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Focusing on our Clients: Bio SB - Bioscience for the world


What You Are Will Show in What You Do

Businesses aim to satisfy customers’ needs, ranging from supplying basic essentials to meeting altruistic goals that can help solve global health problems. The latter is exactly what Bio SB does. In 1998, Dr. Alfonso Heras founded Bio SB to help reduce global cancer mortality rates through refined diagnostics and treatment predictions. According to the World Health Organization, cancer is the planet’s second leading cause of death, but as of 2018, thanks to businesses like Bio SB and its subsidiary, Bio SB Mexico, cancer death statistics have fallen for the first time in modern history. 

Thomas Edison stated, “What you are will show in what you do” and this quote unquestioningly describes Alfonso Heras. His distinguished life and career were clearly shaped and influenced by his father’s interest in science and animal husbandry. Pursing related interests, Heras graduated from University of  Sonora in Hermosillo, Mexico, with a degree in biochemistry, then went on to earn his Doctor of  Veterinary Medicine from UNAM, Mexico City. As a DVM, Heras’ career focused on DNA research and genetic engineering in Mexico’s vast poultry industry.

With a growing interest in the field of genetic engineering, Heras sought a Ph.D.  in molecular biology and genetic engineering at UCSB. His path became even more directed as he tracked, studied, and became immersed in his advisor’s prominent cancer research. After UCSB, Dr. Heras went on to work as a research and development scientist at two Carpinteria biotech companies where he managed the production and optimization of monoclonal antibodies for cancer diagnostics. Throughout his education and career, he has been granted patents, actively published his research, and presented at conventions and symposiums around the world.


A Commitment to Humanity

After earning his Ph.D., Heras was well established and respected in the field of molecular biology and research. But still, he dreamt of doing more. Synthesizing his keen scientific mind with his warm heart for humanity, he founded Bio SB in 1998 with the goal of helping reduce cancer mortality rates.

Specifically, Bio SB develops, manufactures, and markets innovative and easy-to-use technologies for cancer diagnostics that aid in predictive treatments. Those of us without a scientific background may be able to relate to some of their work that includes prostate and HPV cancer biopsy diagnoses, and the Mohs micrographic surgery process for skin cancers.

For the past 22 years, Bio SB has been an integral part of the local and international biotech research and development communities, marketing their technology not only to researchers and pathologists, but to university, hospital, and private biomedical laboratories in the U.S. and over 70 countries worldwide. Dr. Heras has achieved his dream of helping make cancer a treatable condition.

But Heras isn’t only committed to mankind’s wellbeing on a global, top-down level – he also applies his philosophy bottom-up. He supports his Bio SB team by providing a highly creative environment and well-paying jobs that include medical, optical, and dental insurances. Also, because Heras knows that humanity can’t be separated from the environment, he’s adamantly committed to ensuring Bio SB is an environmentally-conscious business that uses green technology.


Finding a Balance

What does an energetic and creative molecular biologist/research scientist/biotech President CEO do in his ‘free’ time? Heras tries to balance his intense work schedule by carving out time to explore nature, swim, and cycle, preferably in tropical paradises. He is an avid reader who enjoys learning as much as possible about the lives of greats like Copernicus, Galileo, Da Vinci, Tesla, Franklin, and Edison – genius innovators who were not only gifted scientists but sympathetic humanists.


Diagnosing and Solving Accounting Challenges

A cutting-edge biotech company relies on solid fiscal management. Three years ago, when Heras realized his accounting firm wasn’t up to the task, he approached Walpole for support. Jason Machgan, CPA, came on board to put Bio SB’s accounting and tax reporting back on track. In addition, Jason was instrumental in identifying and securing significant R&D tax breaks that saved Bio SB several hundred thousand dollars. Heras expressed his appreciation for Walpole’s and Jason’s professionalism, expertise, and the close working relationship they’ve developed. In turn, Jason commented, “Alfonso is a thoughtful man who cares for his employees and has guided and grown his company tremendously over the last three years”.


Predictive Treatment for a Pandemic

Bio SB, like so many other firms, felt the financial impacts brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. But these same pandemic-related business challenges would soon unveil opportunities. Dr. Alfonso and Jason began brainstorming. Jason investigated the Paycheck  Protection Program (PPP) payroll assistance loans. Heras formulated new R&D directions. The seeds were sown. Bio SB secured the loan, stayed open, and kept all employees working. Heras used this time to develop new products and technologies for 2021.    And even more timely, he strategized a plan to develop technology that would detect, diagnose, and establish the SARS-CoV-2     pathogenesis, particularly the Cytokine Storm Syndrome.

Instrumental Collaboration

Dr. Heras states that Bio SB is back on track and he’s confident that his business is in safe accounting hands. “Walpole, particularly Jason and Wendy Nomura, have been instrumental in efficiently filing our taxes and quarterly reports, providing tax advice, and   identifying areas of accounting improvement.” Jason commented that Bio SB’s “revenues have more than doubled . . . and this is due,  I believe, to Alfonso’s dedication to his craft as a scientist and businessman, along with his desire to provide a great working environment for his employees.”

Dr. Heras and his Bio SB firm are looking forward to a long-term collaboration with Mr. Machgan and Walpole & CO.


What He Is Shows in What He Does 

Dr. Heras will continue to apply his proven keys to success – a passion for biomedical research and technology that emphasizes a   commitment to humanity, strong business principles, and hard work.


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