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Pest Management Techniques for Homeowners


Have you ever had a squirrel stuck in your attic? Or dealt with a flea infestation? Or ants? Pests are never fun, so knowing a few management techniques is helpful to keep them at bay. There are a few things you can do before you call in the professionals, so let's take a closer look.

Keep it clean

Keeping your home, including attic and basement spaces, clean will discourage critters from taking up residence. You can also defeat tiny pests like ants by cleaning your kitchen regularly. If you remove sources of their food, they won't come in.

Seal it up

Don't give pests a way to access your house. Do what you can to seal up spaces where small animals or bugs can get in. You may not eliminate all routes, but you can make it difficult enough that the pests will move on.

Do regular yard maintenance

Your yard is also an essential part of your home's ecosystem. Rake your leaves in the fall to prevent animals from taking up residence in them. Keep flower beds and gardens weeded to discourage pests. Keep bird feeders away from the house.

Use natural repellants

If you don't want to resort to chemical warfare, you can use a few natural products to cut down on pests. Borax powder and diatomaceous earth are natural products that can keep ants and fleas at bay. Cinnamon, basil and catnip are also natural pest repellants.

Talk to the pros

Sometimes, ordinary pest control measures fail and it's time to call in the big guns. Whether the problem is ants in the kitchen or squirrels in the attic, calling pros can be the best option to solve the problem once and for all. Talk to the proper pest control professional for your specific situation.

Do you have more questions about pest control before you buy a home? Contact us today.

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