her these last two months and never known she transforms into a superwoman—a fully outfitted superwoman with a really cool alter-ego name, too!

Like so many “mighties” from the wonderverse, Vanessa didn’t always have a superhero alter ego. She started off with a husband, two kids, and successful business in Phoenix, Arizona. Life seemed to be on a reliable track. Until…

We all know this part of the superhero story. Bruce loses his parents in a freak robbery. Clark’s home planet is obliterated. And just like them, Vanessa emerged from the rubble to settle a new life with her kids in Durango.

One day, Vanessa passed by a banner for the Durango Roller Girls outside the Chapman Hill Ice Rink with this challenge: Be an Athlete! Curious, she ventured in and discovered the world of women’s roller derby—a sport that is rugby meets Parcheesi on roller skates! Vanessa soon found a pair of skates on her feet, a new name emblazoned on her shirt (V for VANDETTA), a powerful circle of supportive women by her side, and host of new superpowers at her disposal!

The Durango Roller Girls are a tight circle of friends!

Okay, the superpowers took a long time to gain through diligent training, but Vanessa’s powerful passion for Derby solidified right from the start. And its impact on her life was equally immediate. As Vandetta on the rink, she could endure busted lips, black eyes, broken ankles or wrists. She could fall down hard and get back up. Fall down harder and get back up taller.

Vandetta: always tough and always ready for action! 

But then, Vandetta started following Vanessa home. Everything changed.

“I stopped dwelling,” Vanessa says. “I stopped dwelling on mistakes. On the past. On the future. I just stopped.”

Vandetta rubbed off Vanessa’s kids, too. As a family, they all became more mindful; more willing to try, unafraid of making mistakes; more resilient in the wake of life’s little and big challenges.

Vanessa and her awesome kiddos!

“I am truly happy,” Vanessa says of her new double-life. Like Bruce and Clark, she knows that to be one with yourself, it sometimes helps to first become two.

And if you pass Vanessa on the street, you can always see a bit of her superhero alter-ego. Hint: it’s in her supernova smile! Or, you can watch Vandetta throw down at the last Roller Derby Bout of the season, 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 27th at Chapman. Tickets will be available soon at, Southwest Sound, or via your nearest Derby girl!

Watch out, world! Vandetta is poised to make her move!

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