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Durango’s Annie Oakley: Employee Spotlight on Sydney Oliver


The gunmen used their hostages as shields. Crouched for safety, Sydney took a deep breath. She had trained for this. Practiced again and again. Now the time had come. Her hands shook. Her heart thudded. She had to master these nerves. Then…quick as a cat, she drew the 9mm pistol holstered at her side and fired!

Saving cardboard hostages is only one of many possible scenarios Sydney Oliver has faced since she started doing shooting competitions through the International Defensive Pistol Association.

“It’s really hard,” Sydney says. “You’re moving, ducking, kneeling. And you have to hit your targets quick!” Even though she grew up around Wyoming’s gun-toting ranchers, Sydney never imagined herself taking up guns, learning to shoot, and even competing at it! But her husband’s passion and enthusiasm for the sport proved infectious.

Sydney and her husband are really happy in Durango!

Sydney came to the Payroll Department, Inc. in July and already feels completely settled in. “It’s a great working environment,” she says. “The people in charge want to know what I need to make my life and job work. We have the most wonderful staff meetings!”

When she is not serving her PDI clients or at a shooting competition, you will most likely find Sydney at the movie theater. The buttered popcorn, the dramatic dimming of the lights, the cottony glow of the big screen—all the iconic elements of the movie-going experience nest deep in Sydney’s heart. Going to the movies is how she bonds with her mom. 

“It is our special hobby together. I love it,” Sydney explains.

And even though Sydney is modest about her marksmanship with a pistol, she feels confident that she and her husband hit the bull’s eye when they moved to Durango.

“People here are ridiculously friendly.” This fact triggers Sydney's bright smile. 

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