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Prepare for an Office Emergency


Think emergency drills are only for schoolchildren? Think again. The National Safety Council urges all workers to take drills seriously.

“In the event of a real emergency, the more thoughtful practice you have, the less likely that you’ll be completely panic-stricken and instead you’ll be more likely to go into action,” the council states.

Although most agents are only “in the office” on a limited basis, the following preparations should be taken in case of an office emergency:

  • Find out the types of emergency drills your workplace conducts and how your brokerage expects you to respond.
  • Know your brokerage’s procedures for reporting emergencies. Some workplaces want employees to call 911, while others have an in-house emergency number.
  • Memorize the locations of your building’s fire alarms, extinguishers and escape routes.
  • If an alarm sounds, focus on getting out of the building – through the nearest exit – as quickly and safely as possible. Don’t return to your work area to retrieve personal items.
  • If you work on an upper floor and have a physical issue that prevents you from taking the stairs, talk to your broker about creating a plan to assist you in the event of an emergency.
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